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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 2473 Impending Danger! II

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Chapter 2473 Impending Danger! II

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His red robe bellowed in surprise.

The dense and viscous crimson Hyperversal Authority of Destruction swirled around him like endless waves, his eyes blinking as he took in the reality of a particular group of Scions of Destruction being destroyed in a ridiculously short period of time- each one only receiving a single move as they were entirely outclassed!

This squadron of Mutated Entities was among his strongest ones- and this was why they held the honor of delving into Dissolution.

And to be destroyed like so…

This wouldn't have been much of a surprise if it had been an Apex Aeonic Lifeform having a hand in it.

But it was an existence that had yet to even undergo Apexification, and yet the output he released seemed to be near that of the weakest Apex Aeonic Lifeforms!

"Who…are you?"


Amidst his surprise, one couldn't see any rage or anger as instead, a wide smile arched on his lips as his Crimson eyes held great interest!

He knew preliminary data of this being from his observations as he had changed the main target for his Scions from Atlas and to this being who had managed to begin the Convergence of an Absolute Seed of Extremity.

But even an Absolute Seed of Extremity was not capable of this.

Not the power he displayed!

This being far exceeded the boundaries of common sense as it caused the Hyperversal Extremity of Destruction to bring his illusory image up before his eyes, a dense cluster of data rising up as Destruction began to dance wildly.

"Noah Osmont."

"The True Emperor of Quintessence, is it? What do you have that I wasn't able to pull out from my Scions?"

The interest of a dangerous Hyperversal Extremity was fully focused on him as the end result of such a development was unknown!

In a unique domain seemingly standing above the very Havens of Dissolution themselves.

Billowing transparent stellar clouds rolled beneath his feet as Noah's Aletheian Chassis gazed towards the surprised Adjudicator of Dissolution who heard his affirmation of receiving 'that'!

Before she could ask any more questions though, Noah voiced out calmly.

"The Scions of Destruction with links to the Avernus Clan have descended into the Havens of Dissolution. I've wiped out the first cluster of the ones who haven't undergone Apexification, but their memories show that Elder Scions who are Apex Aeonic Lifeforms should also be moving and targeting others in this Haven."

His words were light as he was speaking about the most casual thing, and yet they caused the dense authority around the Adjudicator of Dissolution to become even thicker and more suffocating as her masked figure rose to stare into the unknown!

"Beings like them are expected, and it is one of the reasons why I am here. I'll take care of it."

Her masked visage held a terrifying light as dense authority erupted to spread out- her desire intent on covering the vast Havens as nothing would escape her reach!

This single action caused dense Hyperversal Extremity Authority to disperse wildly as very few beings could even sense it, but the will of another Hyperversal Extremity who was already observing everything while masked in Vacuous Hyperversal Authority felt it.

His eyes that were focusing on one particular being shifted as he tapped his chin thoughtfully, thinking of the forces he had disperse across this Haven.

If the Adjudicator of Dissolution moved this fast, then they may not be able to accomplish anything!

"If that's the case…"

The billowing aura around the Hyperversal Extremity of Destruction moved as his figure adorned in a red robe rose.

"…I can simply go pay respects to the Great Adjudicator of Dissolution. If anything happens while I hold her attention…haha!"

His eyes were bright as his will surged out towards his Elder Scions, telling them to get ready to make their moves as soon as they located their targets.

And then, his visage disappeared- heading towards the most blatantly shining cluster of Hyperversal Extremity Authority in the whole Havens of Dissolution!

Thus, a sequence of choices which would go to create a shocking future began.

Around this same time, in the Planar Palisades of Extremity where a certain Infinite Hyperversal Haven was floating silently.

In a corner of it, the figure of Orion who was floating next to Henry while listening to the story of his Eyes could be seen.

He signed heavily after he heard everything, contemplating on whether he was right or wrong to leave his eyes be as soon after, his head turned towards a certain direction within this magisterial Hyperversal Haven.

There…the aura of a foreign Apex Aeonic Lifeform bloomed as Orion recognized its signature to be that of a Quasarian, his gaze becoming sharp as he turned into a stream of light to see why such an aura would be in here!

It was, of course, the entry of the Mad Apex Emperor Caesar and his daughter.

Orion shot in that direction, but Henry trusted his father as he knew entry into this paradisiacal Haven would only be granted to those his father allowed.

Thus, he calmly remained staring at the expanding Aletheian Hyperversal Plane of Dreams as he thought about what his path should be!

And thus, another set of choices were made.

Back in the Aeonic Haven of Dissolution.

Euryale's eyes shone with utter brilliance as the authority of Prognostic let her know that once more, the blazing aura of an Apex Aeonic Lifeform was leaving her prime target.

Her soul blazed with brilliance as this was a chance she could not lose, and she mobilized more than 20% of her Apex Aeonic Soul Values to flow into her most dreadful Dynamis of Extremity!

Her objective was set as it would also include all those in the immediate surroundings of the young Lernaean Commander- the main bodies of these beings also being included among those who would receive her wrath and be granted True Death!

Her authority buzzed as it began to move.

At this time, the undeniable will of the Adjudicator of Dissolution was just about to cover the vast stretches of the Aeonic Haven of Dissolution, and it would have been able to observe the movements of an Apex Aeonic Lifeform about to throw a full powered attack towards a group of beings who hadn't even undergone Apexification.

But just as quickly as the Hyperversal Extremity Authority of the Adjudicator of Dissolution was about to descend, another authority blazed brightly as this action was stopped!

Different beings.

Each making their own choices.

And yet all these choices culminated towards a single path.


An utterly cruel and baleful laugh could be heard as from a Noblesse Apex Aeonic Lifeform, an attack with unknown Apex Aeonic Damage Values bloomed!

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