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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 22 - Parasite Vision

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Chapter 22 - Parasite Vision

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After defeating the monsters in one strike, Ally and I continued exploring the second layer.

Excited by the extremely rare view, we continue advancing while looking up the stone pillars, but suddenly the atmosphere changed.

It was as if the viscosity of the air changed, that type of sensation attacked me.

Perplexed by that mysterious feeling, thinking that if Ally had realized, I turn my head and I asked her.

Then, Ally does the same and gives a small nod.

「So, Ally also had felt it」

「Yes. Perhaps, it’s because of that」

The direction in which Ally pointed, there was a large hole open in the ground.

「There is a monster by far stronger ahead in that place than others places. A place filled with magic element, a frightening and dangerous」

「You make it sound too scary. Can you teach me as reference to what extent is dangerous」

When I try to approach, the heavy feeling strengthens. Thinking what could be the true colors of this hole, I peep inside, then Ally speak in low voice.

「Are you aware of the story that the best skilled adventurer is a C-rank adventurer?」

「Yes, I think I’ve heard」

「Before the B-rank adventurers were the top. But now the C-rank is the top. If it’s Eiji-sama, you should have already understood what I’m saying」

「It can be that here, a B-rank adventurer was defeated…」

「That’s right」

Wait, wait a second.

If you say that a B-rank died, then that isn’t normally bad?

I’m sure that there is a story where I have defeated a Cocytus Wolf in the middle of my C-rank subjugation request In one side, this is a world where B-rank adventurers dies often, and that means that the average of adventurers are at least A-rank, that isn’t two ranks above me?

I’m aware that I have power that surpasses a C-rank adventurer, but even so I don’t have any proof that I would be able to reach A-rank. On the contrary, even if they say that a B-rank was defeated, nobody said that an A-rank adventurer would be able to defeat the monsters of this place, because there is the possibility that something even more dangerous would appear.

「Ally, I was thinking that this place is indeed really dangerous」

「I agree. Of course, we aren’t going there」

That was unexpected.

Because you said that you were aiming to the depths that I thought that you wanted to explore it.

But when I hear in details, it seems that here is a dead end, a place where leads to nowhere. So if you are caught in a trap inside of the dungeon, you would end transported inside of this dangerous corridor.

Even though there exists a frightening trap, now I understood to some degree about the different dangerous places, so even if there is some unknown trap I have the detection skill with me.

I have even Ally who is able to hear the voice of the spirits, and if it’s me now, I can perceive the spirits, and don’t forget that I also have the thief class.

Because what I’m feeling right now it’s an unpleasant sensation making the air heavy, is that I know that there is a trap here, so as long as I’m not distracted I can continue with my exploration without any problem.

「It was a little unexpected. I thought that if it was Ally, you would say something like wanting to test your strength, so I was nervous」

「Thought I have curiosity to the unknown, I’m not so reckless. Thought I turned back after reaching the third layer, it seem that in this place are wandering monsters even stronger than in the third layer. If the last time that was my limit, then I wouldn’t go towards a even more dangerous place. I’m the type that climbs the stairs one step at time」

「That type of personality it fits you better. …From what I can see, it seems that there isn’t anything」

I tried to peep the inside from the entrance of the hole.

Of course, I don’t want to cross over a dangerous bridge, but if you tell me that is a dangerous bridge to the point you can die, then you would want to see it even if it is just a glance.

Even if I peep inside, I didn’t felt any presence or saw the figure of a monster.

In that is the case, it would be okay to enter if it’s only a little~.

「If it’s only a little I think it would be okay to enter. In short, it would be okay as long as we do not meet a monster」

Ally seemed to get excited, so driven by our curiosity we enter into the hole. While observing our surroundings to the maximum, always taking into account the entrance, we are ready to run the moment of seeing something.

What made us want to come to this place was because this is a peculiar place.

It was obviously constructed in a different way to the surroundings, a hollow corridor as if it were the inside of a hollow tree. The floor, walls and ceiling that were constructed with an arch shape, was dyed with a red blood color as if it were flesh blood.

The air is also heavy, and from the depths of the corridor an indescribable and ominous feeling was being drifted in the air.

This has more thrill than a haunted houseーーWhat, is that!

What I saw inside of the corridor that it curves gradually, was a lion with a human face attached is a scorpion tail.

That appearance, I remember seeing it beforeーーThat’s right, it has the same appearance that the monsters called manticore.

With a grin on its face, the manticore showed us the inside of its red mouth that was like blood and then it started to laugh. Making a expression as if we were feeling the danger instinctively. we looked at each other.

「Eiji-sama, let’s go back!」


At the same time that we started to run so it did the manticore.

Scary! Super scary! That approaching smile is extremely weird!

Even though we were running with all our strength, as can be seen, the manticore is fast.

But, it’s fortunate that the manticore isn’t chasing us in this straight and deep corridor, we are savーー!?

「Ally, jump to the side!」

While shouting, as if I were carrying Ally’s body, I pushed her while I jumped to the side.

The next moment, the manticore invoked its magic, a lump of three magics fly past.

One pulverized the ground, one smashed the ceiling, and one collided against the walls, breaking the red stones and making it rain incessantly.

After the ground had been pulverized, as if a meteorite had fallen, it left a considerable deep and hollow hole.

We continued dashing with all our strength, and before the manticore reached us, we were able to leave the scarlet corridor.

Side by side we placed our hands on our own knees, we breathed deeply and then we adjust our breath.

「Fuu. Thank you, Eiji-sama. We were a step away from death」

「Yes, that wasn’t only a little, it was dangerous. It’s magic power was no joke」

「Moreover… A triple casting, a triple casting! A high-ranking mage can learn a double casting, but that never seen monster is able to surpass easily the majority of the human’s experts. As expected, the dungeon is wide!」

That was what you call firing three types of different magics at the same time? It’s a envious skill!

As expected, I’m attracted for such consecutive magic skill. It seems that even Ally’s tension has gone up, she seems to be an extremely cautious person.

But even if I’m attracted to such an skill, it’s not like I want to see it once more. We were able to escape because there was a curve, so I don’t want to imagine meeting it once more and be shot consecutively.

Let sleeping dogs lie. We move away from that place and then we went to explore other places in the second layer.

「That reminds me, there was something that catched my attention, those monsters that are in that scarlet corridor are not able to escape? Because it’s not like they are locked」

While passing through the gaps of the stone pillars, I asked Ally.

「The monsters that have considerable strength like places with a strong magic element, and that being the case, the magic element is the source of the power and life of the monsters, and at the same time, the source of the mysterious nature of this dungeon. Therefore, being their home a place filled with a magic element, powerful monsters rarely come out」

「I understand, that’s what decides the monster’s living region. If so, then it’s unlikely for a powerful monster to suddenly come out and cause living hell on earth」

It seems that even the source of the strange power of skills and magic tools is the magic element.

Not only magic, skill that uses stamina also consumes magic element as an source. It’s a considerably useful element, but that means that inside of that scarlet corridor lies a strong magic element.

「Oops, this time its normal monsters of the second layer」

While talking we continued advancing and defeating the monsters in our way.

After that, we continued advancing in the second layer, and what awaited us was a nest of big spiders and slugs, there was even a crawling monster of mud. We happened to met a strengthened version of the imp, a great imp and some others monsters.

Those monsters were easily defeated as Ally declared that she would do it.

Even though she used a different spirit than gnome, like sylph, what was cool was the skill that was like a shock wave that she used to smash to atoms the hard monster made of mud.

Even I tried to fight against the monsters in the second layer to test how formidable they were, but I was able to win easily especially against the big spiders.

It seems that I have yet strength to spare.

So even though I was aware that we were in an amazing place, we didn’t have any close fights so we continued advancing in the second layer.

【Parasite 24→25】

【Skill Parasite・Vision has been obtained】


After defeating the big spider I realized that I leveled up many times since I came to this dungeon.

And the skill that I have obtained isーーParasite・Vision?

Because I don’t want to let her know anything relationed with my parasite class is that I didn’t use the appraisal lens in front of her, so after trying to guess the effect based on its name, I tried using it.

Then, the figure of those who I had parasitized came to my mind, like when I want to confirm who are parasitized, and from those I chose the closest to me, Ally, who was in my right.


Simultaneously, a different scenario, different from what I’m seeing now, came inside of my mind.

A view filled with stone pillars one next to the other. The position from where I’m seeing the scenery is a bit to the right a difference from the one I’m seeing with my view, it’s like a tv or a movie is projected inside of my eyes.

After all is as I guessed?

I am able to see what the other people parasitized is seeing with the skill that I have obtained.

If I use this, even if is a distant place, I would be able to see it.

I continued seeing the one that I selected, it’s a really interesting skill.

While we continue advancing through the cave, I tried using in a casual manner the Parasite・Vision skill.

I began to see in turns the remaining three people which I had parasitized aiming for their classes.

The young hunter, it’s in this precise moment staring fixedly at a deer in the forest.

The shaman man, it’s in a room somewhere turning the pages of a thick book.

For the end, Veil who has the mercenary class.

In her field of vision, a hollow corridor like the inside of a hollow tree is being projected. The floors, even the walls and the ceiling had a arch shape, and was dyed with a red blood color as if it were flesh blood.

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