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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1843 April Fool's Day Extra Chapter: [Title omitted]

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Chapter 1843 April Fool's Day Extra Chapter: [Title omitted]

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One afternoon, I was relaxing in my room reading a magazine when suddenly, without warning, a person dropped onto the sofa in my room.

No, even though I’m the one saying this, I also don’t really understand what I’m saying, but seriously, someone suddenly appeared out of thin air and fell onto the sofa. Did someone come to visit me with Teleportation Magic? That said, that’s a strange way to teleport…… As I had such a thought in mind, I got up and approached the sofa, and saw a woman in a sailor uniform holding her waist in pain.

[Fuooohhh…… My back…… I hit my lower back. Also, I’m teleported indoors this time?]

[……If it isn’t Serious-senpai…… Why are you suddenly in my room?]

The person who looks a lot like Shea-san, holding her waist and groaning in pain, is Serious-senpai, the self-proclaimed incarnation of seriousness, whom I have met several times in the past.

At first, I often mistook her for Shea-san, but as expected, after meeting her so many times, I’ve come to be able to distinguish between the two. Shea-san has a cool and sharp atmosphere around her, while Serious-senpai looks kinda stu…… she has this cheerful atmosphere around her, so I can easily recognize who is who once I got used to them.

But well, putting that aside…… Why did she suddenly appear on the sofa in my room?

[Eh? Kaito? Long time no see…… Is this your room?]

[Yes, did you arrive here without knowing it?]

[Every year, the moment the door to that room opens, I get automatically teleported. Until last year, I had always been teleported somewhere in the city, but I’m teleported indoors now…… Unn? No, could it be that I’m actually just being teleported near to where Kaito is?]

[I have nothing to do with that strange room Serious-senpai lives in though?]

[You do. You have a lot of connection with it. You’re the protagonist, so…… Ah, no, it’s nothing. In any case, it seems that when I leave that room, I will arrive somewhere near you, so I’ll be in your care next time.]

[……H- Huh……]

I couldn’t really understand any of the crucial parts she was saying, but I do understand that she apparently appears near me once a year…… This person really is quite the enigma, she’s someone hard to understand. No, it’s not that she’s a bad person or anything like that though……

[Well, anyway, errr…… Hmm…… Since I’ve got it, might as well give it to you…… Here, a souvenir?]

[Eh? Ahh, thank you for expressly bringing me one. What’s this?]

[It’s a beautifully molded chocolate from when I had chocolatized.]

[……What are you talking about? Did you hit your head, Senpai?]

The heck does she mean by “chocolatized”? No, that just makes no sense. Well, I do understand that she had been rather weird before, but she’s just becoming even more incomprehensible.

[……Serious-senpai, you made these by molding chocolate?]

[No, you remember how I talked about a crazy God? One time my body turned into chocolate, that crazy God smashed my body and that would be the end product, so rather than me molding chocolate, it’s more like “I got molded”, I guess?]

[……I’ll be there with you, so how about we go to a hospital?]

[I didn’t become crazy! I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true! Even I’ve been troubled by it, what with turning into sugar or anko……]

……Wasn’t her setting supposed to be like she’s the embodiment of seriousness or something like that? I certainly haven’t felt any sense of seriousness from Senpai, both now and back then, but why the heck would a supposed embodiment of seriousness have the ability to transform her own body into sweets?

No, maybe that crazy God had done something to her. Since they’re a God, they should be able to do that much……

[……No, but putting aside all those circumstances, isn’t it messed up for Serious-senpai to bring the chocolate, which was apparently made from the chocolate your body turned into, as a souvenir?]

[Stop with the sound arguments, please…… I honestly haven’t thought I’m doing this either. However, since that crazy God prepared it and handed it to me, I thought I should properly give it to you……]

[I’ve said it several times, but for Serious-senpai’s sake, I’ll tell you this again. That God is seriously dangerous, so you should really keep your distance from them……]

[No, rather than this being about me, it’s more because that God’s someone related to you……]

Serious-senpai’s expression upon hearing my words was indescribably complicated, which left quite an impression in my mind.


Serious-senpai: [No, you completely omitted the whole subtitle!? Also, the heck do you mean you’ll extend April Fool’s!?]

[Translator’s Notes]

The meanings have kinda gotten lost in translations, so I…… changed some of what was said. For example, in the line:

The heck does she mean by “chocolatized”? No, that just makes no sense. Well, I do understand that she had been rather weird before, but she’s just becoming even more incomprehensible.

The second and third sentences are completely changed.

The first sentence is talking about Serious-senpai chocolatizing (like, the process of turning into chocolate or something) / チョコレート化する, which is read as “chokoretokasuru”.

The second sentence is originally:

No, maybe she had misspoken and had instead meant to say “the chocolate I had melted”? No, well, saying it that way’s still pretty weird, but I could still somewhat understand what she meant here more than what she just said.

“The chocolate I had melted” / チョコレート溶かした is read as “chokoreto tokash*ta”.

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