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«I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel) - Chapter 1582: Who Said I Don’t Want to Buy the Car?

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Chapter 1582: Who Said I Don’t Want to Buy the Car?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Hearing the voices, the passers-by surrounding the stage made way.

Lin Yi tilted his head and saw that the person who spoke was a young man who was quite short.

Wearing a trendy outfit, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that his clothes were not cheap. They subconsciously made way.

Beside him was a young woman. She was wearing a red floral dress and thick black stockings.

Although he looked decent, he was not very handsome.

The young man’s name was Dong Hanyu. Their Dong family ranked third among the major families in Chuansheng Province, with assets nearing a hundred billion.

Knowing that the Lamborghini Venano was being exhibited here today, he came to Zhonghai specifically with the intention of taking the car back.

“Brother? You want to buy a car?” Someone asked curiously.

“What would I be doing here if I’m not buying a car?”

“This car is a modified version of Venano. It’s estimated to be sold for more than 30 million yuan. This is not a small sum.”

“You underestimate this car,” Dong Hanyu said.

“I’ve asked around through my internal channels. This car is worth at least 48 million yuan. 30 million yuan is too cheap.”

“48 million!”

Everyone cried out in surprise!

To them, 30 million was already an astronomical price. They did not expect it to be 48 million!

Although Dong Hanyu’s price was also an estimate, many people chose to believe it.

A rich second-generation heir like him would receive insider information. He would not make a mistake in such matters.

It was precisely this unbelievable price that made everyone’s enthusiasm rise again.

In any case, they wouldn’t buy it himself. The more it sold for, the more exciting it would be.

“Beauty, when are you going to start? We’ve been waiting for a long time.”

“There’s still five minutes before the event. Everyone, calm down.”

Seeing the eager people below the stage, the beautiful host smiled. “But before that, we will hold a small event. Everyone can participate.”

“What event? Don’t keep us in suspense. Hurry up and tell us.”

Everyone was eager to participate, but their gazes remained fixed on the legs of the beautiful host.

“To give everyone a chance to observe this car up close, we will immediately select ten lucky audience members to go on stage and take a photo with this car as a memento.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the audience erupted into enthusiastic applause.

No one expected such a charitable event to be held.

Although they could not afford it, if he could go on stage and take a closer look at the car and take a few photos, this would be considered a worthwhile trip.

“Let’s get started. How do we sign up?”

The beautiful host stretched out her hand and pointed at the noticeboard beside her.

“Everyone, take out your phones and scan the QR code beside me. Leave your name and phone number on it. The staff will randomly draw the names later.”

After learning the registration method, everyone present started preparing to sign up. Lin Yi was no exception, and Sugar was the same.

“Why did you register too? 1 thought you weren’t interested in this thing.”

“I have two WeChat accounts that can help you enter twice. That way, the probability of you winning is higher.”

Lin Yi smiled. As expected, this was a classic Sugar move.

Every time she played a game, she wanted to find a shortcut.

However, even if she found a shortcut, she would still be the worst contestant.

About ten minutes later, the unveiling ceremony of the new car was about to begin, and the registration also came to an end.

Soon, a staff member handed a small card to the beautiful host. The latter smiled and said,

“Now, the list of ten people chosen is in my hands. Let me see which ten people it is.”

“The first person is Mr. Li Zhi, who has the tail number 2833.”

“Second, Mr. Mao Huai Haimao with the tail number 8514.”

“The third is…”

“Number 10 is Madam Zhang Chenxi with the ending number 2233…”

Soon, the ten people chosen had been selected. Lin Yi and Sugar were unfortunately left out.

“Damn it, is my luck that bad?” Sugar complained.

“We’ve used three accounts, but we didn’t get any of them. Our luck is too bad.”

“That’s normal. With so many people signing up, the probability of being selected is low.”

“But you won’t get a chance to go up there.”

“It’s a small matter. Money makes the world go round. If money can solve this issue, it’s not a problem to me.”

With that, Lin Yi looked around and found the last person chosen.

“Beauty,” Lin Yi greeted.

The woman named Zhang Chenxi was young, about the same age as Sugar. Her heart raced when she saw Lin Yi call her name.

This person was too handsome!

‘Is he calling me?’ Zhang Chenxi could not believe that such a handsome man would take the initiative to talk to her.

Due to this, she immediately imagined an ethical drama with more than a hundred episodes.

She had just registered her marriage. Would it be too late to break off the engagement?

I want to elope with this little brother!

“I want to ask, can you sell your spot on the stage to me?” Lin Yi said, “I’ll pay five hundred.”

Seeing that someone wanted to buy a spot on the stage, everyone present was very surprised. They did not expect that the prize could be traded.



Before the woman called Zhang Chenxi could finish, Dong Hanyu interrupted,

“I’ll pay 1,000. Sell it to me.”


Everyone exclaimed again. It was just a close-up photo opportunity. There was no need to fight so hard for it.

Lin Yi looked up at Dong Hanyu and said calmly,

“I’ll pay 2,000.”

Dong Hanyu was also a little surprised. He didn’t expect Lin Yi to compete with him.

“Bro, why are you doing this?” Dong Hanyu said.

“You can’t afford this car anyway. Going up and looking at it up close won’t make you rich. In the end, the car will still be mine. There’s no need to waste money; earning money isn’t easy. After 1 buy it, I’ll let you take a close look.”

Dong Hanyu had a strong sense of superiority and didn’t take Lin Yi seriously at all.

Even his female companion was the same. She puffed out her chest provocatively as if she was peacocking.

Lin Yi could tolerate this kind of thing, but Sugar couldn’t.

She didn’t do it on purpose. She just casually lifted her coat, revealing her impressive figure.

Looking at Sugar’s huge size, Dong Hanyu’s female companion immediately wilted. magic

She felt like she had turned on her high beams on a dark highway, only to be blinded by an Audi.

Even the chickens in the village nearby crowed, thinking that it was dawn.

Dong Hanyu was also a little jealous. A woman with such a good figure would entertain him for a few months.

“Brother, stop challenging him. He really wants to buy a car. Why are you still going up? Do you have the capital to compete with a rich second-generation heir?”

“That’s right. Even if your girlfriend is by your side, there’s no need to be so serious. You can do whatever you want with that money. Be careful not to be smashed to death by the money of a rich second-generation heir.”

Disdainful voices sounded everywhere, and Lin Yi only smiled.

“Who said I’m not buying the car?”

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