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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1791 Intermission: Three Ladies' Pleasure Trip ?

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Chapter 1791 Intermission: Three Ladies' Pleasure Trip ④

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Open-air baths overlooking the majestic Mt. Fuji, a very luxurious situation where the entire ryokan is reserved for one’s exclusive use, and not only that, with the world itself is accessible only when invited by Lilia, everything, including this spectacular view, is for three people on their pleasure trip alone.

[It’s a wonderful sight, isn’t it?]

[Indeed. I mean, given a ryokan with such a spectacular view, Lili had somehow benefited a lot huh.]

[……Just being given a ryokan with such a spectacular view makes my stomach churn though.]

Lilia wryly smiled at Lunamaria’s mutterings. Certainly, Lilia received benefits from Kaito-related occurrences more than others, and of course, she appreciated it. It’s just, it shouldn’t be unreasonable for her to wish such things would occur with even a bit more moderation…… primarily those that deal stomachache to her.

[The size itself is no different from the bathtubs in Lili’s mansion, but this magnificent sense of nature and freedom is wonderful. As an Elf, this atmosphere where one is surrounded by nature somewhat makes me feel at ease.]

[Including this kind of scenery, that’s probably the reason why Kaito-san likes onsens.]

[Yes, I’d like to ask Kaito-san about that as well. It would be wonderful if we could come to this ryokan together one day…… Well, Lili owns this place, so that’s up to Lili……]

[Fufu, I was just thinking it would be nice if I could come with Kaito-san here too…… In that case, we should definitely go together.]

It’s a fact that Lilia invited her two best friends to the onsen ryokan today mainly to heal from the fatigue she was burdened with from the recent events. However, apart from that, this also serves as a preliminary inspection for when she would eventually come here with Kaito.

When they traveled to the Demon Realm together, she had a lot of fun and had always wanted to go on another trip with him, so she would have liked to invite Kaito and come here again in the not-too-distant future……

As the two of them joyfully talked about their lover, Kaito, Lunamaria watched with a pleasant smile, but midway through, the expression on her face suddenly turned to a mischievous grin and she teasingly spoke.

[……Haahhh~~ Good grief, both of my best friends are head over heels for the same guy, showing off their affection even at a place like this. It sure does make me feel a bit left out.]

[……But Luna also likes Kaito-san a lot, don’t you?]

[Uehhh!? Wha, Sieg!? What are you suddenly……]

While it may be her usual teasing, an unexpected comeback came from Sieglinde. No, of course, Sieglinde hadn’t really intended it as a counterattack, just responding as a part of ordinary small talk…… but upon hearing that, Lunamaria anxiously shifted her gaze.

Perhaps having the same idea as Sieglinde, Lilia nodded in agreement.

[Indeed, Luna always seems to actively engage in conversation with Kaito-san, and it’s rare for her to use such teasing tones with anyone other than us, so I’ve also been thinking that Luna has quite a liking for Kaito-san.]

[……Uuuu, urk……]

By the time Lilia also joined the conversation somewhat happily, Lunamaria immediately found herself in a tight spot. Unlike with others, it’s difficult for her to deceive her close friends Lilia and Sieglinde. Getting defensive and refuting them would only add credibility to the contrary.

Lunamaria, who had been groaning for a while with a slightly flushed face, seemed to have given up at some point and let out a light sigh.

[……Haahhh…… I mean, in the first place, Miyama-sama beautifully restored the relationship between my two idiotic best friends, something that has always been bothering me, improved the health of my mother, who had suffered from anemia for many years, though he himself didn’t intend to, and despite my annoying teasing on a daily basis, even though there are times he’s snappy sometimes, he’d always be kind to me…… Of course, well…… I would feel love for him…… Don’t you tell him that though!!!]

[Fufu, I know that. As expected, I wouldn’t do something as tactless as that.]

[However…… Someday, it would be fun if the four of us, including Kaito-san, could travel together.]

With a blush on her face, Lunamaria openly admitted her feelings for Kaito, and in response, Lilia and Sieglinde had gentle expressions on their faces, not teasing or making fun of her.

And then, Sieglinde spoke. Hearing her words about hoping everyone would go on a trip with Kaito someday, Lunamaria looked a bit surprised before leaking out a soft smile.

[……You’re right…… That, well…… sounds fun.]


Serious-senpai: [A harem ryokan trip, can you not build such a horrible serious elimination plan…… You’re making me tremble here……]

? ? ?: [You talk as if seriousness exists now, can’t you see reality?]

Serious-senpai: [Just let me dream a little……]

? ? ?: [Ah, it looks like the next arc’s about Anima-san.]

Serious-senpai: [Stop shoving reality in my face……]

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