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«I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel) - Chapter 1581: Only The Two Headlamps Are Worth Money

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Chapter 1581: Only The Two Headlamps Are Worth Money

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“W-What did you say?! 1.84 million!”

“This is an imported model. It’s a high-performance, high-horsepower car, so it’ll be much more expensive than an ordinary Q8,” the female salesperson said. “Do you guys want one too?” Lin Yi looked at Zhang Tianshu.

“I think 1 can get a discount if 1 buy two.”


The two of them looked a little embarrassed and even a little uneasy.

They thought that he could mock her, but they got themselves into trouble.

“We can afford this car, but we don’t want to be put under so much pressure. It’s better to buy the Qy in full.” Zhang Tianshu pretended to be calm and said.

“On the other hand, you guys are putting on airs. The monthly cost is astronomical. Be careful not to starve yourselves in the future.”

“Your worries are a little unnecessary.” Lin Yi took out his bank card. “I’m sorry, I’m paying in full.”

“Paying in full!”

Lin Yi ignored the two of them and handed the card to the saleswoman.

“The password is 000000. Prepare the contract after you’re done.”

“Will do.”

The female salesperson held the bank card excitedly. She did not expect to sell a car worth more than a million yuan with just a few words.

Sugar was extremely grateful. Lin Yi did this so that she would not get embarrassed.

Although she had to think of a way to thank him later, she could not let up now. She had to step on that b*tch!

“Didn’t you guys want to buy a car? Is there any here you like?” Sugar smiled and said.

“My boyfriend doesn’t have much money. The most expensive car he can buy is this RSQ8. Your family is so rich. The car you buy must be better than ours, right?”

Both of their expressions were extremely ugly and awkward.

“Aren’t we just buying a car? What’s there to be arrogant about?” Zhang Tianshu rolled her eyes at Sugar and said.

“Let’s see how long you can laugh! Let’s go!”

Zhang Tianshu, who had been embarrassed, was too ashamed to stay here any longer. She pulled Zhou Zhiqiang and turned to leave.

“Damn, that was too satisfying,” Sugar said.

“It’s annoying to see her showing off in front of me every day!”

“I can’t believe such a two-faced person could actually get into our university. She must have used some backdoor connections.”

“Her boyfriend’s family has strong connections, so they helped her sort out these things. Otherwise, the position of the deputy director would have long been mine!”

“Alright, it’s all in the past now, let’s not bother with her anymore.” Lin Yi patted Sugar’s shoulder and comforted her.

“You’ve just bought a car and you’ll also be promoted. In the future, you’ll be able to easily suppress her in school.”

“But I really don’t have that much money to give you,” Sugar said apologetically.

“I’ll request 100,000 yuan from the Guan family when we get back to compensate you.”

“Relax. This bit of money is not enough for me to buy a modified engine. Keep it for yourself.”

“But there’s no reason for you to spend so much on me.”

“How can you say that this is for no reason? You play games with me every day. Just treat it as the partner gaming fee.” Lin Yi said.

“Your size is also usually not cheap. Even if people have them it, it’s usually fake. It’s rare to see someone who has it naturally, like you.”

“I feel better hearing you say that.” Sugar puffed out her chest. “But I have to give you the 600,000 yuan I have right now. That’s a separate matter. You can’t just do whatever you want.”

“Just lend me those two headlights to play with.”

“Tsk, hooligan.”

Just as the two of them were talking, the saleswoman walked out and handed the bank card to Lin Yi and the contract to Sugar.

When she signed, Lin Yi saw Sugar’s size.

The saleswoman shed tears of regret.

Her boyfriend bought her a car worth nearly two million yuan without batting an eyelid. From this detail, she understood a principle.

The woman was like an Audi. Only her two headlights were valuable.

After signing the contract, they discussed the details of when they would pick up the car before leaving.

“You like cars, right? Do you want to walk around here?”

Sugar was ready to leave after buying a car. However, she would accompany Lin Yi if he wanted to browse around.

“Let’s go to Area C and check out the modified cars.”


The two of them slowly walked towards Area C. When they arrived, they immediately noticed the difference.

The model’s appearance had become even better. Their legs had become longer, and their skirts had become shorter.

Although Sugar had lost weight recently, he was still a little plump compared to these people.

“Quick, let’s go take a look! The brand new modified version of the Lamborghini Veneno is about to be unveiled.”

As soon as they arrived at Area C, they heard someone shouting loudly, immediately attracting Lin Yi’s attention.

Looking in the direction of the crowd, he saw that the Lamborghini booth had a rectangular area covered with a thick red cloth, shrouding it in an air of mystery.

Walking to the booth, Lin Yi’s eyes lit up.

It was the latest Lamborghini Veneno.

He heard through the grapevine that there were only five of these cars. One was left in the headquarters, the other was used for testing, and the remaining three were publicly sold. Lin Yi had always wanted to buy them, but he didn’t have the chance.

Unexpectedly, this high-end model appeared here today.

Lin Yi was interested and looked at the benchmarks for a while. magic

He quickly learned that the various specs and benchmarks had been greatly improved compared to the previous version.

The all-carbon design and modification were also to Lin Yi’s liking.

The only regret was that he had yet to see its true appearance.

But with Lamborghini’s design standards, coupled with the original allure of the Veneno, the overall look of this high-end modified version of the Veneno shouldn’t disappoint.

In short, buying it would be the right choice.

The two of them went to the booth and realized that there were many people surrounding it.

As the most well-known and popular sports car brand, it was reasonable for the Lamborghini booth to attract so many people.

However, the car that was about to be displayed was covered with a red curtain.

Only a vague outline could be seen from outside, but its true appearance could not be seen.

But what was more attractive than the car was the beautiful hostess in a wrap dress beside it.

The group of old perverts and perverts all went up and took photos of the other party’s thighs.

The beautiful host on the stage did not seem to mind. From time to time, she would even pose. She was very cooperative.

“I thought that the three limited edition models from before were all that would be released. I didn’t expect them to release this custom-modified version today.”

“I wonder who will end up owning this car. There are so many tycoons in Zhonghai, it probably won’t take long before it’s sold.”

“But this car isn’t cheap, ordinary rich second generations probably can’t afford it.”

Just then, a sudden voice interrupted.

“Could you move aside? Don’t delay me from buying the car…”

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