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«Immortal Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1657 Bronze Gong

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Chapter 1657 Bronze Gong

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This matter had caused quite a stir in the Master City of Light, and all the guild leaders, large and small, had witnessed it with their own eyes.

Many people came to the City of Light to watch the show. Many martial artists even rushed back from the safe city in the Eternal Secret Realm.

On this day, Xiang Nan's group of four arrived at the appointed time.

Drunken Flower Street wasn't big. Compared to the other incomparably wide streets, Drunken Flower Street was only six miles long and three thousand meters long.

However, for many people who knew the meaning of this street, these three thousand meters were truly the path of death.

On this day, beside Drunken Flower Street, there were a sea of people. There were people standing on the ground, on buildings, and floating in the sky. There were people everywhere.

Apart from the main street of Drunken Flower Street, there was practically no free space left.

Everyone whispered to each other.

"It's been a long, long time since anyone walked down the street, right?"

"Isn't that so? No matter what, it will take fifty years."

"Fifty years? At least a hundred years away!"

"How many years has it been?"

"Then who knows? Who has the time to remember such a day? I don't even know what day it is."

One of them whispered, "Who is the one walking down the street this time? Which side is strong and heroic?"

Another person replied, "I haven't heard of it. I'm afraid it's not some big shot who has been famous for a long time. I heard that it's just a few young guys."

"Anyway, I'm not sure. I heard it from other people. However, it's said that those people are very crazy. They actually refuted Master Six's face on the spot at the hero gathering."

"Heavens!" "Are you tired of living?"

There are also people who hold their shoulders and have an attitude of staying out of the way. They sneered, "Every year, there are always a few people who don't know whether they are dead or alive. They feel that they are invincible in the world. I have seen many of these people, and they usually don't have a good ending."

Another person lowered his voice and said, "Have you forgotten how Master Six rose? Back then, Master Six was also a nobody."

The rest of the people surrounding this person immediately hid far away and looked at the fellow who was "spouting nonsense" like they were looking at a god of plague.

Someone shouted in a low voice, "You don't want to die anymore? You dare to say anything. If you really want to die, don't implicate us."

At this moment, at the end of Drunken Flower Street, gongs and drums sounded.

The crowd at the scene all shut their mouths, so quiet that not a single mosquito could be heard flying by.

Everyone knew that the sound of gongs and drums meant that Master Six had arrived.

However, there were very few people who could really see Master Six, and the vast majority of them were located very far away.

After the gongs and drums stopped, everyone knew that Master Six had ascended the Drunken Flower Pavilion.

At the entrance of the Drunken Flower Pavilion, a huge flagpole was erected on the side. On top of the flagpole, there were pomegranates that had been exposed to the sun for five days.

At this moment, the pomegranate flower's entire body was wounded. Her entire body was on the verge of death. Her eyes were lowered and her lips were cracked. It seemed that she had suffered a lot these past few days.

Immediately after, the sound of gongs and drums rang out at the entrance of Drunken Flower Street.

Ten giant bronze gongs with a diameter of five meters were knocked.

Ten gongs rang out in all directions, indicating that four people were walking down the street.

The scene was immediately thrown into chaos. Pairs of eyes swept towards the entrance. Some people couldn't see it anymore, and they even stretched their necks in an attempt to see it more clearly.

However, there were too many people. They were crowded and there were people everywhere. There wasn't even a crack in them.

Those who chose to arrive at the intersection ahead of time were able to see the appearance of the visitors, but once the walkers entered Drunken Flower Street, it would not be easy to see the details at the intersection.

"Damn it, there are really four young men!"

Someone cried out in alarm.

In the City of Light, the wind was very strong. Gradually, large snowflakes fell.

"It's snowing" One of them stretched out his right hand and received a patch of snowflakes. "This snow is probably going to be dyed red today."

Xiang Nan, Lan Tian, Can Yang, Black Sickle, and the others came side by side.

In the snowstorm, the expressions of these four people were cold and stern.

"Are you sure you can ignore realm suppression?" Xiang Nan confirmed again.

Canyang and the others nodded.

Realm suppression was the first major problem. However, many of the top warriors of the planes had found a way to resist realm suppression.

In Xiang Nan's plane, the method to cancel the suppression of the realm was Xiaoyao You. This was a cultivation technique that Bai Wuya had personally created.

In other planes, there were all sorts of miraculous techniques that could counteract the suppression of realms.

This made it impossible for them to succeed on the streets, but it became possible for them to succeed.

Everyone's blood should be boiling with excitement.

Not only Xiang Nan and the others, but even the spectators felt that their bodies were warm, and they could immediately see a fierce battle.

However, Xiang Nan's group of four seemed strangely calm.

They did not lose their rationality because of the impulse of hot-blooded indignation.

On the contrary, Xiang Nan was still asking.

"Have you memorized all the arrays?"

The three of them nodded at the same time. "Don't worry, just leave the head row to me."

Xiang Nan and the others had already rehearsed the array in advance.

The strength type martial artist Canyang belonged to the front row of "meat shields" that led the way. He alone took over all of the enemies' frontal attacks.

A balanced martial artist chose the second row. He was in charge of protecting the Blue Sky, which had the strongest attack range, but also the weakest defense.

Blue Sky's water type martial skill was an outstanding killing technique. If he didn't care about his personal gains and losses, it would be very difficult for even the remaining sun to survive in Blue Sky's hands. Xiang Nan's responsibility was to protect Blue Sky while taking care of killing at the same time.

As for speed martial artist Xiaohui, also known as Black Sickle, he was in control of the arena.

His speed was the fastest, and he would wander around. When killing, he would take care of Canyang, Xiang Nan, and Lan Tian.

Once the three of them encountered a situation that they were unable to deal with even for an instant, he would decisively help them.

Xiang Nan and the others were an extremely perfect triangular array, and the black sickle was a sharp blade that had always flowed out of the triangular array.

"Guess how far they can go?" A person said.

Another person muttered, "Judging from their young age, they actually possess such a high cultivation realm. I'm afraid that their foundations are unstable. I'm afraid they won't even be able to walk out ten meters."

"I think you overestimated them. They are facing enemies five small realms higher than them. I think they can't even walk five meters."

"In history, what was the best result on the street?" Asked a person beside him.

Someone replied, "I remember, I think it's 800 meters. That's already amazing."

Drunken Flower Street was three thousand meters tall! And the best record in history was only 800 meters.

One had to know which person dared to provoke authority was not a notable figure. Even such a person was only 800 meters away.

Xiang Nan, Canyang, Blue Sky, and Black Sickle were not the only geniuses in history.

Throughout the ages, people like them were as plentiful as a feather.

"But one problem is that the few people who chose to walk on the streets are not so young."

This person's words caused everyone to ponder.

At this time, an old man carrying a bronze gong slowly walked towards Xiang Nan and the others in the spacious Drunken Flower Street.

Everyone's gazes were focused on the old man alone.

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