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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 2613 Fight! Fight! Fight! I

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Chapter 2613 Fight! Fight! Fight! I

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The last Extremity Sanctification would be different.

It would be grand.

Many powerful beings had foreseen this and knew something was coming.

But even this was out of their wildest dreams!

At the beginning of the Culmination Step of Dissolution…an utterly shocking reality unfolded as from thousands of massive Vein Rifts blooming all across this Haven, the auras of entities no less than Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremity could be felt as among some of them…their auras were even more dreadful!

The Extremities of Inheritances who brought their Scions and Elders here for the purposes of the Culmination Step became grim at such a scene as they felt like even they were in peril.

It wasn't even the Extremity Step yet, but Tier 1 and Tier 2 Extremities were already sweating from the sheer pressure released by the Entities showing themselves beyond the Vein Rifts.

In front of a Vein Rift near the region where the Apex War of Annihilation took place.

The main body of Ayame stared with scrutiny ahead as beside her, gorgeous young men and women with crimson gold horns rising on their heads could be seen, with a few hundred more sharing their features floating behind them as in front…five Extremities from their Infinite Extremity were floating with power and valor!

They gazed into a Vein Rift that only showed two Hyperversal Extremities and hundreds of Leviathan Lineages behind them, Ayame gazing at them before she spoke out with caution.

"[Light Centipede] and [Purple-Flame Mammoth]…entities like these haven't appeared since the first Extremity Sanctification if records are to be believed. Now…"

She wasn't as fearful as other Scions as in front of her, the 5 Infinite Extremities had three among them that were Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremities- her grandfather was included in this group!

The other two were Tier 2 Hyperversal Extremities that cautiously gazed at the Light Centipede and Purple-Flame Mammoth whose sheer aura alone caused their scalps to tingle.

Yet even here…the terrifying entities on the other side did not make a move.

They simply stared out with cold eyes of interest and indifference at the same time!

And this was the shocking reality in all regions as even though thousands of Vein Rifts showing terrifying Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremities radiated light and continued to gush out the Hyperversal Authority of Dissolution, none of them moved out.


Their forces were enough to topple Inheritances and Clans, and yet they only stared out into the Seven Havens with a hint of interest and a lot more apathy.

That was until…


In one region, a shout of shock rang out as many wills gazed over from afar.

Noah and the Adjudicator also gazed out light years away from their position as they saw a cluster of powerful existences adorned in golden white robes.

They held thousands of Apex Aeonic Beings behind them and 7 Hyperversal Extremities at the forefront, with one of the Extremities stepping out at this moment as this group…stemmed from the Orientis Clan!

They were nobles of one of the Seven Clans as the one who had shouted was a man emanating Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremity towards a young woman.

A young woman who was adorned in a pure white robe as she had dark hair dripping to her shoulders- with this existence being widely known in the Haven of Elera as the Maiden of the North!

The Maiden of Orientis.

An Apex Aeonic Lifeform who had arrived at the 17th Boundary Layer, with her talent being not so much in fighting- but due to her capabilities in traversing the Aeonic Annals of Extremity that were so terrifying that she exceeded some genuine Hyperversal Extremities!

At this moment, this being had floated past the Hyperversal Extremities of the Eastern Clan as such an action caused one of them to bellow out, and yet her figure was calm as she spoke with valor.

"Esteemed Rubino, I am only following my intuition. There is nothing to worry about."



What intuition would lead an existence towards a Vein Rift that was currently showing Four unknown Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremities and Legions of Leviathan Lineages behind them?

Extremity Rubino of the Orientis Clan nearly made a move to stop this genius Lifeforms of his clan, but his own soul buzzed soon after as he watched on with caution- his power ready to erupt at any time.

The Maiden of Orientis floated forward serenely until she came right before a transparent barrier surrounding the Vein Rift.

Not too far away, four Beastial Hyperversal Extremities stood as within this Vein Rift, all four were of similar lineage as they were [Cataclysmic Megalodons]!

Behind them, Lineages of sea-based Leviathans could be seen as the Maiden of Orientis looked at all this while an Absolute Dynamis of Extremity surrounded her whole body and gave off a golden glint of destiny.

And then without a word, she stepped past the transparent barrier and into the Vein Rift.


Many eyes were focused here as while watching with bated breaths…


A booming shout instantly erupted from a cold-faced Cataclysmic Megalodon as from the Third Tier Supreme Extremity from Orientis instantly arrived behind the transparent barrier, ready to pull back the Maiden and battle right away!


The Maiden of Orientis put her hand back and shook it as her eyes trembled from the sheer pressure released by the Hyperversal Extremities before her.

And after the initial shout from the forefront Cataclysmic Megalodon, its eyes glinted with a crimson light as it seemed to scan the figure of the young woman before it as its jaws moved again.

[Hughes…step forward!]


The foreign Cataclysmic Megalodon emanated power and undeniable glory as after his call, a black and crimson Megalodon emanating waves of power similar to the Maiden of Orientis came forward.

It was a Minor Apocalypse Megalodon.

Its body was utterly glorious with power as its sharp jaws opened with valor, the 17th Boundary Layer of Dissolution crackling chaotically around its shark-

like body as it moved forward while the Leviathans around it made a clearing!

The massive legions of Megalodons cleared up the surrounding areas as their jaws began to snap with an ancient rhythm and power, a single word booming from them and spreading out at this moment.





With utmost grandeur and as if she had stepped onto an arena, a glorious atmosphere rose at the very front of a Vein Rift!

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