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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 2877 Shattering the Veil of Mystery! I

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Chapter 2877 Shattering the Veil of Mystery! I

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His visage was a terrifying one!

Transparent milky white tendrils of light spread out around him as his wings buzzed like a million vibrating blades!

He seemed capable of moving to eradicate every being here within a second if he wished to as his serpentine eyes came to lock onto the figure of the Extremity of Steel.

|Annals will fall as an endless weaving awakens? You actually wasted your life and existence you've built up for eons to say such rubbish? You wasted your Seed of Existence that has reached the Eighth Gradations to repeat rubbish you know nothing about. Annals will fall? You know nothing of Annals to even repeat such words.|


His presence spread out all around as a heavy sense of oppression fell.

The major powers of the Vitalis and Vacuous Hyperversal Domains were clustered here in the majority, with very few obscure entities choosing not to come to this Symposium. And now, those that came…the emotions weaving within them were complex ones!

The Entities they always spoke in hushed tones about. The ones they feared in the depths of their hearts. One of such beings was actually here!



Besides this powerful entity, space tore as immense darkness of records spilled out.

From within, a figure clad in obsidian light appeared as an Undefined Existence controlling heavy Vacuous Extremity Authority made their entry.

|Do not scare the Seeds too much, Whitehat.|


The two appeared close to each other as if they were on the same side, but their authorities could be seen buzzing and clashing as there seemed to be other distinctions present.

The newly arriving Vacuous Undefined Existence looked around the Existential Arcadian High Hall as their serpentine eyes blinked while speaking.

|We do not make it a habit to appear before you all as it is not conducive to your rise across the Gradations. But special times call for special measures.|


They don't normally appear before Seeds crossing the Gradations of Extremity.

This was because to seek Extremes, one had to always have a sense of confidence and surety in their power and extreme!

If they were exposed constantly to a force that could make all their extremes and everything about them hopeless with a tap…how could they proceed with their cultivation? They would all be stunted and living in fear!

The intents around Steel and Curagulus twisted at this moment as their thoughts were unknown, but their eyes held somberness.

At the same time, Steel's eyes held a sense of firmness as they seemed to be looking around…for something.

For someone.

Yet nobody appeared as in this oppressive space, the Vitalis Undefined Existence repressed his grand demeanor after the arrival of the Vacuous Undefined Existence as he continued.

|You all know very little of us, so you were confident enough to even come to this little meeting. That shows your ignorance as if you were any smarter, you would have stayed far, far away. So I shall reveal a little to correct your ignorance. You…|

His serpentine eye was locked onto Steel as he continued with a cruel smile.

|You achieved the Seventh Gradation of Extremity a thousand years ago and truly began to make progress on the Weavings of Steel, coming to achieve the Eighth Gradation just a few years ago as you kept it hidden from others. But did you really think it was hidden? Did you really think you masked your power, and that is why you're still moving around safely?|


Tendrils of pristine authority pressed down all around as it felt like the weight of skies and Havens were pressing down, the words of this entity continuing as its serpentine eyes smiled with cruelty!

|No, you are only alive because we deemed that it was okay for you to continue to be so. You stayed in line. But now…|

Terrifying intents weaved as the hearts of Entities shuddered.

Steel's face remained stern and somber in the face of this being as with the gaze of all Entities here, they expected to see a horrific scene next!

But…the Undefined Existence only squinted its eyes before it moved its gaze to another being.


It seemed…their purpose here today was not indeterminate destruction as they wanted to achieve something even more nefarious.

They wanted the spread of fear.

To break down the wills of these powerful beings systematically as they let it be known they wanted and could move against Steel at any time, but they let him stew!

And a moment later, the Undefined Existence locked onto another being as they continued.

|You. So called Primogenitor of Flames. You just recently arrived at the midpoint of the Seventh Gradation of Extremity as you feel a bottleneck in your extreme that you think will stop you from going any further. Your weaving…will only ever bring you that high.|


|You. A self proclaimed…|


Its intent continued to weave out.

One after another, it locked onto the figures of the powerful Entities here and spilled out secrets known only to them as it wanted to prove a point!

|Your intents…your weavings are all so obvious and pitiful that I truly don't know how any of you can soundly sleep at night.|

At this moment, the serpentine gaze of the Undefined Existence spun opposite him and came to look upon an Entity that was sitting with a calm smile amidst all of this.

This drew the ire of the Undefined Existence as he began to read the intent of this being just like all the others.

|And you, sitting there with a smile. You are…|

The Undefined Existence paused.

Its serpentine eyes blinked.

|You are…?|

It couldn't read the weaving of this being.


This change was quickly grasped by the other Undefined Existence and all entities here as all eyes came to focus on an entity seated on a throne calmly!

Steel's eyes shone with brilliance as he also gazed over at this moment.

Two Entities he couldn't see through had passed through the golden doors and into the Existential Arcadian High Hall.

One turned out to stem from the Ones Above Extremity.

Would the other possibly be…that personage?!

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