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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1918 Ship Party ㊲

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Chapter 1918 Ship Party ㊲

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After talking to the enthusiastic Amel-san, I would normally have gone on to greet the next one, but I kinda wanted to do something about the fact that she was feeling a bit lonely here…… but thinking of someone I could introduce Amel-san to was rather difficult.

For example, if this were Rosemary-san, it would be resolved by having Camellia-san stay nearby for the time being, and there are probably people who can do the same with the method of conversation that Nebula devised.

But in Amel-san’s case, the problem lies not in her communication skills. For example, even if I were to introduce someone to Amel-san and explain to them the reason behind her way of speaking, would that mean they could have a friendly conversation with Amel-san without any misunderstandings……? Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem possible.

I mean, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan, who are from the same world, should be able to understand the situation if I just say she’s a chuuni…… but that doesn’t mean they’d be able to understand Amel-san’s phrases.

[Amel-san, do you have acquaintances among the participants of the party?]

[I am also a being with a mission. Some of us met at events such as the Festival of Heroes guided by the cycle of fate, while others I only met for a brief time.]

[There are people you meet regularly at events like the Festival of Heroes, while there are others with whom you only have a greeting-level relationship huh……]

Yes, if someone can’t understand her way of speaking, they can’t have a conversation with Amel-san. Moreover, the tricky part is that there’s no specific rule or pattern to this way of speaking. It’s not that a specific phrase always has a set meaning; she just chooses phrases that seem cool at the moment, so there’s no consistency.

Sometimes, there are phrases that even unknowing people can somewhat understand the meaning of, while there are also times when I, someone familiar with chuunis, have to take a few seconds to process because of its complexity.

Also, I have my Sympathy Magic, so I can somewhat sense what Amel-san wants to convey. I can’t read minds like Lillie-san, but I can pick up the gist of her words to some extent…… Ahh, if it’s Lillie-san, wouldn’t she be able to converse with Amel-san without being confused by her words?

[Incidentally, who do you meet relatively often?]

[I suppose I often meet they who traverse the flames’ path. They tend to come following the King of Fierce Battles. However, our bonds haven’t strengthened as much as the frequency of our gatherings may suggest. Also, there are occasions where I meet the Spirit of the Red Flower…… but ummm…… that one reads people’s minds, so being around her feels uncomfortable…… Hrnn, no, I just don’t think we’re on the same wavelength.]

……Seems like she’s no good. It’s evident she isn’t comfortable, or rather, she’s clearly reluctant to meet her. As I’m always in a state akin to having my mind read by Shiro-san anyway, I personally don’t mind her that much, but as Lillie-san had mentioned before, there are people who don’t like having their mind read.

I feel more like Amel-san probably just dislikes the idea of having her attempts to act cool rendered useless though……

[Ahh, that’s right. Has Amel-san spoken to those in Isis-san’s camp?]

[The King of Frozen Death? No, I don’t remember talking to the King of Frozen Death at the festivals, and she used to be quite sca- Hrnn, she used to emit an intimidating aura, so even I couldn’t approach her casually.]

Amel-san is probably thinking of the time when Isis-san was in a rough state. Alice mentioned it as well, but at that time, Isis-san seemed to be in a state where she was almost constantly intimidating those around her…… In fact, when I first encountered her, despite the considerable distance between us, I had visions of death due to her magic power of death.

At that time, there was a high possibility that even if someone has power on the level of a Peerage holder, they would still be intimidated, but if it’s the current Isis-san, Amel-san, who has a power on the level of a Peerage holder, should be fine facing her.

[The shopkeeper of the basement bar whom you met before back in my home…… Iris-san is Isis-san’s Head Subordinate, and I was thinking that Iris-san and Amel-san seem to get along well.]

[That time’s shopkeeper! Unn, indeed, if it’s that shopkeeper, she’d understand what I’m saying, and we could be frie…… Hrnn! Indeed, I do sense a familiar power from her. Perhaps she, too, harbors the essence of darkness within her……]

[……Probably so.]

Umm, I’m not included in those that harbor something inside them, right? When you mention harboring darkness, it makes me feel like I’m about to recall some deeply buried embarrassing memories, so I’d rather not go there.

Or rather, it’s terrifying how those embarrassing memories from my dark past seem to resurface at the most inconvenient times since I arrived in this world.


Serious-senpai: [……I was just thinking, that “Black Violent Star” nickname Iris had in the Extra Chapters…… Is the one who attached that to her Amel……]

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