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«Immortal Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1922 War God

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Chapter 1922 War God

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The fake Xiang Nan hurriedly said, "I am Xiang Nan."

"You?" Yuwen Honglian said, "Why … have you changed your appearance again?"

Yuwen Honglian could hardly recognize Xiang Nan, but she did not find it strange. She had seen Xiang Nan change his appearance and spiritual energy fluctuations before.

She knew that Xiang Nan had a method that could make him look like a completely different person, causing others to be unable to distinguish between them.

As for the fake Xiang Nan, he was quite cunning. After hearing Yuwen Honglian's tone, his eyes moved and he hurriedly said, "Ah, yes, that's right, it changed again."

Yuwen Honglian said happily, "Young Master Xiang, are you finally willing to join Glory God Cult …"

Fake Xiang Nan lowered his head and looked at himself. Seeing that he was still wearing the bright red robe of Glory God Cult, he said, "Reporting to Special Envoy, I have just entered the constellation of Star Lord."

"Ah, really?" Yuwen Honglian's eyes lit up, but she immediately frowned, "You … what did you call me?"

The fake Xiang Nan rolled his eyes and said tentatively, "Red Lotus … Sister Red Lotus?"

True Xiang Nan had never called him that before.

When Yuwen Honglian heard the words' Sister Honglian ', two red clouds flew up from her embarrassed face. She clutched the corner of her clothes with both hands and began to squeeze.

Fake Xiang Nan's expression was extremely brilliant. First, he was dumbfounded, then he was surprised, then he was ecstatic.

He was stunned because he didn't understand the situation before. He was surprised that he suddenly realized that Yuwen Honglian knew the real Xiang Nan. What was ecstatic was that for some reason, he had actually deceived Yuwen Honglian.

Damn, she's a silver envoy! Moreover, she was the first goddess of war in the legends to possess three divine talents.

From the looks of it, she actually likes Xiang Nan, that means she likes me!

At this moment, another intense flame fluctuation spread from far to near.

Fake Xiang Nan was shocked. He hurriedly hid behind Yuwen Honglian and pointed at the approaching flames. "Sister Honglian, it's a dragon beast chasing after us!"

"They want to kill me, hurry up and help me kill them!"

Hearing that Xiang Nan was being pursued, Yuwen Honglian was instantly enraged and shouted, "How dare you!"

Rumble rumble rumble rumble!

A series of intense explosions rang out. Fifty dragon warriors accelerated in the air and charged forward. Each charge caused a terrifying explosion.

In less than a second, Xing Hao flew into the air with the dragon warriors.

"Hand over Wang Dazhuang!" Xing Hao shouted with his spear in hand.

Fake Xiang Nan had a backer and immediately pointed at Xing Hao, "Sister Red Lotus, he's the one who wants to kill me!"

Yuwen Honglian exchanged a glance with Xing Hao and said in unison, "Is that you?"

When enemies met, their eyes were red with envy.

Yuwen Honglian shouted, "This is truly a trampling iron shoe that has nowhere to be found. Take your life!"

Xing Hao first ambushed the Pseudo-Divine Star, but now he was chasing after "Xiang Nan".

The new hatred and old hatred were suppressed in Red Lotus's heart, causing her to instantly become furious.

Knowing that Yuwen Honglian was extraordinary, Xing Hao immediately awakened his dragon soul, and a spear instantly exploded.


The two spears and halberds collided, blasting Xing Hao from the sky and instantly landing on the ground!

Boom …

A shockwave spread out, uprooting countless trees.

Everyone present was shocked by Yuwen Honglian's strength!

That was Dragon Warrior Xing Hao! Previously, this person had never fought against Xiao Zilong, who was at his peak state, in such an unbearable manner.

"You … fire, earth, wind, three divine talents?" Xing Hao spat out a mouthful of fire blood and got up from the ground. He looked at Yuwen Honglian in disbelief.

Without saying a word, Yuwen Honglian turned into a beam of fire and rushed towards Xing Hao below.

"Protect Xing Hao!"

The dragons were furious and attacked Yuwen Honglian.

Yuwen Honglian snorted coldly, but seeing her halberd sweep across the area, a terrifying flame burst out, and forty-nine dragon warriors were overthrown one after another!

"This" Xiang Nan's pupils shrank.

Those dragon warriors were at the fifth and sixth levels of the Heavenly Tribulation, but now, in Yuwen Honglian's hands, they couldn't even withstand a single move.

Xing Hao rose from the ground and stabbed a dragon spear at Yuwen Honglian's chest.

Yuwen Honglian was even more tyrannical. She didn't even dodge, but with a clang, she grabbed the spear head!

Xing Hao fought with all his might, and even the veins on his forehead burst out, pushing the spear forward regardless.

However, Yuwen Honglian held onto the spear tightly and was unable to advance at all.

Yuwen Honglian roared angrily, "I will sacrifice my God's Will with your blood!"

Yuwen Honglian kicked the dragon spear, causing it to spin and fly out of the universe!

At the same time, Yuwen Honglian took a deceptive and slippery step, and the Battle Halberd fiercely stabbed towards Xing Hao's heart.

Xing Hao's pupils contracted as he hurriedly used both of his hands to grab the halberd.

At the same time, the five sixth level Heavenly Tribulation Dragon Warriors reacted the fastest. They quickly stopped their momentum and rushed forward to grab the halberd.

In addition to Xing Hao himself, the six dragons held a halberd!

However, the halberd was still being grabbed by Red Lotus and quickly approached.

Bang bang bang bang!

Behind the six dragons, a pair of enormous dragon wings exploded at the same time!

The six dragons flapped their wings crazily, but they still couldn't stop the Red Lotus from advancing.

The halberd was getting closer and closer, only an inch away from Xing Hao's heart.

Hu …

Another five dragon warriors rushed over and grabbed hold of the halberd.

Another three dragons flew over and attacked Red Lotus.

The red lotus clenched its fist with its left hand and three fiery fists exploded. Three tyrannical fists flew out, instantly blasting the three sixth stage Heavenly Tribulation Dragon Warriors into powder!

"I want you dead!" Yuwen Honglian's eyes spat out boundless rage as she stared fixedly at Xing Hao's eyes.

Eleven dragons were actually unable to resist a single halberd!


The spear tip of the halberd had already pierced an inch into Xing Hao's heart!

Hu …

Thirty other dragons also flew over. Fifteen dragons hurriedly grabbed the halberd, while twenty-one dragons attacked Yuwen Honglian.

Yuwen Honglian finally couldn't concentrate on pushing the halberd. She was surrounded by a group of dragons, and the sky was filled with giant dragon wings flapping.

Thunderous dragon roars rushed into the nine heavens.

Yuwen Honglian shouted, raising her left hand high and shouting, "Falling Star, charge! Heaven! Fire!"

Above the sky, a hundred-meter-wide pillar of flame descended!


The pillar of fire immediately exploded!

The dozen or so dragons that bore the brunt were blown into powder at that time.

The rest of the dragon warriors were seriously injured. They were blown away, and pieces of broken dragon wings fluttered in the air.

"My mother" Fake Xiang Nan and the others were shocked.

Was this the power of three divine talents?

One person fought against fifty dragon warriors alone, and won by crushing them!

The dragons were defeated, and more than half of them died!

"Xing Hao, run!" The other dragons hurriedly flew over to intercept Xing Hao.

Xing Hao's eyes were red as he looked up at the sky and cried out in sorrow. He had already killed the red-eyed man and swore to avenge his fellow clansmen.

"Run!" The dragons tightly grabbed Xing Hao's shoulder and said, "You can't beat him. Run!"

"Run? Don't even think about leaving!" Anger surged in Yuwen Honglian's eyes as she grabbed the halberd and charged towards the dragons.

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