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«Immortality Cultivation Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 523 Be Stuck with Me

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Chapter 523 Be Stuck with Me

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Targeted by a lot of people, Gao Ge feels annoyed now.

He wants to take his parents back from the Dragon Court Compound but he has no idea how to settle them down.

His resignation from the Dragon Court also means that some people may scheme against him while he is away from the Dragon Court.

At the moment, Gao Ge’s phone suddenly rings.

Gao Ge is slightly taken aback to see the caller’s name but he puts it through quickly.

“Lord Water Dragon.”

“Gao Ge, how dare you!” Water Dragon sneers. “Listen. Don’t believe that you can do whatever you want after resigning from the Dragon Court! Even though you are no longer a member of the Dragon Court, don’t ever try to do anything against the interest of Huaxia. Understand?”

Gao Ge is a bit stunned and lost.

What is she doing?

“Lord Water Dragon…”

Gao Ge just starts when he is suddenly interrupted by Water Dragon.

“Gao Ge, don’t forget this. You are not under the Dragon Court now, but your parents will still stay in the Dragon Court Compound. Don’t try to take them away. Your parents are at our hands, so think it over before you act!”

After saying that, Water Dragon directly hangs up.

Holding the phone, Gao Ge is dumbfounded for a while before coming to his sense. He gives a bitter smile.


He is aware of Water Dragon’s character.

When he heard Water Dragon at first, he probably felt a bit furious.

However, he quickly comes to his sense and understands what Water Dragon actually means.

The Dragon Court surely knows that Gao Ge will never do anything against Huaxia.

It happens that Gao Ge is worried about this issue.

After all, his current situation is too special.

And Water Dragon’s call happens to solve the urgent need of Gao Ge, relieving him of the problem.

There is no place safer than the Dragon Court Compound in the world.

Actually, if Gao Ge’s parents continue staying in the Dragon Court Compound, the cultivators may believe that Gao Ge and the Dragon Court are apparently severed and actually still connected. Perhaps Gao Ge only pretends to quit the Dragon Court and then goes on carrying out his plan.

However, now what Water Dragon said happens to eliminate such a possibility.

Gao Ge’s parents stay in the Dragon Court Compound only to lay restraints on Gao Ge.

Gao Ge has no idea whether it is Water Dragon’s idea or the Dragon Court’s.

Anyway, he is grateful indeed.

He calms down and becomes lost in thought.

“If I want to find Meng Jing, I cannot make a splash. Or I will put Meng Jing into more danger. However, I don’t have any clues now so I have to take things easy…”

More importantly, Gao Ge is aware that if he wants to search for her blindly, it will be like looking for a needle in a bottle of hay.

Therefore, he must do it step by step and make a good plan.

Moreover, this cannot be done by himself.

It is impossible for him to find clues from the Dragon Court.

They would tell him if they could.

Shortly after that, the door is knocked.

Gao Ge stands up and opens the door. Upon seeing the man at the door, he frowns.

“What are you doing here?”

Zhao Jin grins and walks inside.

“Hey, man, you are taking me as an outsider! How could you not tell me about your quitting the Dragon Court before?”

Gao Ge is speechless…

This man is way too outgoing!

“By the way, when did you come back?” Zhao Jin puts the things he brings on the table and asks.

Gao Ge sits down and looks at him, saying with a smile, “You are here for me at the moment to make trouble for yourself?”

Zhao Jin giggles and says, “You regard me as an outsider. It has been a long time since we met, much longer than you joined the Dragon Court.”

Gao Ge asks, “Then why do you come to me?”

Zhao Jin looks around. Although Gao Ge’s parents have left Jiangnan City, they didn’t take a lot of things with them. The Dragon Court Compound is fully furnished, so there is no problem for Gao Ge to sojourn here for a while.

“Um… Man, how long are you going to stay here? Do you need me to hire two housekeepers?”

Gao Ge pulls a long face. “No need. I can take care of myself.”

Since Gao Ge says so, Zhao Jin won’t insist then. He only heaves a sigh and says, “After all, Jiangnan City is your home. If you need any help, just tell me and I will do it for you, no matter what.”

Gao Ge looks at him with a faint smile, saying, “It is your idea or the Zhao Family’s?”

Zhao Jin sneers and says, “Those people of the Zhao Family are shortsighted. When they learn that I want to come for you, they are almost scared to death.”

Gao Ge nods his head.

To be honest, he believes Zhao Jin’s words.

Now Gao Ge’s identity is too special.

You will see various kinds of headlines like ungrateful souls or traitors.

The Zhao Family has become an affiliated branch of the Dragon Court and the master has become a member of the Dragon Court.

The case is similar to that of the Tang Family in Shu Province.

But the current Zhao Family cannot be compared with the Tang Family.

“Since so, how dare you come to find me?” Gao Ge asks.

Zhao Jin shrugs and passes a cigarette to Gao Ge. “Like I said, the Zhao Family are shortsighted. How can I be the same person like them? I don’t know why you quitted the Dragon Court, but I’m sure that what other people say about you cannot be true.”

Gao Ge bursts out laughing.

Zhao Jin becomes a bit anxious about Gao Ge’s laughing.

“Cough. Man, did I say anything wrong?”

“I just feel that you are too narcissistic,” Gao Ge says. “It is not that the Zhao Family are too shortsighted and you are forethoughtful but that your position in the Zhao Family is closely related to the relationship between you and me. If anything untoward happens to me, your position in the family will drop dramatically. Therefore, even if you don’t want to, you have to be stuck with me.”

Zhao Jin looks grieved. “Man, if you are not being so blunt, we can still be good friends!”

Gao Ge says seriously, “Aren’t you afraid that you may take the wrong side this time?”

Zhao Jin smiles bitterly and shakes his head. “Actually, I’m fine with it. I was not valued in the Zhao Family. Anyway, no one in my family took me seriously. Hence, I don’t have much to lose. A lot of people believe that I have no way back and want to be stuck with one person. Almost all my family members think in this way, but I’m not worried at all. I’ve always believed my eyes.”

“Such as Li Lang?”

Zhao Jin looks embarrassed and hastens to cough. “Cough. Well… That’s an accident. And I don’t like him. It was him who came to me with money! Moreover, I’m kind of grateful to him. Without him, I would not meet with you!”

Suddenly, the door is knocked again.

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