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Chapter 130: A Giant

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Most of the conversation cannot be identified on who the speaker is. I merely based it on the linguistic structure.

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It was a huge space at first glance. There are many thick pillars erected in the empty space, and we progress forward as though we’re sewing between them. There is a spiraling staircase after we walked forward for a while, so we decide to ascend it.

“This is…it feels as if something is moving.” (Ally)

On our way up, Ally’s eyes are wide open as there’s a giant gear at her line of sight. There is a number of huge brown gears meshed with one another while they’re noisily rotating. It appears that something that resembles a piston mechanism rod extends from the giant gear. Something like a windmill is spinning around when looking a bit further in.

Perhaps this is the location where a certain power source is transmitted from within the tower. It is stated that the huge door at the entrance was opened without prior permission, and it looks like there is a mechanism inside the tower that moves various parts. Felipe closely observes as he moves his face closer to the intricate meshed gear. He’s so close that I’m worried about possible incident results from it.

But surely he is intrigued by it. I also paid closer attention to the moving gears. Being able to make something like this, the possibility that giants have a higher intelligence level in technology than the humans in this world. That’s the only assumption.

“After seeing all this, it’s a special place.” (Felipe)

“I agree. I’ve never seen such a huge piece of equipment, and I’ve witnessed such a complex piece machinery. It does feel like a special place, unlike any other known dungeon.” (Ally)

Ally reinforces her statement who has seen many other dungeons.

What is at the end of such a tower?

While fortifying our minds, we continued through the floor ladened with gears. As we climb upward along the extended spiral staircase, it suddenly ended. A town appears in front of our sight after that long ascension of the stairs.

“What is all this?” (Eiji)

I involuntarily utter a statement. It couldn’t be help from coming out. Because there’s the tower is a town you know, rather there’s a town within the tower.

“It’s an unusual sight — aah, this is rare sight.” (Felipe)

The shocked Felipe stuttered with a poor choice of vocabulary.

“The joke has really become a reality. I heard about caves being used as building at times, but this is the first time there are buildings within a tower.” (Ally)

“The towers are commonly small…they’re big in a sense, but they’re smaller than this one.” (Felipe)

But surely, if it is this big, it is not strange to place a building within it. The idea is strange overall. Whether it can be done or not, the possibility is there.

“Anyway … let’s check it out.” (Eiji)

We started strolling around the town inside the tower. The town has houses, roads, and town squares, just like a typical town. There is a different of this town compared to a normal town, as this town’s buildings and roads are massive. The structures are twice as large as the buildings in Neman for example. The width of the roads are about double. A similar townscape spreads all over this floor within the tower.

“Ooh, this is fantastical!” (Felipe)

Felipe suddenly started to dart around noisily. As he approaches the walls of the rowed buildings, he brings his face closer as he touches one of the walls. The three of us stared at each other’s faces after being suddenly left behind, and realized that the usual thing before us just got started.

“Felipe, you managed to discover some good things so far.” (Eiji)

I also investigate around the buildings where Felipe is closely observing. They are made of a mysterious material similar to metallic soil, and it occasionally shines similar to golden stars. Felipe gazed back at us in excitement, and wondering if this was a rare find.

“This is a rare mineral gemstone. It is one of the most precious and hardest stones in the world.” (Felipe)

“Eeh…is all the buildings around here were made with such amazing minerals?” (Eiji)

“That’s correct. All the buildings around here were made from the material. That’s the golden glow that can be seen in this brown mud. Hahahahaha…Can you believe this? It’s all over the place. That’s what here, and here, and here!” (Felipe)

Felipe’s laughter intensified. His overjoy is truly enviable. Ally also approached the building, and picked up a piece of the outer wall that had fallen to the ground. As she strokes it with her finger to investigate, and observes something like glittering particles that reflects light. Then Ally’s eyes glisten.

“This is astonishing, Eiji-sama. It’s a town made of rare metal. It’s an unexplored region. It definitely exists. It was astounding merely from the outside’s perspective, but it’s more so inside.” (Ally)

“Un, I was truly surprised.” (Eiji)

It glittering golden in places, but imagine its value if I am to extract it all and bring it home. This strikes to be a treasure trove of rare materials that ridiculously far exceeds any calculation. If Marco Polo from that different world was to see this, he would be fuming.

If you search at other locations, you can see that there are trees lined up along the streets and fields, wide-open fields — although trees and weeds are merely growing in a disorderly manner unlike a normal field — it really is a town.

I think I can live here as it is…There is no one around.

“Un. Not one person. I think giants used to live here, but they are not anymore?” (Eiji)

This is quite a different place than from a normal town. It was a place where no one lives in. Even though there are buildings and roads, there are no residents at all.

“Even so, weren’t there giants living here not so long ago?” (Felipe)

“It looks like that way as far as I can tell. I don’t know why they disappeared — let’s continue to climb the stairs.” (Eiji)

There was a staircase located at the rear of the town. It’s definitely a strange sight to behold, but I’m reminded that we are still inside the tower. We decided to ascend to see what was above the town.

“This is also another town.” (Eiji)

Our destination after ascending the stairs is also a town. The townscape is similar to the one we saw before, but now there are many shops. There are many boxes with holes and broken jars under the eaves of the open buildings.

“I see. A normal city spreads out sideways, but since it’s a city within the tower, it’s piled vertically.” (Felipe)

“It’s an interesting structure. So then, this means that the city is expanding further up.” (Ally)

“I sense something similar to that. I want to see how far up it extends.” (Felipe)

“Eeh. To think how many layers the city appears to sandwich up.” (Lou)

We pass through the second-floor town and climb the next stairs. There is another town at the end of the climb. It looks like a residential area this level, and when we go through it, there yet another set of stairs, so onward we go in ascending it, just to arrive at a townscape with many workshops. There is a stone pavement surrounding what seems to be a fountain in the center of the town.

“Eeh, this is like a park.” (Lou)

“The fountain has a flowerbed. It’s soothing. After all, there is still water, as the function of this tower is still active. Yet no one is here.“

“Un. The gears that were moving support the continuation of the city automatically…But it’s strange that no one can be spotted. I wonder what happened to the people that originally lived here. There must be a way to meet the giant, since I was looking forward to it secretly.” (Eiji)

“I’m as well. I’m sure they had better technology than us. Yet it’s strange for their disappearance, and there isn’t one single person around.” (Ally)

While Ally is pondering on the situation of their disappearance, I investigate around. It is at that moment.

“Something is unusual.” (???)

An aged voice resounded. I quickly face the unfamiliar voice, then step back as Ally places her hand on her mouth.

“Wa-ah!?” (Eiji)

“Hi-aah!?” (Ally)

There was a reason why the two of us made pitiful sounds, as it was because there was something quite big. Yes, it was big. About twice big as us. It can’t be.

“A giant —” (Everyone)

We’re all looking dazed while uttering the statement.

“Small things, indeed. In such a place like this, I don’t think there is anyone fancy enough to visit.“

The one person with dry, earthy skin, neither young nor old, twice our size, calmly spoke.

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