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«I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel) - Chapter 1717: A Perfect Alibi

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Chapter 1717: A Perfect Alibi

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In less than an hour, the five of them drove to Zhang Hao’s Sheng Ke Limited.

All five of them were mobilized to capture one person. Zhang Hao could be considered to be quite an important target.

When they reached the building, Li Xianghui lit a cigarette and glanced at the entrance of the building.

“Little Yi, Little Gu, the two of you go up. Try not to alarm the others and don’t make a big fuss.”

“Got it,” the two of them replied in unison.

After receiving the mission, the two of them opened the door and got out of the car. They took the elevator to the 16th floor.

As soon as they got out of the elevator, they could see two huge glass doors.

The wall behind the door read Shengke Limited, and a woman sat at the front desk.

Seeing the elevator door open, the woman only glanced at it indifferently before continuing to play with her phone, as if she was watching a drama.

Lin Yi and Gu Yiran pushed the door open without hesitation.

The female receptionist put down her phone and stood up to look at the two of them.

“Sir, may I ask who you are?”

Gu Yiran showed her ID, “Don’t announce anything. Just tell me what I askyou next.”

Seeing that the person who came over was a police officer, the female receptionist was also stunned and trembled. Clearly, she had never seen such a scene before and felt an instinctive fear.

“Who, who are you looking for?”

“Where’s Zhang Hao?”

“Our boss went to Aomen the day before. He’s not in Zhonghai.”

“He left the day before?”

This news was a wake-up call for the two of them.

Because Du Juan was killed last night. If Zhang Hao had left the day before yesterday, then this posed a problem.

Who was the person who killed Du Juan?

“Are you sure Zhang Hao has left?” Gu Yiran said coldly.

“You should know the consequences of lying to us.”

The female receptionist shivered with fright, “I, I didn’t lie, I was the one who booked the plane tickets for Director Zhang.”

“Alright, stay here. I’ll go inside and look around, but I don’t want you spreading rumors about what just happened. You understand what I mean, right?”


After suing the female receptionist, the two of them walked into the company.

The office area was not bad. It took an entire floor, but there were not many people inside.

Not many of the people here were doing serious work. Just like the female receptionist, they were either playing games or watching dramas.

Then, the two of them went to Zhang Hao’s office.

It occupied an area of more than 30 square meters. The renovation style was very simple while the desk and cabinet were filled with documents.

They did not notice anything wrong.

“It definitely looks like a shell company,” Lin Yi muttered.

“However, judging from the female receptionist’s state, it seems likely that

Zhang Hao has left and she wouldn’t be lying to us.”

As a criminal police officer, she some training in criminal psychology.

In Gu Yiran’s eyes, the female receptionist’s reaction was very real. It was unlikely that she was lying.

Of course, unless she had the acting skills of a movie queen, but that was impossible.

Lin Yi nodded, “He might very well be establishing an alibi for himself here.”

“But the problem is, if he truly wasn’t present, then Du Juan’s death might not be related to him,” Gu Yiran said.

“Moreover, we previously analyzed that it’s unlikely for a murderer to hire someone else to commit such a crime. If he wasn’t there, then who killed Du Juan?”

“It’s hard to say. Let’s go back first and tell everyone about this. Let’s see what Brother Li thinks.”


“By the way, when we get back, get someone to pull up all the surveillance videos from Sheng Ke’s office.”

“I’ll arrange it when I get back.”

After a simple discussion, the two of them returned downstairs.

“Why are there only the two of you? Where’s Zhang Hao?” Gao Mingjun asked.

Gu Yiran shrugged, “He left the day before. He went to Aomen.”

“He left the day before?!”

Li Xianghui and the other two were also very surprised to learn of this.

The first thing they thought of was that if Zhang Hao left, he would not have been able to commit the crime!

The perfect alibi!

“It’s getting late; there’s no need to go back now. Regarding Zhang Hao’s matter, I’ll arrange for someone to investigate. No matter where he has gone, we must bring him back!” Li Xianghui said.

“As for you guys, don’t forget the jobs you were assigned previously. At this point in the case, you can’t miss a single thing.”

Everyone nodded with serious expressions.

Even if he had an alibi, they had to catch him and interrogate him.

“Brother Li, I’ll go back with you. There are still a few people left. I need to find out more about the situation.” Gu Yiran said.

“It doesn’t matter. They’re not key suspects. Let’s let them go first. We’ll call them back for the interrogation tomorrow.”

“Alright, I’m going back to catch up on my sleep. I’ve been so tired these days.” Gu Yiran stretched and said, revealing half of his waist.

“Alright, let’s disperse.”

The matter at hand had come to an end. Lin Yi went to the Chaoyang Group, but on the way, he called Qi Xianzhao and asked about his situation.

In another week, the cargo ship sent from Zhonghai will arrive at the Panem port, and this project would be nearing its conclusion.

Thinking about this, Lin Yi felt an urge to curse; after nearly half a year of back-and-forth, it had indeed been quite troublesome.

After picking up Ji Qingyan, the two of them went back together. Lin Yi went to make dinner while Ji Qingyan went back to work. They cooperated very well.

The next morning, Lin Yi went to the police station early because there were still a few people left from the day before. He had to continue the interrogation today.

When the two entered the interrogation room, the person sitting on the chair caught Lin Yi’s attention.

The woman was in her early thirties, wearing tight black jeans and a simple chiffon three-quarter sleeve blouse. She had light makeup on, and her expression was somewhat haggard.

But even so, her appearance was outstanding, almost comparable to Gu Yiran.

“She’s quite pretty,” Lin Yi smiled.

Gu Yiran pursed his lips, really amazed at this guy. How could he start by just looking at her face?

“Her name is Wang Jia. She’s Du Juan’s cousin.”


“Du Juan is my cousin,” Wang Jia said excitedly.

“The police have informed you that you must find my cousin’s murderer. You can’t let them get away with it!”

“Calm down first. We’ve been investigating this matter. We’ll definitely get the victim justice,” Lin Yi said.

“Tell me about yourself first.”

“O-okay. I’ve been in Yanjing ever since I graduated from university, but my job wasn’t going well. Plus, Yanjing is an expensive city. I couldn’t survive there, so my cousin found a job in Zhonghai.”

“What job? Can you tell me in detail?” Lin Yi asked again.

“I’m a salesperson in Song Deyuan’s company.”

“What did you do in Yanjing?”

“Can we not talk about this?”

“What’s there to hide? Did you work in a bathhouse? Are you embarassed to say?”

Gu Yiran,

“No, no, no. I’ve never done anything so indecent…”

“Stop, stop, stop. I’m going to argue with you about this. How is a bathhouse indecent?”

Gu Yiran, “???”

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