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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1842 Golden Encounter ?

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Chapter 1842 Golden Encounter ⑩

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The shopkeeper, who seemed to be riding along my and Aria-san’s antics, with the same empty smile he had before, dramatically stated.

Since he’s gonna be like that, I decided to go along with it and let out a bold smile.

[……What would you like to order?]


[Hou, for you to know about our hidden menu…… I see you aren’t an ordinary laddie.]

Yes, this is a way to solve Aria-san’s problem…… This restaurant doesn’t have it on the menu, but if you ask for it, you can ask for two different stick snacks with each being half the size.

The only thing to keep in mind is that the price is usually 3R per stick, but if you order half-and-half, it would cost 4R. Also, even though he said it was some secret menu, if Aria-san and I hadn’t started talking like that, I think the shopkeeper would have suggested that instead.

In my case, I only know about it because it was explained in Kuro’s eating guide.

[……Half-and-half, two different tastes at the same time and the amount is the same as one. It sounds like a dream come true…… but not everything in this world is that sweet. Normally, one can enjoy a stick snack for 3R, but by ordering half-and-half, you can enjoy it for 4R. The risk of having that part of the menu exists after all…… So, what would you have?]

[We’ll have two half-and-halves, one chocolate + caramel, and one plain + strawberry.]

[No hesitation…… Your guts, I like it. In consideration of your determination, laddie, I’ll give you one suggestion.]


The shopkeeper is surprisingly easygoing, and with us getting swept up in the atmosphere, it kinda feels like we’re making some kind of deal…… but we’re just buying snacks to eat while walking.

[Yes, ordering two sets would normally be 2R…… If you show the guts to pay for the lady’s share, I’ll let you have it for just 7R…… How about it, loverboy?]

[Fuuu…… I was planning on doing that from the start.]

[K- Kaito-sama……]

It really feels like we’ve gotten into a strange vibe, and even Aria-san is fully embracing it, seemingly overcome with emotion…… I may be repeating myself here, but we’re just buying snacks at the food stall.

Although I feel like I’ll be embarrassed when I look back on this moment later, being swept up in the moment and atmosphere, I bought the stick snacks while giving the shopkeeper a thumbs up.

[……Things turned kinda weird there, didn’t it?]

[Fufu, I did have a little fun though. Besides, I learned a way to taste two flavors at the same time, which was quite enlightening…… Ahh, Kaito-sama, I’ll give you back the money you paid.]

[Ahh, no, please don’t worry about it. As I mentioned earlier, I was planning on paying for it from the start…… You know, you treated me with fries and other stuff earlier.]

[……This would be that patterns where not accepting your kindness would be rude, right? I understand, I’ll gratefully accept it.]

After hearing my words, Aria-san thanked me with a smile. It’s moments like these, where she accepts things without pushing back, that make talking with Aria-san easy and comfortable.

Perhaps her conversational skills are just that good. She naturally responds in a flexible manner, and knows when to refrain and when to accept the other person’s kindness, making it very easy for me to interact with her.

[Hmm~~ It tastes wonderful. I really like sweets with simple flavors like this.]

[It’s simple, but tasty, isn’t it? It’s the kind of taste that you don’t get tired of……]

[Right. Being able to enjoy a variety of flavors is also great…… By the way, Kaito-sama…… I’m actually interested in the strawberry and plain-flavored ones as well…… How about it, why don’t we exchange a bite with each other so that we can taste all four flavors?]

[……Eh? Y- Yes, I’m fine with that…… but errr…… Aria-san, are you alright with that?]

[Unn? Yes, I see no problem with it.]

……It seems like she isn’t the type who cares about things like indirect kissing. Anyhow, if Aria-san herself is alright with it, it’s not like I’m averse to it, so we decided to exchange a bite each.

Exchanging our wrappers of half-and-half flavored stick snacks, we took our bites, and then handed them back to each other. The chocolate and caramel-flavored stick snacks were sweet and delicious.

[The plain and strawberry flavors were also delicious. It’s kind of enjoyable how the same stick snack can seem totally different depending on the flavor, doesn’t it?]

[Indeed. Ah, the chocolate and caramel flavors were delicious too. Thank you.]

[No, no, it’s me who should feel sorry for going along with my whims……]


After receiving her chocolate and caramel stick snacks back from me, Aria-san stiffened for a moment, then shifted her gaze between the wrapper of the stick snacks and me…… is how her facial expression seemed to suggest. Although her eyes were hidden by her hair, I could probably infer that she was making such eye movements.

[……Kaito-sama, I would like you to listen without getting angry if possible……]

[Yes…… Is something the matter?]

[Ah, no, my mind was completely drawn to the taste of the stick snacks and hadn’t even considered that what we did just now would be an indirect kiss. If you’re uncomfortable with it, I apologize.]

[Ahh, about that. No, I wasn’t really paying much attention to it either, so it’s fine. Rather, I should be the one asking Aria-san that, are you uncomfortable with it?]

[It should depend on the other party, but I don’t have a problem with it this time. I apologize for not realizing it though.]

[No, don’t worry about it.]

It seems like she isn’t really unconcerned about indirect kisses, but her mind had instead been focusing on the taste, and it just didn’t occur to her. I can’t shake off the feeling that she might be a bit lax in her guard, but at least it’s a relief that things didn’t get awkward between us.


Serious-senpai: [To think they’d have an indirect kiss on the first day they met…… What speed…… A terrifying character seemed to have emerged.]

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