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«I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel) - Chapter 1716: Motive for Murder

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Chapter 1716: Motive for Murder

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At this point, Li Donglin did not dare to refute.

Putting aside the fact that he had done it, even if he had not, he knew Lin Yi had reasons to take him away.

After exiting, Yang Bing bowed to Lin Yi repeatedly, very enthusiastically.

After a brief chat, Lin Yi brought Li Donglin back.

“Dude, I have some personal business to discuss with you.”

Seeing that there was no one else in the car, Li Donglin said boldly.

“There’s nothing for the two of us to talk about. As for your tricks, don’t try to use them on me. They’re useless.”

“Everything is negotiable. Don’t be so sure.” Li Donglin said.

“You know how influential Tesla is in Zhonghai. There’s no need to make a fuss over such a small matter. Also, don’t be in a hurry to refuse. We’ll definitely

satisfy you.”

“Can I take it as you trying to bribe me? Aren’t you afraid of adding to your sentence?”

Li Donglin didn’t expect Lin Yi to be so stubborn.

” Since you don’t agree, I have nothing more to say. The leaders of our head office will handle this matter.”

“You people are really something, earning money from Huaxia’s citizens but not caring about their lives. Even if your leaders don’t show up, we will still hold them accountable.”

Li Donglin chuckled and shook his head, “What you’re saying has nothing to do with me. If you’ve got the guts, say it to the Tesla folks.”

“I’ll wait for them to come then.”

Soon, Lin Yi brought Li Donglin to the branch office.

However, he did not deal with this matter. Instead, he handed it over to Zhang Peng and Zhang Zixin.

This was a civil case, so they could handle it.

If he had the time, it was better to think more about the Song Deyuan case.

At this moment, two police cars stopped at the entrance of the police station. Gu Yiran got out of the car with more than ten people and walked inside.

“Who are these people?”

“They’re all people who have been in close contact with Du Juan recently. I brought them back to interrogate them.”

Gu Yiran brought back more than ten people. Lin Yi looked around and found that these people were dressed differently and were continuously complaining.

But most of it was out of fear.

Even though they had nothing to do with this, it was still instinctive for them to fear coming to a place like this. Lin Yi could understand this.

Because he was Gu Yiran’s partner, Lin Yi didn’t stay idle after he returned. He went to the interrogation room with her to learn more about Du Juan.

Time passed slowly, and soon, two hours had passed. The two of them interrogated six people in a row.

Three of them were Du Juan’s colleagues, and the other three were her friends. However, he did not obtain any useful information from these people.

Most of the conversation was just about her lifestyle. At this stage, this information was completely unhelpful.

“Let’s take a break before we continue. I’m a little tired.”

Lin Yi nodded. He had noticed that Gu Yiran had been rubbing her eyes. Obviously, she had been busy with these things after the meeting in the morning. It was natural for her to be tired.

“Brother Li seems to be back. Let’s see how he’s doing.

“Let’s go.”

The two of them stood up and walked towards Li Xianghui’s office.

There was a thick stack of documents on the desk. Although there were not as many documents as there were for Song Deyuan, it was still a lot.

“Did you find any useful information?” Lin Yi said.

“If you’re not interested in checking, I’ll take it away tonight.”

“There’s no need for that trouble, I’ve already found it out,” LiXianghui said: “Colleagues from the Business Investigation Division say that it’s a shell company with no substantive business operations. The so-called project contracts were all fabricated.”

Hearing this news, Lin Yi and Gu Yiran’s eyes lit up.

“In other words, Song Deyuan was cheated in this project.” Gu Yiran said. “Following this train of thought, the murder motive appears.” Lin Yi said.

“Song Deyuan’s company signed a contract with this company called Sheng Ke half a year ago. In the first three months of the contract, Song Deyuan’s actions were very normal, but from the fourth month onwards, it changed.”

“My guess is that Song Devuan noticed the issues with Sheng Ke during the fourth month, so the murderer planned the murder from then on.”

“But the problem is that if Song Deyuan had sensed that something was wrong three months ago, he wouldn’t have delayed it until now. He would definitely have settled the score with Sheng Ke immediately.”

“Little Gu is right. I just checked. The boss of Sheng Ke is a man named Sun Hao. There’s definitely no illicit relationship between them. It’s hard to say.”

“He wouldn’t have to step in to do something like this himself. He could always find someone. To put it bluntly, he could find a woman to do it.”

“But the closest woman to Song Deyuan was Du Juan-

Zhang Hui muttered and his eyes lit up.

“I understand now. Since Du Juan could become Song Deyuan’s lover, she might have also become Zhang Hao’s lover. Then, they should have worked together and killed Song Devuan.”

After Zhang Hui’s reminder, Gao Mingjun slapped his thigh.

“After Du Juan was released, this person called Zhang Hao was afraid that she would reveal his secret, so he killed her immediately. That way, there would be no evidence.”

“That doesn’t make sense either.” Li Xianghui said.

“Du Juan wasn’t present when Song Deyuan died. Moreover, we’ve done a detailed investigation on her colleagues. After Du Juan hung up the video call with Song Deyuan, she returned to the rest area and had dinner with her colleagues. It was also during that time that Song Deyuan fell off a cliff and died. She couldn’t have finished the job of luring him to the cliff.

“Most importantly, when Du Juan died, someone observed her condition through the surveillance camera, then took off the tape and let the gas leak out.” Gu Yiran said.

“As for the surveillance camera, Song Deyuan secretly hid it at Du Juan’s house. It was impossible for Zhang Hao to know about this. This point is also a contradiction.”

“But if Du Juan had nothing to do with Zhang Hao, what’s the reason for her murder?” Gao Mingjun said.

“What did Du Juan know that made the murderer target her?”

“Thinking about these things now, it’s probably hard to find a lead. I think we should capture this Zhang Hao. He set up a shell company to scam Song Deyuan, at the very least he has a motive for murder.

Zhang Hui’s suggestion was unanimously agreed upon by the others.

No matter what his motive was, it was very necessary to bring Zhang Hao back for a trial!

“Let’s go. Let’s do it now!”

After making up their minds, the five of them tidied up their uniforms and drove towards the Sheng Ke office.

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