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Chapter 6 - C Rank

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Compared with its grim appearance, the inside is quite normal and heartwarming.

There is a big hall with many tables, and there were a fairly number of people who seems to be adventurers lining up in a spiral form.

There is a counter at the end, and two people who seems to be working as a receptionists.

「So, you only need to wait for the receptionist, work hard」

「Thank you, you really helped me」

「It’s nothing, this is the friendship between adventurers, take care. See you~!」

Veil left completely happy.

I go to the counter, and the person on the counter started talking about the job.

It sounded good, becoming an adventurer and go outside like this.

Ok, I’m full of motivation!

――But, my first objective is not to come here and make a request to the adventurers guild.

I just came to this place with only one goal, and it’s to parasitize someone.

Surely in this place there are skilled adventurers, and like it’s natural, people with strength can fight against strong monsters, so it would be much the experience I would get.

I’m going to parasitize a skilled adventurer, and level up with all my might; That’s is my objective for today.

When I woke in the morning, I learned a new skill 【Parasite x3】. Fufu, my level now will rise more rapidly.

Given the name of the skill, it’s safe to say that now it’s possible to parasitize upto three people. That my level goes up as I sleep, it’s surely, an ideal life, yes.

However, I will register in the guild for the time being. It wouldn’t be bad to accept requests when I become strong, the preparations are only for that moment.

I called a receptionist who seems to be free, and I told her that it was my first time, and that also I wanted to register.

The receptionist quickly pulled out a pen and a some documents over the counter.

「Please, you only need to fill in these documents」

The entries that I need to fill in are: name, battle experience, if I’m registered in other adventurers guilds and last my class.

「Is necessary to write my class?」

「It’s optional, but if you write it, it will be easier for us to recommend jobs to you. There are many types of request, like wanting a person who can use magic」

I see, that kind of pattern.

But, I don’t feel like writing parasite in the paper. And even Rux said that she never saw this type of rare class, so I don’t want to let other people know about the peculiarity of my skill.

Maybe what I’m doing is for nothing, and it’s not likely to be a super important class, so I’ll leave it blank.

I left that entry in blank and I filled all the other spaces needed. There was a simple column mentioning if you have a chronic disease, but really, they went straight to the main point in this application form. But well, it’s because this is such occupation that your medical history is important, yes.

「Thank you. Yes, you have filled in all the necessary information」

The receptionist checked the application form and this time she took out a hard white card.

「Then, please receive this card, and insert your magic in it」

「What is it for?」

「This card records whether or not you have achieved a request. This is an important card which will record your results. And to somebody who can read it, it will possible to show your results」

「Ooh, it’s a really convenient tool」

While I was thinking that exist tools like that, she explained to me that the way to use it and it was the same as the skills, so when I do that, the card changed its color from white to silver.

「Yes, okay. Your registration has ended with this. Please, always keep this card next to you, so to avoid losing it」

「This is an amazing tool, isn’t it?」

「This seems to be a replica made from a treasure discovered in the Paienne labyrinth. The true treasure was even more amazing that this. There is a rumor that it has recorded every kind of history, but it’s impossible for an ordinary person like me to know whether is true or not」

「If I remember correctly, the labyrinth called Paienne, it’s the one at the north of the city, right?」

「Yes. You can find many things there. Even an adventurer, for a request or by its own desires, and at the same time many people goes there aiming to get treasures. And even some go to train there. But, because is a dangerous place, if you are not accustomed, I would recommend you not going to that place」

「I’ll keep that in mind, thanks. But it’s alright, because I don’t like working too hard」

Ahaha… While the receptionist forces a smile, my registration has ended.

I’m thinking that I would like to enter one of those days in that dungeon, but I don’t like dangerous things, so for now I will take a rest in one of those empty tables.

Let’s go back to the main point, I already did what I came to do here, so now it’s the time to look for someone to parasitize.

All who are here seems to be really strong, so I’m lost in who to choose.

Who, I’m, going, to, choose? Let’s not do it like the god, Rux――says.

Now that we got to this point, let’s ask the opinion of other people.

I approach again the receptionist who seems to be free, and maybe because she was too bored, when she got a person to talk to, she came speaking to me in a cheerful way.

「Ah, you came immediately for a request, right? I understand you, it’s a waste to go back after having finished registering, yes」

「No, you are wrong」


I killed the mood of the receptionist with my frankness.

I’m sorry, but being the careful type I will not accept requests immediately.

「There is something I want to ask you. From all the people that are here in the adventurers guild, who is the strongest, it may be possible that you know?」

「The strongest, you said? I understand, if you are a rookie then you must have interest in knowing that. Of course, I know that~ After all, when the very same Red Fang or Blue Shadow come looking for requests, both come looking for me」


「However, they aren’t here for the moment. Of those who are here… Aaah, look, that table that seems to have a map or something scattered on the table. The people who are talking, the man with long hair, that person is an extremely powerful person within the C-rank. And also, ah, the one who just entered, the woman with long hair, she is also a C-rank. Even if she is young, Kiara can really do it」

I look where she said, towards the C-rank adventurers.

The man puts aside his large sword, and from what I see, the woman doesn’t have nothing resembling a weapon. Maybe she is a magician?

「I understand――」

If I can touch them, that means that I will be able to gain power efficiently.


I turn around towards the receptionist.

「What is a C-rank?」

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