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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 68 - Jungle Traveller's Journal

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Chapter 68 - Jungle Traveller's Journal

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We continued forward in high spirits.

After the accident, there was a little bump on Ruu’s nose, afterward, she straddled over the roots, avoided the ivies, and kept advancing while peeling off leeches.

「By the way, are we looking for sacred tree? As I thought」

Ruu asked while avoiding the locust that jumped toward her calf. I answered while picking nuts to eat.

「It seems they call it the blood tree. It has red bark and it seems the tree and shrub will shed blood when it gets a wound. It’s an extremely precious material for a wand」

「Fuhn. Even if you say it sheds blood, is it really a tree?Is it not a monster that is mimicking a tree? 」

「Well, in fact, it might be red-colored sap and not blood. Maybe we won’t be able to find it unless we walk deep into the forest」

There seems to be a place with bountiful resources than this place in the south part of the forest, it seems that it was also the reason why this place was abandoned.

Well, it’s better than saying that they were abandoning it because of the danger, it means it’s safe, but things would be troublesome if they weren’t found easily.

「Well, rather than full of monsters――」


And it was at the moment I was thinking.

Ruu was standing in the middle of air.

It certainly was not because she was flying.

Her feet were caught by a vine, and raised upside down in the middle of air.

「What a blunder!」

「T-thank goodness, it’s not according to the [tentacle] cliche!」

That was a huge flower.

The flower, which had its one meter sized petals spreading on the ground, is seemingly extending its expandable vine as if it’s transformed to petals on the ground, and it fished Ruu who stepped into its territory.


As if boasting it’s victory trophy, that huge flower was swinging Ruu whose feet were seized by the vine.

Ruu twisted her body so that it won’t collide with the surrounding trees while screaming 「HIIIIII!」Or「YoU JerK!」.

…Or rather, she is skillful for sure.

While being caught like that, she avoided a direct hit with the surrounding trees.

As expected……… It seems she’s not in a pinch.


When I thoughtlessly enjoyed that sight, the vines were coming toward my feet.

Luckily, I could dodge it since I entered alert mode on Ruu’s sacrifice, without a moment’s delay, I drew my sword to cut the ivy.

Ruu clenched her fist while hanging in the air.

「Nice one! Eiji! Keep it up and then please save me too! 」

「Okay okay」

I quickly targetted the vines which captured Ruu.

A reaction occurred in the huge flower.

It casually threw off the captured Ruu, and then it came to attack me with its vines left open.

But, the speed of its attack isn’t that great.

It can’t reach me unless it laid a spiderweb-like trap. I avoid the vines without slowing down my speed toward the flower and then I cut the real body of the huge flower.

Though it didn’t raise a cry of agonizing death, it vines trembled and the huge flower then stayed still.

Well, though it could be categorized as a monster, it’s power isn’t that big deal.

「… What the, Ruu. Are you okay!?」

When I look at the direction where she had been thrown to and recalled in panic, she was hanging on the branch of a tree.

「Thank God, so you’re safe huh」

「No, I’m not quite safe」

Ruu started waving her arms, then we keep going ahead after I save her.

「Good grief, I’m also going senile huh」

Ruu stepped on the root of the tree while grieving like that.

Though the tinge of red on her nose has subsided, she’s now blushing to her ears.

She launched a suicide attack on the gargantuan drone beetle.

「From your way of talking, it’s as if the you in the olden days was so great, isn’t it」

「I was so powerful you kno~w. Geez, it’s true」

「…………… Uhm, how should I put it」

So I recalled.

Or rather, it struck in my mind.

「Say Ruu, wouldn’t you be okay if you somehow deal it with your God skill? There was something like that God eyes right. There might be many other amazing skills right」

That’s not combat oriented but, I was expecting for her to have several other amazing skills from the so-called God.

And yet, despite waiting for her to use it, she hasn’t done so.

When I pondered about it, Ruu sent a piercing glare at me.

Eh, did I just say something unpleasant.

「I can’t use it」

「Eh ……? Can’t use, you say? The other skill? 」

「I can’t, all of that also were included in God skill!」

「Seriously? And why」

Ruu pointed her finger to me who was asking with a surprised expression.

「It’s because of Eiji, right! I am capable of using God’s power only in that white room!I’ve nothing when I descend to the lower world!」


Are you kidding me?

Ruu added more to the astonished me.

「The treasure called 【Seat of God】 is left in that white room. That room is the source of my power. If I left that place, I won’t even be able to use powers like God eye, though I have placed my treasure in that room, I can’t bring that to the lower world. In short, I can’t use everything that was available to me when I was in the【Seat of God】 」

Uhm, wait a minute.

In short, from what she says, rather than a god, Ruu is.

「Could it be, do you mean that Ruu was only a girl who can use……… Treasure?」

Ruu quickly nodded in agreement to me who’s asking with “Don’t tell me~” style.

「Well, if I had to say, rather than God, maybe anyone who has the【Seat of God】 can be called as a God. That’s why I’m like this, just a girl who can manipulate the power of God」

Ruu carelessly said that.

I touch her as if to make sure of it.

There’s certainly nothing weird, and then, I could parasite to her like a normal human.

「You really are, a human」

I used half of my fingers to manipulate Parasite Info while feeling surprised.



【Berserker 25】【Lumberjack 24】【Miner 28】




What the hell is with this muscle class line up.

The Goddess image within me made a collapsing sound all at once right at that moment.

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