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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 2878 Shattering the Veil of Mystery! II

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Chapter 2878 Shattering the Veil of Mystery! II

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The thoughts in Steel's weaving were his own as the words of the Undefined Existence showed sharpness at this moment- tendrils of Vacuous Existential Authority swirling around it!

|You are…?|

It was a question that this Entity asked itself, but the emperor seated on the throne reclined on it calmly as he replied with clarity.

[I am.]


I am.

An affirmation of an identity.

But what identity exactly?

Others may not know, but the weaving of the Dikastes of Extremity was a terrifying one as they instantly understood.



And their authority exploded out as they moved out instantly.

They had to!

There was no time to wonder how this being had been sitting right under their noses and they couldn't find him until now.

There was no time to wonder how they didn't get feedback from the surrounding Records and reality about this being!

What mattered the most was that he was within the sight of multiple important seeds across Vacuous and Vitalis- and they couldn't allow these Seeds to be easily corrupted by the Insurgent.

The eye on the chest of the Vitalis Dikastes of Extremity flashed as a weaving began, but the instant it did so, the visage of the smiling Emperor on the throne disappeared!


Seeing this scene, Curagulus, Steel, and the other Primogenitors were shocked as some truly wondered.

Could it be?!

Yet there didn't need to be any mystery as a regal voice rang out from all nearby records- a voice was weaved into the very surrounding reality!

[The ones you all fear and hold in such high regard, the ones you call the Ones Above Extremity…do not even exceed the Gradations of Extremity.]


These terrifying words echoed out as a moment later, the visage of the disappearing Emperor reappeared between the halls of the Existential Arcadian High Hall, his hands behind his back as he gazed with a majestic gaze full of rising tyranny towards the Vitalis and Vacuous Dikastes of Extremity!

The Dikastes of Extremity didn't make another move.

They confirmed the knowledge that had begun to spread on how the Insurgent could disappear the moment an intent began to weave against them as likely, he may have utilized another Absolute Existential Restriction.

Since they couldn't get through this yet until they analyzed his Existential Extremity Authorities, they would go about it another way!

The wings of the Vacuous Dikastes of Extremity flapped as its intent weaved coldly.



An existential light flashed.

And then everything in the surroundings turned dark as if it had entered a state of non-existence!

Curagulus's gaze was somber as he gazed around him, and yet couldn't see or sense anything- with even the weaving of his extremes granting no feedback!

The Bard of Vitalis grasped a guitar in his hands as he seemed to have risen from his desolate state, a light shining within his monkey-like eyes even as he was surrounded by nothingness all around him.


His fingers naturally began to run through the strings of his guitar.

It felt natural to him.

Even though the weavings of Extremity were seemingly restricted and couldn't expand even an inch away from him…


He could feel the weavings of symphony permeate through him.

And he then began a heavy and instrumental beat as he closed his eyes!

Even though all of existence seemed to be stopped around him, a bright vermillion glow cut through as the majestic voice from before continued.

[Those you call the Ones Above Extremity are known as Dikastes of Extremity. Foot soldiers of Existences that are actually Above Extremity, and the ones that have been appearing through history to eradicate Honored Ones.]


Tendrils of Vitalis and Vacuous surged all around as they were seemingly trying to contain this voice, but it wasn't utilizing an Existential Extremity Authority to spread!

It was as if the voice was spreading across the very weavings of extremes and existence around each of them.

The voice had spoken up twice, but the third thing it said was a statement so utterly cataclysmic that once it came out, everything was bound to change.

[There is no need to fear the Dikastes of Extremity…after all, you all are the ones providing them their power. All of those traversing the Gradations across the Existential Extremity Authorities of Vitalis and Vacuous automatically increase the power of Dikastes and those behind them. Leave these concepts behind…and such beings will gradually lose their power and authority. What is there to fear then?]


The instant these words were uttered, the space around and existence itself seemed to splinter and crack.

Over a dozen terrifying auras blazed as the oppressive authorities of multiple Dikastes of Extremity descended!

This Existential Symposium in the Existential Arcadian High Hall included many of the powerful Seeds across Vacuous and Vitalis.

If the message of the Insurgent spreads and a number of Seeds become corrupted…the effects would be too horrid to mention!

This meeting was observed closely and meant to be one where the Dikastes showed their power and reigned in the Seeds- reminding them of what they feared as they would have to think twice about ever following the whispers of the Insurgent.

They just didn't expect for the insurgent to be able to easily evade their gazes and even speak without them being able to stop him freely!

His words followed the weavings of extremes and existence as they rang in the ears of all entities here.

In the ears of the Bard of Vitalis and Steel.

In the ears of Curagulus and all other Primogenitors!

The unknown always held a sense of mystery and power.

The less that was known about something, the more terrifying it was!

At this moment, more and more knowledge was revealed about the Dikastes of Extremity as their honorable image and unfathomable power was gradually stripped away.

It turned out that they were still within the Gradations of Extremity! It turned out that all of them were granting them the tremendous power they held!

But…what was the solution to all this?

Such a question had barely begun to rise when another set of words rained down as over a dozen Dikastes spread their authorities all around.

[If you wish to be free of the shackles of the Dikastes of Extremity and those above them…simply be ready to relinquish Vitalis and Vacuous. Just call out to me. Call out to the Weaver of Extremity.]


A heavy and unfathomable weaving unfolded.

Simple words were uttered.

And yet the weight they held…was something no entity within the Gradations of Extremity could even handle!

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