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«I’ll Add Points To All Things (Web Novel) - Chapter 879: Captured

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Chapter 879: Captured

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The entire office fell silent the moment that was said.

In fact, everyone started to doubt their hearing.

‘More than 10 countries in Central Asia have been attacked?

‘Have I slept so much last night that I’m having hallucinations now?

‘How’s that possible?

‘However, this person is indeed the one who brought us up here earlier, so it can’t be fake.

‘So… It’s true then?’

Just as the representatives were still reacting, the Salabar receptionist quickly added, “Furthermore, the building not far away from us has just been attacked. This building might be our next target.”

“Therefore, the king has sent me to evacuate everyone!”

Hearing that, all the representatives were shocked. This time, they did not have time to react. They stood up and tried to run out to see if it was real or fake.

Salabar’s representative was obviously smarter. He pulled his phone out of his white coveralls and looked at it. Sure enough, his subordinate had sent him a lot of messages informing him that something had happened.

He did not see it because he did not use his phone.

Seeing this, he scanned through the message and then quickly ran out of the room.

With him leading the way, the representatives could no longer sit still. They filed out and left the building under the protection of the security guards.

When they were less than 500 meters away from the building, there was a loud bang, and an explosion sounded at the bottom of the building where they had been having their meeting. Some people in black were throwing burning bottles at the building. They were throwing them and shouting like a bunch of madmen…

At the same time, just as the king of Salabar had informed them, every country in Central Asia was attacked by unknown people.

Actually, some days ago, every country had sensed that someone was up to no good. After all, there was something wrong with the fact that people with unknown identities were always loitering in crowded places.

They had also captured some people to verify their speculation.

As a result, in order to avoid any accidents, they had mobilized security forces to patrol the crowded areas to avoid any accidents.

In the end… Who would have thought that they would be lured away by the organization.

This was because… Although the organization hired people to collect intelligence at the transportation hubs, hospitals, and schools, their real purpose was to gather information about the relevant departments, petrol fields, pipelines, and so on.

Due to the diversion, the countries did not have time to protect these places, and they suffered heavy losses.

Just like the previous operation against the sea serpents, the operation of this organization was still extremely fast. They retreated after one strike, not giving the countries any time to react.

After destroying the target, they quickly retreated from the scene, leaving only some of the outer circle members or spectators as scapegoats.

Therefore, all the countries went crazy at once. They had not encountered such a large-scale attack in many years. This was especially so since they had no idea who the enemy was.

At that moment, the OPEC conference could not continue. If it continued, their home would be gone, so what was the point of competing with the new energy source?

Therefore, the last-minute meeting ended just like that.

However, not all countries had suffered losses or gained nothing.

For example, Yamen, who was under the control of the sea serpent, had his own gains during this operation.

Due to Little Deeny’s Big Data and the deviousness of the Clown Sea Serpent, Su Yang’s party had already guessed that this was a tactic to create a diversion.

This move had been completely played out by China’s family ancestors. Only a group of people with no history would fall for it.

Therefore, unlike other countries, the Clown Sea Serpent did not mobilize their forces to protect hospitals, schools, and transportation hubs. Instead, he focused his forces on petrol fields and pipelines.

To be safe, he even applied for a few liquid metal avatars from Su Yang as his trump card.

After that, he secretly moved the cabinet’s office to another place to avoid being ambushed again.

And so… The Syndicate ran headlong into the pit dug by the Clown Sea Serpent.

This also allowed him to capture one of the organization’s leaders: Maha…

Maha had a high position in that dangerous organization in Central Asia. According to the rankings, he should be the third-in-command.

It was lower than the big leader and Zach, but higher than the other four leaders.

Originally, he had planned to attack Iran, but during the meeting with the organization, Zach had suggested that he attack Yemen.

At first, he wanted to refuse. After all, he did not know much about Yemen and was afraid that something would happen.

However, this was a meeting after all, and it was not convenient for Maha to reject him directly in front of the other leaders. Therefore, he asked Zach why he was asked to attack Yemen.

Zach’s reason was very valid: Yemen had been attacked once before, and it might be heavily guarded now. If he went alone, he might not be able to handle it.

In addition, he had done a lot of things in Yemen, so he was probably already targeted. Therefore, it would not attract any attention if he changed to a new face.

After some discussion, the leaders finally agreed to this suggestion.

Hence, Maha’s target changed from Iran to Yemen.

Even though he had a lot of information on Yemen and Zach’s men with him, for some reason, Maha felt uneasy. He felt like his Lord had given him a warning of danger.


Now that the arrow was nocked, he had no choice but to unleash it. If he used the excuse that the Lord had told him not to launch an attack and refused to do so, he would probably die a horrible death.

Therefore, he could only force himself to launch the attack.

Before he started, he had been praying that nothing would happen.


It seemed like his Lord had indeed “manifested”, and the revelation was real. He had really been ambushed.

Thus… One by one, his subordinates died and he ended up being captured…

After being imprisoned, Maha thought for a long time.

He regretted not listening to the Lord’s guidance. He suspected that Zach was trying to trick him. He was also confused about how Yemen, a minor country, had so many security guards.

According to the organization’s calculations, after the security forces were dispersed to various areas, Yemen would not have too much power. He should have enough manpower!

‘This doesn’t make sense at all!’

Unable to figure out why Yemen was able to capture him, Maha could only admit his failure and cheer himself on. He swore on his Lord that no matter what torture, threats or sugarcoated bullets he encountered, he would not betray the organization!

Just as he was praying, the prison door opened from the outside.

A beam of light shone through the door and into the cell, shining on Maha’s face.

Maha narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction of the door. Then, he saw three figures walking in, both tall and short.

Two of them were men, and one was a woman.

The woman was a very cute girl. She had a fair oval face, long hair, and long legs. She looked like a cartoon character, and it did not match the prison environment at all.

Of the two men, one looked very young, only about 17 or 18 years old, had delicate features, and looked like a Chinese person. ‘He looks familiar.’

The other man had messy hair and a thin body with a scary smile on his face.

The three of them walked in. The young man and the young woman looked around and whispered something to each other. Maha could vaguely hear them talking about her.

“This is the leader of that organization. It seems…”

“Yes, indeed…”

Maha cocked his ear to listen more clearly, but the two had finished their conversation.

Then, Maha saw the young man toss a strange hourglass to another man before turning to leave.

After the young man left, Maha suddenly realized…

‘That young man seems to be Su Yang based on the organization’s intel! I’ve seen his photo before.

‘But, he looks younger than in the picture, I couldn’t recognize him immediately.

‘Has he actually came to Central Asia?!

‘He’s one of the richest people in the world, or rather, one of the richest people in the world. He was practically the hot cake of every country.

‘If the organization kidnaps him, we’d definitely be rich! I could even implement a series of plans that I’ve organized!’

Thinking of this, Maha became excited.

However, after the excitement, he became suspicious.

‘Why is Su Yang here?

‘I thought I’d been arrested by the Yemen officials?!

‘Could it be… Was Zach’s guess true?

‘Has Jiadian Group really gain control of Yemen?’

Thinking of this, Maha’s pupils constricted slightly. He realized that he might have really discovered something incredible!

‘A company is secretly in control of a country?!

‘Once this explosive news gets leaked, there would probably be no peace for Yemen!

‘On top of that, the news of Su Yang coming to Yemen…’

At that moment, Maha made a decision. He had thought that he would not leak any information about the organization even if he died, but now, he decided that he had to get out alive and bring this information out!

‘This information is far more valuable than his own life!

‘Perhaps… With this information, the organization could really grow!’

With this in mind, Maha decided that he could take advantage of the situation and gain the trust of others. Then, he would wait for an opportunity to escape or send a message.

When he was done with his plan, the only man left walked to the door.

Maha shifted his gaze to the man. Then he saw the man move a table from the side, take another chair, sit down, and then ask, “So you’re Maha? The third leader of the Great Ixa Alliance now?”

Hearing the man’s words, Maha was shocked.

The organization was actually a combination of several dangerous organizations in Central Asia, but they had never made it public. In fact, when Maha was traveling, he only used his organization’s name.

But at that moment, his identity had been exposed. ‘This can’t be right…’

So, he asked tentatively, “You… You know who I am?”

The man outside the cage nodded. “Of course. I’m very familiar with your information.”

“You’re Maha, the former leader of the Black Transport Organization. You’ve received professional religious training and military training and are proficient in the arts of explosion and destruction. After you completed your training in 2006, you returned to Central Asia and recruited 50 Oucques citizens and 20 Hussars to form the Black Transport Organization, mainly active in four countries in Central Asia.

“In 2007-08, you carried out several dangerous activities. At the end of 2008, you even planned an attack on the president of Syria. After that, you were discovered and destroyed by the Syrian police. Other leaders and 27 members were arrested and tried.

“All but you, you left Syria with your remnants to somewhere unknown.

“After that, you were recruited by the leader of the Great Ixa Alliance and then went on to form the alliance that we know today with it. You’re the third leader of the alliance.”

When Maha heard the man outside the cage talking about his information as if he knew everything, his heart was filled with shock and confusion.

Because this man was absolutely right!


‘How in the world did the organization and myself get exposed?

‘The organization has never been exposed before!

‘Could it be…’

Thinking of this, Maha had an ominous feeling. ‘Could there be a spy in the organization?’

The desire to escape grew stronger because he felt that he knew too much useful information. Furthermore, some information was too important for his organization.

Just as he was thinking that, the man outside the cage smiled and said, “Do you feel like I know too much? Are you worried that it will harm your organization?”

Maha looked gravely at the man outside the cage.

Then, he heard the man say, “Don’t worry. We have no conflict of interest with you, and we have no intention of doing anything to your organization.”

“In fact, the greater your organization, the more it will help us.

“In fact, we would want to collaborate with you even more.”

“Collaborate?” Maha’s eyes lit up like he had found a way to escape.

He asked, “How do you want to collaborate?”

He showed interest, but the man before him did not continue. Instead, he only looked at him deeply, then said with a smile, “You’ll know in the future.”

With that, the man stopped talking and got up to leave.

Seeing this, Maha quickly stopped him. “How do you know so much about our organization?”

The man turned back and smiled. Despite his smile seeming friendly, it made him feel… Dangerous, for some reason. “Take a guess.”

With that, he ignored Maha and turned to leave.

With the sound of the iron door closing, the prison fell back into darkness.

Maha leaned against the wall and was silent for a long time, combing through the information he had just obtained.

The more he sorted out his thoughts, the more terrified he became.

Because he realized that his organization seemed to be in unprecedented danger.


‘I must escape!’

With this thought in mind, Maha silently moved his gaze around the prison, looking for surveillance equipment.

After looking around, with his keen professionalism, he did not find any surveillance. This made a plan form in his mind…


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