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I’ll Add Points To All Things (Web Novel)

Associated Names:

PTAT, 我给万物加个点




Eternal Era


Su Yang was an average university student in Shanghai when he received a system that allowed him to add points to things. The point system provided him with missions and by clearing them, he would gain points.

Add a point into an object, the object will receive a special ability; add a point into a plant, the plant will come alive; add points on himself, he will get talents or superpowers.

With the mysterious point system in hand, Su Yang aimed to become rich and alter his fate. On his path towards success, he encountered many interesting matters and people, including famous actresses and business tycoons. Fueled by determination, Su Yang set his sight on adding points into all things to help him achieve his goal.

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07 days 21h 05m 17s. (189 hours) • 10694 • 2021-07-12 00:03:12

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