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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 54 - Towards the Completion of the Magic Tool

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Chapter 54 - Towards the Completion of the Magic Tool

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Grael didn’t seem to be pleased with the words of 『Ordinary customer』. He said the following words with twitching lips and a crooked expression.

「Oi Phillipe, You don’t seem to understand your position huh.」

When Grael raised his hand, the two silver knight attandants walked and stood in front of him, unsheated their weapons and blocked Phillip on both sides.

A threat. Geez, they know no bounds huh.

「Turning to violence when you lost a justified reason huh? As expected, how very like the great government secret agency.」

Oyoy, stop with your provocation in this kind of situation, Phillipe.

Geez, I wonder why a peace-loving person is so rare in this world?

Ha~………It can’t be helped then, I’ll become the mediator for these two.

「Hey, hey, calm down a little, Phillipe. Grael-san too, since Phillipe is a stubborn person, words don’t have too much effect on him. So, please speak a little softer and polite.」

「Are you giving your opinion to me, you lowly adventurer?」

「Back off, Eiji. You better not meddle in this.」

And then, I was rebuked by both. Yeah, somehow they gave that kind of feeling.

「No, this kind of talk doesn’t belong to providing opinion or meddling when you’ve a dispute in this kind of place where there are dangerous material and tools. How about calming yourself first or having a compromise ――」

「It’s decided, I had said that I’ll teach you a lesson someday, right adventurer? Though I had decided to overlook your existence today since I had another business, I’ll give you a bitter lesson now. Oy, both of you, teach him a painful lesson!」


Don’t be so short tempered!?

Aren’t you saying that you will not be my opponent today! Then stick with your words till the end!

Without minding even the scream inside my head, the two heartless silver knights are coming towards me with their specialized weapons. It seems their target has completely changed to myself.

……… Well, whatever.

It’ll be troublesome if they continue to pester me, I should show them once.

I invoke the 【Guard Enchant】Skill.

And then, I moved quickly towards the shop side (the store where the tools are sold) from the workshop. Though this place is also troublesome, it has relatively more space when compared to the workshop.

The two silver knights rushed toward me while making “gashagasha” sound. As soon as I stopped, one of them came bashing at me with the handle of his spear.

I directly received the strike on my flank.

……… Though I felt a little impact, I got almost no damage. With my original status, my defense, which was strengthened due to the skill, surpassed the attack power of the silver knight.

「You really came to hit me huh」

I thought that it was just a threat, but if they were really serious on attacking me, then I won’t be so kind either.

Though I have no intention to go all out, I have no obligation to hold back either.

The silver knight kept following me and came for another attack with his spear’s handle. But, I won’t obediently let myself to get thrashed. Since I had already confirmed the speed of the spear’s handle, I seized it with one hand right before it hit me.

The silver knight tried to regain his spear from my hand with a surprised expression, but the spear isn’t moving in the slightest. I put a bit of my power into my arm quickly. The body of the silver knight lifted into the air easily.

Though the knight is struggling to regain his spear with both of his hands, it won’t come off from my hand. I knew the difference of our power with his first attack, in this case, his struggle is futile.

And then, when I raised him high enough in the air, I lightly swing him down back to the ground.

His armor made a gaudy sound, and a soft groan could be heard from inside his helmet.


The other silver knight who was waiting on the side came to attack me quickly with magic. The bullet of magic was hurled towards me, moreover, it’s too slow. I faced the hurling magical power.

When the two energies clashed in the air, the one fired by the silver knight dissipated, my magic penetrated his magic and grazed his armor.

The silver knight stopped moving due to the surprise―― In that instant, I moved closer to that silver knight, charged toward his chest and poked my finger on the gap of his helmet.

He leaked a scared 「Ah……Uh……」 voice from inside his helmet, and sat down on that place as if his knees had grown weak.

「Well then,」

I turned to the direction where Grael was standing.

「I wonder what kind of lesson you are trying to teach me…」

「Wha…… What the hell are you……」

After turning around, when I advanced one step, Grael started stepping back.

「Your guards already attacked me but Grael-san is still in good shape, aren’t you? I’ll keep you company as much as you want」

When I advanced one step again, Grael retreated by another step.

A frightened expression floated on his face.


「Didn’t you say that you’re going to teach me some lesson? Or else, is it just all talk and you actually can’t do anything by yourself?」

「Y-You, How dare a person of lowly birth like you underestimate me―― Ah, no, that’s not it, STOP! Please stop! 」

When I stopped my feet, he outstretched his hand in front of his face, and started pleading.

I took one deep breath and stopped my feet.

「If you can’t do it by yourself, you shouldn’t do it from the beginning. Please leave this place today. It’s not like I said that I didn’t hear your business, please come back another time.」

Grael showed an expression that was somewhere between relief and disgrace. While chewing on his lips, he headed towards the direction of the entrance while kicking the silver knight.

Good grief, finally returned huh. With this, I should have given him a good reason to give up on trying to teach me some lesson though.

It was at the moment when I felt relieved for the time being.

The door opened for the second time.

The one entering was the collector noble, Kohl Eunus.

「Oh, Grael-kun. What a coincidence. Moreover there’s Eiji-kun too……… Hn? What did just happen? 」

「You come at the right place, Kohl-dono! That adventurer is using violence and is impolite too. That guy is dangerous, please arrest him! 」


This jerk, what the hell is he blabbering at this late hour.

Kohl looked at my direction. I denied it by quickly waving my hands.

「Well, it’s because they’re the one who attacked first, I just disabled them for self-protection. The one who is using violence and being impolite is Grael-san’s side.」

「Ah, That’s right. Kohl-san, you should know it better right? 」

Phillipe also following for me. Grael’s side is denying us.

「Kohl-dono, the words of this kind of low birth isn’t worth to be heard. Please, give your verdict to them! 」

Kohl is looking at both sides. Then he placed his hand on his well-ordered beard and showed a pensive look on his face. Moreover, though he was standing still for a while due to Grael who was insisting that his words were justified, he opened his mouth as if to interrupt Grael.

「I see, both sides are providing contradictory statements. If we want to punish the bad person and to determine which side is saying the truth, it seems we have no choice but to examine it thoroughly.」

「Something like that isn’t necessary, me and them, you should know better which side is right one isn’t it, Kohl-dono. Do you think I’ll be lying to you! 」

「I don’t know the whole story, Grael-kun. At any rate, since I was not in this place, I don’t even know which side is saying the truth. In that case, we need a thorough investigation to understand the case, find the evidence which can’t be got rid of, the point is, for the bad to be formally condemned in the middle of crowd, we must know the core events surrounding the disturbance.」

After Kohl slowly spoke those dignified words, he peered into Grael’s eyes. Maybe because Grael noticed that he’s at disadvantages situation, he shakes his head while looking downward.

「……No, I can’t let myself to bring that much trouble to Kohl-dono. Therefore, I’m fine if you just deal with the involved party. Excuse me! 」

Grael disappeared from sight while chewing his lips in vexation. His retainer knights also left the store with tottering steps.

After Kohl saw them off, he walked towards the interior of the store while shrugging his shoulder. And then, after sitting on the chair on the side of working table, he started to speak.

「That was a disaster isn’t it, Eiji-kun. For you to get involved with him. The one at fault might be him after all」

「Yeah, I’m glad that you gave us your trust. Is he also Kohl-san’s acquaintance? 」

「Of course, because they usually visit to do things like investigate the treasure in the custody of the temple or perform investigation of the Paienne labyrinth. It seems today is also the same kind of job. I already knew about his personality. That’s why I was able to guess, to some extent, that the matter was caused by him. He’s an annoying person.」

While smiling wryly, Kohl looked at Phillipe.

「How about you, Phillipe-kun. Though it’s a meeting after a long time for you too, how’s your impression?」

「Same as ever, I had confirmed again. Thank God for stopping him」

When Phillipe was spitting his annoyance, Kohl laughed while holding his side. Phillipe continued his work while letting out a sigh.

「Yeah, that’s it. You’re right. Working in that kind of place definitely isn’t suited for Phillipe-kun. Even I think that, the way of that place is going to “you can do as you please” 」

「Uhm, are you an acquaintance? Moreover, Phillipe and Grael-san too…」

When I asked that question, Phillipe shifted his gaze at Kohl. Kohl nodding and starting to speak.

According to that, Phillipe was formerly a country affiliated magic tool maker and belonged to the government secret agency. Analysis of the treasure or production of its replica, things like creation of magic tools never seen before, being engaged in the cutting-edge magic tools skill were part of his tasks.

Moreover, they discovered his talent at the age of 15, which meant that the envy and expectation placed upon him was great.

But, eventually due to his superior skills, and the fact that he can’t even make a magic tool as he liked, Grael couldn’t tolerate it anymore. He wanted his own workshop to work the way he wanted. So it seems that he resigned from the government secret agency and became an independent in this place.

「At that time, it was said that it was a completely wasteful story, right Phillipe-kun?」

「As for me, I think it’s not a waste that he came to this place. Well, my head and arms will only be rotting in that place」

Kohl was smiling as his body jolted again. What a nice uncle-like smile.

But, I wonder what was his situation.

Certainly, as far as I saw his previous exchange with Grael, Phillipe was not the type of person that will get along with the place where influential people are free to do as they like.

Or might be because it’ll be considerably hard to do his business. But, well, that part is being covered by the quality.

「Finally, Kohl-san, who was originally a rare item collector and who frequented the government secret agency, heard my story of resignation and he invited me to come to this place. He also came back to this city to govern it. This place has a labyrinth nearby, there are rare item collectors and adventurers too. Since that’s the case, it was not a bad environment to work as a magic tool maker. Thus, I set up a workshop in this place.」

While Phillipe was telling his story, his work inched closer to the final stage, and he kept moving his hands to make the magic tool――.

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