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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1792 Rest for the Hard Worker ?

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Chapter 1792 Rest for the Hard Worker ①

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Even though the plan to give the overworked Anima a break was discussed with me by Caraway beforehand, I had very little time, so I decided to enlist the help of someone I knew to help me with the arrangements.

No, I really think I need to physically pull her away from work, so when I was thinking about where to go, I remembered something I heard before and asked the person who told me about it, to which she readily agreed. That’s where we’re headed.

[……M- Master? Isn’t this Hydra Kingdom’s Royal Castle? Why are we in a place like this……]

[We’re meeting up with someone here-]

[Oiiiiii, Kaito! Over here!]

Just I was about to explain to Anima, who seemed puzzled why we suddenly went to Hydra Kingdom with my Teleportation Magic Tool, the person I was looking for…… Laguna-san appeared.

[Laguna-san, I apologize for suddenly asking such an unreasonable thing today.]

[What, don’t worry about it. Kaito and I are close! There’s no need for you to be reserved over something like this. You can rely on me anytime you want…… Ahh, let’s stop with the long talks. Here, the key.]

In response to my apology for the sudden request, Laguna-san reassured me with a bright smile, saying not to worry about it. She then handed me a key with a magic crystal embedded in it, to which I accepted it.

[After using the key, you can just put it back in the box by the entrance before you leave. That box is a special magic tool that can only be opened by someone with a corresponding magic tool when something’s inside it anyway. Ahh, the preparations for the teleportation magic are also complete.]

[Thank you for everything.]

[Key? Teleportation magic? U- Umm, Master…… Where in the world are we going?]

Unable to keep up with the exchange between me and Laguna-san, Anima clearly looked puzzled, which was so adorable that I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Then, I decided to resume the explanation that had been interrupted once again.

[So that Anima would have a good rest this time, I was thinking of physically taking you away from work…… so we’re going on a trip. However, that was an extremely sudden decision that I couldn’t think of a good place right away, but I remembered something…… Laguna-san had told me before about a place where we could have a private trip, so I asked her to arrange it for me.]

[Umu. Well, the place is for nobles, wealthy merchants and other people of high status to travel incognito. Cottages with private beaches. It’s a good place for a quiet getaway.]

[……I see.]

Yes, when Laguna-san invited me and my lovers to go swimming at a beach before, she recommended some other seaside resort-type places.

We didn’t end up using them that time because it was just a day trip to the beach, but I had heard that there were cottages suitable for incognito trips, so I asked if I could secure one.

[It’s an offshore cottage, so it’s got a great atmosphere. It looks simple from the outside, but as it’s aimed at the wealthy, it has all sorts of magic tools inside and should be comfortable…… If you like it, you can come back and we can always have it secured for you.]

[Thank you. I’ll ask you again when there’s an opportunity……]

[Umu. Well then, the teleportation magic to the site is over here……]

And so, although it was sudden, we decided to stay at a cottage by the sea for 2 days and 1 night. Well, the purpose of this trip is to let Anima rest, so she’ll take a nap first thing when we get there…… Afterwards, while we’re at it, let’s enjoy a relaxing little trip as lovers.


Serious-senpai: [I- It’s starting…… a private beach!? Ahh, I have a bad feeling about this……]

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