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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 2472 Impending Danger! I

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Chapter 2472 Impending Danger! I

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Explosive auras clashed and boomed out as Zeitgeist watched the lifeform who had whisked away his Master's possession disappear, his voice ringing out coldly even as Quasarian Apex Aeonic Lifeform came from all around.

"Find them…turn the entire Haven upside down if you have to!"

His position as a Grand Singularity Elder was secured, and he also wanted to have good results as he was told that Hyperversal Extremity Kabul would be coming.

He couldn't fail as losing the target at this time…it was already a critical mistake!


Authorities exploded out as a hunt began from the Sacred Quasarian Lands- those leaving it being an Inheritance of Extremity known as Singularity Overseers!

Though even if they turned the Havens upside down…how would they be able to find targets that weren't within it anymore?

[A type of Golden Soul Mutationem Embryo has been obtained…]

Past the fissure of the Extremity Vein of Dissolution, the prompts raging before Noah's eyes piled up as those nearby were subjected to a scene of shocking grandeur!

It all seemed to occur at once as a cherry colored spear eviscerated reality in one area, a massive black gold fist flattened another area holding a Mutated Entity, and waves of massive cerulean seas of flames descended in multiple locations as their targets were immolated and turned to ash soon after.

The Scions who were facing these attackers felt their hearts palpation as the damage output they were seeing was enough to make any of them feel a great sense of danger!

And this feeling was utterly unique for many if not all of them.

But…there were still some who held their own heads high.

Erikson gazed at the fine dust of the Mutated Entity who had been boasting before he was turned into mere dust, as well as the stellar visage of the being responsible for his death.

He then grasped the beach slipper in his right hand tighter as he spoke.

"You've taken a lot of the spotlight, and rightly so with the power you're displaying."

As he spoke, he turned around and gazed behind him where throngs of dense branches of veins floated, each of them seeming like snaking paths leading towards a treasured Haven as clusters of Extremity Panaceas could be seen further away- along with the Leviathans of Dissolution not too far away!

"I'll get serious as well…where I can at the very least obtain the boons to ignite the formation of my Dynamis of Extremity quicker first."

Erikson of the Sima Clan was about to get serious!

Noah's visage was still perusing through his prompts as he only gave him a glance.

The calm and laid back demeanor of Erikson faded as his sharp eyes looked further ahead.

The space seemed stellar as it was filled with gold and black lights, the branches filled with Dissolution as a massive Leviathan that seemed like a Lizard Spartoid stood solemnly directly ahead of this region, an Obsidian Extremity Panacea right behind it.

His beach attire fluttered madly as in his seriousness, his left hand flung out as the slipper on his left foot floated out to be grasped in his left hand!

With two slippers in hand, he moved!


Reality was distorted around him.

A specific set of probabilities were altered as Erikson's right hand holding the first slipper swung down- a pulse booming out as the slipper in his hand instantly enlarged to cast a long shadow across the far distances.

It was akin to a slipper of a giant appearing as dense reality altering authority cascaded down with it, smashing towards the Varicella Lizard Spartoid from above while his left hand swung left to right!


A fearsome cry rang out as it also enlarged, the gigantic right slipper smashing down arriving first as it was slightly bigger than the Lizard Spartoid who bellowed out and blazed with green flames to stop it.

With its focus on top, the left slipper arrived an instant later with an utterly heavy impact as large amounts of Soul Value were utilized to make sure that the probability of this particular attack passing the defenses of its targets and greatly wounding it were 90%!

And so…


The Varicella Lizard Spartoid was swatted from left to right, ripping apart dense venous branches along the way as in the spot it was just at, Erikson's visage immediately appeared as he plucked the Obsidian Extremity Panacea that used to have a guard- a choice he had made seconds ago being carried out as his pearly white teeth could be seen, his jaws wide open as they instantly devoured the Obsidian Extremity Panacea.

Seeing the might Noah displayed and the Scions that just targeted him and others, Erikson knew he had to move with intent and power!

And so he consumed an Obsidian Extremity Panacea, his Soul squeezing every ounce of its power as the likelihood that this Panacea could grant him an Extremity Basis rivaling that of a Crimson Extremity Panacea…he distorted and raised it to as much as 75%.


His eyes looked tired and weary as he didn't stop there, gazing further ahead of him where in the distance, the dense branching veins seemed to be leading deeper into Dissolution- boundless riches undoubtedly waiting there.

With his muscles beginning to roll around like tungsten as his Basis was being forged, he moved out with fervor- two slippers in hand as they were ready to strike out towards any Leviathan on his path!


Even the laid back Scion was putting in the work as the prominent Scions from other Inheritances and Clans also moved in earnest.

They each tried to shine brighter as they saw one particular being outshining all others here!

What was more astounding in all this was the fact that deadly Scions of Destruction had just descended…and yet they were erased as quickly as they had come, with nobody paying heed or mind to them thereafter as they continued to delve deeper into the Extremity Vein of Dissolution.

Yet these beings were under the watch of someone who had seen everything that was occurring!

A being who had veiled them in Vacuous Hyperversal Authority that was shown how easily his Scions were wiped out right before his eyes!

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