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But You Said You’d Give Me Delicious Candy!! (Web Novel)


The former “Demon Lord” Mii-chan was now living in the castle as the daughter of the former 『Hero of the Sword』. Eating the delicious meals prepared by the Monarch, studying, eating delicious sweets, doing 「Inspection」 of the town, and helping out at the shop, every day was quite busy.
In such a Fennel Empire one fine day came a 『Circus』. Since the time she met one of its member dancers, Mii-chan’s surroundings began becoming somewhat livelyーー

ーーThis is the story of the former Demon Lord, Mii-chan’s (7) struggles and in the giving in to her surroundings innocently for the sake of her 「Friend」.

Sequel to 『It’s Because You Said There Would Be Candy!!』.

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