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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1919 Ship Party ㊳

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Chapter 1919 Ship Party ㊳

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I was thinking of bringing Amel-san to see Iris-san, but by coincidence, we encountered Iris-san along the way.

[Arehh? Iris-san?]

[Unn? Ahh, what a coincidence. I was just coming to get some drinks and food…… We can’t have ordinary maids serving Isis-sama after all.]

[Ahh, I see……]

Now that she mentioned it, ordinary maids can’t approach Isis-san, so someone among her subordinates has to go get her food and drinks. Although there’s a dining area, there’s no rule against eating elsewhere, so it’s fine to take food and bring it to their preferred area.

[However, meeting you here is just right. I was just on my way to see Iris-san……]

[To see me?]

[The Master of the Secret Realm, the Brightest Star of the Snowy Plains. I’m grateful for this miracle of reuniting with you once more. My sworn friend visiting you is due to the karmic fates I have weaved into motion. My melody reached only chosen ones, and amidst the chaos, it was being consumed by silence, a dilemma my sworn friend worries about.]

[Ahh, I see. Indeed, your unique way of speaking might be hard to understand for those not accustomed to it. If that’s the case, I don’t mind. I suppose Isis-sama would also be pleased.]

As expected, Iris-san seemed to fully understand Amel-san’s way of speaking, nodding without a change in her expression.

Isis-san too, due to her personality, would surely be happy to talk with Amel-san, and with Iris-san there, it would be easy to convey the meaning of Amel-san’s words.

While I was thinking about this, Iris-san turned to me, smiled faintly, and spoke.

[You were in the middle of greeting people, weren’t you? Leave her to me and return to your rounds.]

[Ah, is that alright?]

[Umu. I was planning to return to Isis-sama’s side anyway, and having one more companion with us wasn’t a problem. As I said before, having more people around would make Isis-sama pleased. And so, Amel, right? Are you okay with that?]

[I’m not dissatisfied with the path the star guides me.]

[Thanks. Well then, let’s go.]

Understanding my situation, Iris-san offered to take care of Amel-san and I thanked her for it. Although I still had some time, since the party was now in the mid-stage, many people I hadn’t greeted yet were scattered around, making her suggestion very helpful.

[You also have it rough, my sworn friend.]

[Ahh, no, don’t worry about it. I’ll be happy if Amel-san enjoys the party. Let’s talk again if we have the time.]

[Unn! My sworn friend too, you do your be- Hrnn! May fortune be by your side.]

Leaving Amel-san in Iris-san’s care, I started walking towards the next location.

As I moved around the venue using the ability Eden-san gave me…… I realized there were two people outside the venue I hadn’t greeted yet.

Their location was…… the exhibition room. Oh, right, Alice’s collection was partially introduced on stage, and then the rest was displayed in the adjacent exhibition room.

And so, these two went to the exhibition room…… Alright, let’s head there next.

When I reached the exhibition room, I immediately knew who the two people I had just sensed were. It was Rosemary-san, whose eyes were shining in front of the artworks, and Camellia-san, who was accompanying her.

Rosemary-san loves art after all, so I had a feeling that she’s been in this exhibition room ever since the art pieces were introduced on stage.

[Hello, Rosemary-san, Camellia-san. Are you admiring the exhibits?]

[Ahh, Kaito-san, hello. Yes, Eri has been here the whole time, fascinated by everything……]

[Ahh, Kaito-kun. Hello, they’re amazing! As expected of Shalltear-sama, her collection is truly amazing. There are so many art pieces here that I had never seen before or had only heard about in rumors.]

[Ahaha, I see you’re having fun. Are you looking at a painting right now?]

[Unn! T- This painting is amazing! Ah, w- when you look at it from this angle, the color of the painting……]

[Eh? Ah, wai-!?]

With excitement I’m seeing from her for the first time, Rosemary-san, looking extremely happy, pulled my hand…… or rather, she hugged my arm and enthusiastically explained the highlights of the paintings to me.

However, suddenly having my arm embraced, I was overwhelmed by the soft sensation and the pleasant scent of roses…… How should I say this…… This is just a sad saga of a man, but no matter how much romantic experience you accumulate, being unexpectedly pressed against a beauty’s chest can leave you feeling shaken and unable to calm down.

Of course, I didn’t hear much of the explanation that Rosemary-san happily gave me.


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