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«Immortal Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1656 Rules

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Chapter 1656 Rules

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The so-called "taking a trip to Drunken Flower Street" was also called "taking the streets and pulling out flags".

This was an old rule. It was a rule set by the Sixth Master when he was adventuring around the world.

In a guild, if a guild leader made a mistake, he would be punished. Normally, if Master Six said a word, then the guild leader or vice president would die.

This was a rule that no one dared to break.

But if you are dissatisfied with Master Six's punishment, you can "walk the streets and pull out the flag".

Specifically, the guild leader who made a mistake had to be hung on the flagpole like a flag, waiting for his fellow guild members to save him. This was a kind of so-called morality.

They needed to go from one end of Drunken Flower Street to the other and pull out the "flag".

But the process is difficult. It is usually divided into three steps.

The first step was for the person walking down the street to receive a knife. This was a punishment for provoking authority. Specifically, if there was only one person walking down the street, then he would only receive three knives. These three knives were not allowed to resist, nor was he allowed to condense the Dipper Qi Shield, nor was he allowed to use the strength of his entire physical body as a resistance.

If there were two people walking down the street, the number of knives would double, and both of them would receive six slashes. If there were three people, it would double again, and each of the three would receive nine slashes.

The knives they received were all smeared with Eternal Poison. This was a kind of poison that was kicked out from the Eternal Secret Realm. After being hit, the wound would not heal for at least three days. This was the poison that Master Six had invaded alone. Only he himself could master the formula.

The second step is to take the street. At that time, there will be a large number of experts from other Guilds guarding Drunken Flower Street and not letting you pass. Then the only way you can pass is to fight.

You have to endure your injuries and kill from the streets to the Drunken Flower Pavilion at the end of the street. If you come over, this step will be considered a success. If you can't pass, then you will die on the road, and you will be considered a failure.

And you're not allowed to escape during this process.

The third step is called pulling out the flag. One of the people walking down the street can't fly and must climb up the flagpole naked. During this process, a large number of archers will shoot at you.

You can dodge, but you can't resist. You have to climb up at a speed of one meter per second. If you are still alive in ten seconds, you can pull out your flag and leave.

This was an incomparably harsh and cruel process. In the past few hundred years, there weren't many people who chose the path of "walking the streets and pulling out flags." Even a few fierce people had not succeeded. All of them died miserably.

Because if you go through the streets and pull out the flag, it is equivalent to provoking the authority of Master Six. Those who are ready to flatter Master Six at any time will do their best to show their loyalty at this time.

They will not only kill you, they will also torture you, do their best to let you live for a while, chop your entire body into meat sauce.

Xiang Nan didn't care about getting stabbed or pulling out a flag. What he cared about the most was the second step, walking down the street.

Xiang Nan asked Can Yang, "What kind of person is he? If there are thousands of Heavenly Tribulation Realm experts blocking the way, then we don't have to break through. There's no hope at all."

Canyang shook his head and said, "That won't happen. There are clear and strict requirements for walking down the street."

"The requirements for walking down the street are the same as killing beasts in the Eternal Secret Realm. It's called the Little Fifth Layer."

"In other words, the people in charge of intercepting us are all martial artists who are five levels higher than us. The key point is that there is no limit to the number of them."

"We are all at the first level of the Martial Saint realm. Then, we will face hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of people at the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm blocking our way."

"There isn't a fixed number of people who will be intercepted. It depends on our individual strength."

"Perhaps at the beginning, there were only a hundred or so people who intercepted us, but if they find out that we are really strong, they will send more experts to intercept us."

"Isn't that not the end of the fight?" Blue Sky frowned.

Canyang said, "If we go all the way, it will basically be endless. However, most people will not choose to really fight against the enemy. Instead, they will think of all ways to rush straight to the entrance of the Drunken Flower Pavilion."

"Of course, this is also very difficult."

"Most importantly, there is a time limit for flags to be pulled out from the streets. The time limit is one stick of incense."

Canyang's words dispelled Xiang Nan's desire to absorb the Fallen Heavenly Lightning. He was planning to walk the streets with Canyang and the others.

If he absorbed the divine lightning, his realm would suddenly increase by about three levels, and this would greatly increase the difficulty of walking down the street.

According to what Can Yang said, the realm of intercepting a martial artist was based on the highest realm of a martial artist walking down the street.

In other words, if Xiang Nan was at the fourth level of the Martial Saint Stage, and Canyang and the others were all at the first level of the Martial Saint Stage, then what they would have to face would be the same level of the ninth level of the Martial Saint Stage. To Canyang and the others, this would be a complete disaster.

Xiang Nan had also thought that he would walk the streets alone, but since he represented a new guild, individual heroism was obviously not allowed.

He had to bring his brothers along with him, otherwise, they would not be able to pass this trial first.

Since he had already risked his life to pull these brothers to his side, but at the critical moment, if you don't trust them and don't use them, then what's the difference between directly abandoning them?

"Alright then, I'll designate the people to walk the streets." Xiang Nan said.

That Can Yang stopped Xiang Nan and said, "I said that I must have me first. If you don't count as me, then there's no need for us brothers to do it. From now on, you are you, and I am me. We have a clear relationship."

Blue Sky also said, "There must be me."

Black Sickle said, "Count me in."

Xiang Nan nodded and said, "Then it's settled. The four of us will go."

Xiang Nan weighed it over and over again, but he still gave up on Strength and Bugs. Firstly, these two fellows would be directly judged as puppets because they were not living beings.

There was no such rule in history for him to bring a puppet along the street. If he really did, he didn't know what kind of idea Master Six would come up with to make things difficult for him.

Black Sickle pointed at himself and Xiang Nan and said, "There are a total of four people. That is, each of them will receive twelve slashes."

"If we don't make any resistance, we will definitely be seriously injured. If we walk the streets with a heavily injured body, our survival rate will not exceed 10%, in my opinion."

Xiang Nan nodded.

This was indeed true. Xiang Nan's ultimate combat strength was to surpass the Sixth Layer and kill martial artists.

Don't forget, that meant that Xiang Nan was in his prime, but if he wanted to walk down the street, he had to suffer twelve slashes without any resistance!

Under severe injuries, a martial artist's overall quality would be reduced. Whether it was strength, speed, the speed of the spiritual sea, or even the strength of the Dipper Qi, it would be greatly reduced.

This was a very troublesome problem, just like an ordinary person who could carry a bag of 100 jin of grain and run happily.

But what about stabbing him in the stomach?

Injury was always something a martial artist had to take into account. It was a major issue that determined their life and death.

However, no matter what, he had to make this trip no matter what.

After saving Dou Hua, the matter of the new guild was settled.

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