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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 2612 As Above, So Below! III

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Chapter 2612 As Above, So Below! III

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The phenomenon within Dissolution was utterly astounding.

Shielded behind the visage of the Adjudicator of Dissolution, Noah's will gazed past the veil of the gateway as past this doorway, an endless reality seemed to be stretching outwards endlessly.

As if a whole Haven- or multiple Havens were contained within this Extremity Vein that stretched out across all Seven Haven!

And just as he and many others stared into this Haven from Dissolution, there were a dense number of auras from this side that stared back at them.


The Oraculum Quintessential Absolute Dynamis of Extremity burned within Noah's eyes.

It locked onto the existences before him as it sought for any Records of their identity, and shockingly…

Golden light bloomed from his eyes as information about them began to appear from the Aeonic Annals of Extremity.

This was a shocking finding in itself as it meant these beings held their own Records, and they were connected to the Aeonic Annals of Extremity as well!

The reason for the Adjudicator of Dissolution stepping in front of Noah and gazing out with caution was because just on the Vein Rift in front of them, the blaring aura of three Hyperversal Extremities was gazing back at them.

Behind them, astounding creatures of Titanic size reminiscent of the Leviathans of Dissolution could be seen as each of them radiated power at the Apex Aeonic Lifeform level!

The three Hyperversal Extremities were beastial in nature as one at the very forefront was almost feline in nature.

Its body was massive with lustrous fur shining with obsidian gold light, the four limbs extending into paws glistening with deadly gold claws as at their base, tendrils of thick Hyperversal Extremity Authority of Dissolution swirled!

Its feline head was glorious in nature as two extremely sharp canines extended left and right from its jaws, its eyes radiating black light that pulsed out with terrifying tendrils!

Before Noah, its identity was a simple one.

[Haven Saber Smilodon]


Magisterial in stature and grand in its power, with tendrils of Hyperversal Extremity Authority surging around it that did not pale in comparison to the Adjudicator of Dissolution before Noah!

And she knew this very well as this was the sensation that caused her to come stand before Noah.


This Hyperversal Extremity had long since attained Zenith Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremity Authority!

These were the thoughts of the Adjudicator.

Behind the Haven Saber Smilodon, the Titanic beasts were variations of Smilodons as on them, Noah's eyes collected slightly more information.

[Earth Saber Smilodon]:: Stemming from the regal lineage of the Saber Smilodons of Extremity, this Entity has achieved Great Proficiency at the stage of an Apex Aeonic Lifeforms. Within its soul, Dissolution courses with great valor as it seeks to cross the Earth and attain Haven- as it seeks to attain Extremity and become a Haven Saber Smilodon…


Earth Saber Smilodon.

Its description came with new terms like [Great Proficiency] when it talked about the stage of Apex Aeonic Lifeforms, but the maddening thing was the fact that behind the Zenith Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremity Haven Saber Smilodon, there were thousands of just these Earth Saber Smilodons floating with valor and majesty!

Thick waves of Dissolution emanated from them as beside them were other Leviathan Beast Lineages.

They caused Noah's eyes to briefly move from the Haven Saber Smilodon and onto the two other Hyperversal Extremities beside it.

One was a unique winged entity that had a slender body with two pairs of veined wings and on its head- oversized multifaceted eyes could be seen as it was a Dragonfly!

In its membranous wings, thick Hyperversal Extremity Authority flowed with as the aura it gave off was no less than the Haven Saber Smilodon.

[Aquatic Eon Dragonfly]

Its identity showed itself before Noah as its cold eyes were enough to cause a common Apex Aeonic Lifeform to turn away in fear.

The other Entity had to be given even more attention to as its size alone exceeded all Entities they currently observed here.

Its pupils held a serpentine glint with dazzling yellow light, obsidian scales radiating black lightning adorning its serpentine body that snaked across the whole region behind it- forming into layers of mountains where others like it but much smaller could be seen slithering about!

This entity had an ancient name as well as it was a beast lost through time.

[Lightning Titanoboa]

3 dazzling Hyperversal Extremities.

All of them standing in front of the single opened Vein Rift just in front of the Adjudicator and Noah as the two sides looked at each other silently…but no one made a move!

The Haven Saber Smilodon, Aquatic Eon Dragonfly, and Lightning Titanoboa all gazed forward silently as a light of ingenuity flashed within their eyes, and yet none made a move.

It was extremely clear that it was due to something else holding them back as when one gazed away from this singular Vein Rift, the other Vein Rifts stretched out across Dissolution held similar scenes.

Scenes of terrifyingly powerful Hyperversal Extremity Entities gazing back at the Scions, Elders, and Extremities of the Inheritances and Seven Clans.

All of this was Unfathomable as this was only the Culmination Step of Extremity Sanctification!

In all the 6 previous times, the Extremity Vein had opened to reveal vast lands holding Supreme Eternal Behemoths of the specific Havens and droves of Aeonic Treasures of Extremity, Extremity Relics, and Hyperversal Extremity Treasures.

All of them were at the Apex Aeonic Lifeforms level as towards the end of the Culmination Step, the most dreadful Leviathan to emerge was nearly into Extremity during the Pinnacle Stage of Andromeda.

That was it!

And even when the Extremity Step of Extremity Sanctification began in the past Havens, the Extremity Colossal Beasts to emerge were at most Tier 1 or Tier 2 Supreme Ultimate Behemoths that they had to battle to attain treasures capable of raising their power within the Tiers of Hyperversal Extremity.

This was the experience of Extremity Sanctification Documented in the Aeonic Annals of Extremity.

This…was not what was playing out at this moment!

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