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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 1 - I Was Transferred

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Chapter 1 - I Was Transferred

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In a certain day of a weekday, I was in my room sitting in front of the computer.

I’m not a student having a long vacation, and neither a worker who is resting in weekdays due to being absent at work. I’m not in a night shift or in paid holidays, and I’m not even a house-husband.

I have more than 20 years and I don’t have any occupation. After several years since I graduated, it didn’t cross his mind even once about wanting to work in some place or study something.

In short, I, Choukai Eiji, I’m a neet.


Even if I browse through every website, this has already tired me. I throw my body on my bed.

When I think again about it, I realize that I was a neet for a long time.

What started this was the inability to obtain employment.

Even if I apply to any company, how many times I’ve failed in every interview after interview.

And not only in some company entrance test, but in thing called stress interview, in that my spirit was shattered. My heart of glass was getting more and more damage, and at last it was smashed up.

I abandoned the job hunting.

It’s not like if I can’t do it this year then I wouldn’t be able to do it throughout all my life. It’s good if I do it when the circumstances improve, that’s what I told to my family.

Luckily or unlucky, the economic situation of my family allows them to feed me if it was only my food expenses. I was able to live as parasite of my own family.

And like it was expected, I was standing here as I wasn’t able to find work even after many years, This lazy way of living is comfortable, I don’t feel like getting out after being totally immersed in it.

I don’t work, I don’t move my feets to look for a job, and I don’t receive education as well. That’s why, right now I’m filling all the requirements to be completely a neet.

「From now on, what I am going to do?」

Lying on the bed, I muttered like it was somebody else’s problem.

I felt an unexpectedly and intense sudden gust as if was an attack, and then, I was in a white space.


I was certain that I was lying on the bed of my room?

Here, where is this?

「Ah, you have awoken」

When I notice, even though I don’t know what happened, I find myself in a white space.

I was looking around restlessly in this white space where there is nothing.

And like I didn’t notice her, a woman was standing there.

The one who talked surely was this person. Because there is no one else.

When I stand up, I look again at this woman.

Pink hair? Are you using a wig or have you dyed it?

No, I don’t feel that from her. She has a pretty color with a natural feeling.

As for her hairstyle, her hair is hanging and tied at the sides of her face. When she moves her eyes from the hair on her face, I feel a extremely strong-willed features on her face.

And then, her clothes… Eh, what, what about those clothes.

I don’t know if it would be okay to say it, her white clothes were wrapped around her, like the people from the ancient Greece were dressed, and I’m certain these people dressed up with something like a toga, but if I’m careless I will be pushed out to say everything, and because it’s transparent, it’s indeed wonderful.

It’s splendid… However, towards a neet who had no contact with the opposite sex, this is really stimulating.

「Excuse me~, are you there. Are you awake?」

「Ha! Ah, yes. I’m awake and I didn’t see anything」

「Yes? I didn’t ask you if you’re seeing something or not. Rather, I’m talking so please pay attention」

「Ah, yes」

Again, I turn my face towards the direction of the voice. After having replied I calmed down a little, and even more after breathing deeply.

「That’s right, this is not the time to think things like if I see it o not. Where I am? You know something? I’m certain that I was in my house, so what is happening? 」

「Ah, well, to put it in simple words, you were blow off from your world」

「Eh? Blown off-」

「By the way, I am a goddess, the goddess Rux. Horumu- From your point of view, it’s a different world. I’m the goddess from such world, Horumu. Nice to meet you, human of Jaza」

「A, a different world?」

After the self introduction of the self-proclaimed goddess, she explained the situation to me.

According to her, it seems that there is a different world to the world in which I lived.

And to keep the world in a normal condition, the two worlds need to circulate from time to time something called 『Spirit』. Otherwise, it will rot like a river where the flow was stopped, it will become something not good.

In that case, the boundary of both worlds will have a temporary hole, and sometimes, the ones who were involved, the people or things will be swallowed up by that hole. And if that happens, they would go to the other world.


「Wait a second, so you are saying that I will be swallowed up as replacement for that ‘spirit’」

「That’s the correct answer! I didn’t believe, but there are people like you, ehehe」

「Don’t say ‘Ehehe’! Please, return me to my place right now」

I don’t want to go to that kind of world where I don’t understand anything at all, my bed and my computer are a necessity for me.

But, the goddess Rux putting both hands together with a ‘Pa’, bowed.

「I’m sorry but that is impossible!」


「Originally, a border is something that it shouldn’t be open at all between both worlds, and I’ll be in trouble if the world is mixed even more. But if I leave it in this way, it will rot, so I don’t have any other choice but to open it a bit, and it’s better if I don’t open it too often」

「However, I think that is also necessary for me to return」

「Because the whole world is at stake, even to open it for a sole person it’s impossible, think about it. Moreover, because the world has a hole is that I have to use more energy, and even if I want to open it I can’t for the moment」

The goddess shocks her head without missing a second.

I want to say because of who is that I have to be dragged into this, but it’s true that when you compare the two worlds, a person is light as a feather. Moreover, I’m a neet, I’m a existence even more light than dust, hahaha…

I feel like I fell into a masochistic mood, and it has been darkening gradually.

Even if I, who is like a parasite neet disappears, it’s difficult to think that the world is going to be troubled.

And then, the goddess looked down at my face.

「E,excuse me, you don’t have to be so depressed. Sorry, um, It would have been better if I had thought a better way to tell you this, yes.」


It’s unexpected but it can be that this goddess it’s a good person?

「Even I’m not a demon, I thought about it completely」

「You thought about it, what did you thought?」

When I raise my head, the goddess with an expression of being totally relieved, nodded.

And then, she folded her arms and once more she had a confident face.

「I can’t return you to your world, but instead I can make so you don’t have any inconvenient in living there. This is the moment, listen and be amazed!」

According to the goddess.

The other world Horumu has things like magic and skills.

The people in Horumu devotes oneself to study so to wake oneself potential, to awaken a class. And by polishing this class, you can obtain skills. And using those skills helps you in the various settings of your daily life.

Normally each person only has one class, and also there is no lack of people who didn’t awake their class. The ones who have two classes are even more rare, if you have three then you are a worldwide genius. With her power, the goddess, is going to let me adquiere three classes that I like.

「I could become an olympic athlete, scholar, and pianist, that’s amazing」

「Fufufu, it’s easy, easy, to pull out the latent potential of a person with my power. That’s why if you have that latent power, even if you are in a unknow world you would be able to live without problems. How magnificent could be that!」

Saying that she puts air of importance, then Rux presses her index finger against my nose. She is the type that has annoying reactions, this goddess.

「There is also a compound skill」

「Compound… I understand,depending on how two classes are well matched, I can learn new skills. For example, with the swordsman and a mage, a magic sword」

「O, Oh. You are sharp. It’s like what you say, it’s an area which not an ordinary person can reach with their classes. When you reach that place at last, you will have acquired a supera super strong compound skill. Nevertheless, where did you learn that」

「I have read a manual」

Of course, that is a joke, but if we are talking about skills and classes, then this is my strong point. It’s not for nothing that I was an indoor neet for many years!

The goddess looked slowly at my surroundings feeling admiration for me, while observing me. Being observed while she changes her angles, it’s a feast for my eyes, a feast.

But at that moment, I start thinking seriously.

I don’t have any other choice but to go to a different world. If that’s the case, I have to go at least with the best possible conditions. Let’s work hard in choosing them.

I’d be lying if I said that I don’t have any attachment towards my former world, but maybe I was wishing for such opportunity from the bottom of my heart. An opportunity to take a new step towards my stagnating days. Whatever it might be.

That’s why-.

「Rux, give my class fast, I will make the best combination possible!」

「Ooh ooh, you’re so greedy, this person. I like you to be the selfish type, Its helps me greatly and it’s easy to understand. Then I will begun to search the possibilities ofEiji.This will hurt, like a electric shock, but if you are a man, then you will endure it」

When saying so, she holds up her hand in my chest, and from her palm light overflows covering my body with it. Ooh, it’s really like the power of a god.

It doesn’t matter how I see it, I’m older than her, but well, she is a god, and even a man like me can see that her true age is closely to that of a grandmother.

「You said something?」

「Eh? No, no, I didn’t say anything」

「I felt like I heard something, but, well, it doesn’t matter. …Good, I found it!」

The light disappears with the goddess’s words, and similar to the windows of the games, an image appeared in the air. I understood, here are the possibilities of my class, the magic and even the skills. I will be glad if I can get used to them easily.

First, at the top of the window, what was displayed is 【Parasite】such words.

It doesn’t have a good sound but, even if I have that possibility it’s not like I have to choose it, so there is not problem.

There is even a considerably big blank space in the window, from now on they will keep coming, and it will be good if I chose something more stylish and helpful.





「It’s time, choose」

Next to the window which has the flashy blank space, was the expressionless face of the goddess.

「Umm, even if you tell me to choose, there is only one option and nothing more. There is nothing aside of parasite. If I remember correctly, you said to choose from all the possibilities that I liked-」

「From among all」

The goddess awkwardly declared.

「From among all. This is. Your potential」

「………………… It’s a joke, right?」

The goddess shakes her head.

And together her hair also shakes.

In this white

In this white world, the pink hair looks very pretty… Wait.

「At first you said I could pick three!? So that means that usually there are more than three!?」

Surely the usual is to have 5, or even 6, if not it would not be possible to choose.

And despite that, I only have one possibility, there has to be something wrong.

「Yes, from the people who were dragged up, they have roughly 30 talents more or less」

More than I thought.

So if the normal is to have 30 and I only have 1, then my talent is not awful?

This is really bad, super bad, in the opposite is also bad. That my vocabulary is so poor is also bad.

「To be honest, I was also surprised. That exists a man with so little potential…」

In similar way, the goddess was also greatly perplexed.

And to think that I thought that I was a little decent man. Ahahahaha-.

「That’s right! With your powers is not possible to give at least two more abilities?」

「That’s impossible」

An immediate response.

「There are some things that even a god can’t do. If you had a little bit more of talent, then I would have been able to draw some more talents. But you don’t have any talent. Not even a little, nothing. No matter how many times you pull out zero it will be always zero」

I lost my words.

I was certain that I can no longer be helped.

If even a god cannot do something about my talent, then what can I do about it?

She grips her fist firmly and said strongly.

「It doesn’t matter how much you bet on, zero will always be zero」

「It’s already good, don’t say it anymore!」

Sigh. It doesn’t matter how hard I struggle, I don’t have more than one possibility.

Moreover, a parasite = parasitism, It’s really what I am.

Despite being the truth I don’t get angry.

「Well, it’s like that, let’s bravely give up. And look, you are man」

「If you think because I’m a man I will endure everything, then you’re making a big mistake」

But, well, if you think about it, it’s better to have a talent than nothing.

She said, that if you have at least one class you will not pass a bad time. At least I could get one class, and even if I’m average, I will be able to survive in a way or another. That’s right, what I have to do is to think about the future.

「But well, that’s right. I don’t have any other choice but to do it. Good, Rux. Please pull out the class called parasite」

「Well said! This is the first time I see this class so I don’t know what will happen, but, here we go…!」

I felt as if Rux said that without hesitation, But without being able stop her, again she placed her hand on my chest. Then the soft light wrapped me.

I felt like something was arising from inside of my body, the light was becoming more and more strong, and the white space was becoming more and more dark and then, the white was dyed completely.

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