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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 2242: Old Man Li Pointing at the Country and Inviting Someone to Take Over the Fighting Ghost Clan (3)

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Chapter 2242: Old Man Li Pointing at the Country and Inviting Someone to Take Over the Fighting Ghost Clan (3)

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Sword Human…” There were many people who had the same thought.

Old Man Li grabbed a jug of wine from a bystander and gulped it down. He pursed his lips and seemed fascinated.

“Rumor had it that the sword tower had a sword forged by the Sword God himself. There might be a God’s inheritance inside…”

“I also heard that the sword tower had twelve swords that suppressed some great demon…”

“The Sword Human probably guarded all these. I don’t know the specifics, hehe.”

It was enough!

You old man, you know more than I, a person from the Eastern Region!

Xu Xiaoshou didn’t know if these stories were just hearsay that Old Man Li had heard, but he seemed so earnest that he felt he could trust him.

“What about the others?”

“Others? Hua Lai, Bei Tian, the favored Lord Shou… Well, I don’t know much but they seemed to be from the Western Region.”

“Beibei…Yes, yes… Beibei…”

Old Man Li pondered for quite some time, then he looked up at the sick young master.

He did not say anything, yet Xu Xiaoshou could hear everything.

Beibei, could his surname be Bei?

The Bei who was Yue Bei Hua Rao Dao?

“He’s a young man?”

“Yes, the last two, Beibei and Xu Xiaoshou, are both young… Oh right, Beibei is also a female Sword Deity. I heard that she’s a small girl…” Old Man Li gasped. “Such a young and small person, how did she get into the ranks of the Seven Sword Deity?”

“But it seems that the Seven Sword Deity of this generation are a bit weak.

There are only two youths.” Young Master Zhou frowned. “In the past, Ba, Gou, Rao, Hua… Uh, who else was there? Oh, Sword Deity Wen. F*ck, it’s like he did not exist at all… But five young people, this is what you call a gathering of heroes.”

“That’s right. I think it’s the Southern Region’s Feng family who is messed up. Our Transformation Division Chief Xi did not even comment on this. His name had shaken up the Central Region. He’s not inferior to Xu Xiaoshou in the Eastern Region!”

“I was surprised that the Burial Sword Tomb didn’t get a ranking. The three brothers of the Gu family didn’t get three seats, but they should at least get one seat, right? Therefore, I have my doubts about the credibility of the new Seven Sword Deity.”

“That’s right. The Eastern Region is the Holy Sword Land. Even the Southern

Region wanted to be ranked among the Seven Sword Deity, but are they worthy? If the Southern Region could do it, why couldn’t the Central Region?

The Central Region is the center of the continent!”

“Didn’t Old Man Li talk about the sword tower and the sword pavilion; one exited the world and the other entered the world. Of course, the Feng family would be the one to decide. Coincidentally, their residence is in the Southern Region. ”

“Tsk, how do you know that Old Man Li isn’t talking nonsense? If the sword tower exited the world, why did sword tower Li Fuyu enter the world?”

“Who did you say was talking nonsense!” Old Man Li blew at his beard and glared at him. “You bunch of brats, you don’t know anything. This generation’s Seven Sword Deity can’t be weak, because they are ranked!”

“Ah?” Everyone was shocked.

“In the past, the Seven Sword Deity were not ranked and and there was a tacit agreement that You Tu was number one. Now that Bazhun’an had added fuel to the fire when he cultivated his swordsmanship and reputation, the Southern Region’s Feng family had no choice but to pay attention to this ‘rank’.”

“Then the ranking of the Seven Sword Deity…”

“The sequence is: the Two Elders, Yi Xiao, Li Fuyu, Hua Lai, Bei Tian and the favored Lord Shou!”

The Yougui Pavilion was in an uproar.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He wasn’t so superficial as to deny the Southern Region Feng family’s ranking.

After all, the title of the Seven Sword Deity had been confirmed by Master Siren and Bazhun’an on Abyss Island.

Since there should be no question about the new Seven Sword Deity, and he was still at the bottom of the list, then the strength of the top six was a little terrifying.

The Feng family from the Southern Region definitely wouldn’t be like the rest of the world and think that he had killed Rao Yaoyao only through the help of the Four Divine Pillars, right?

Moreover, even if their family member Feng Xiaose betrayed the family and joined the Xu Yue Grey Palace, they should know this person very well, right?

Xu Xiaoshou recalled that Feng Xiaose had barely mastered the second realm of the Ten Thousand Sword Technique.

This was not even included in the Seven Sword Deity!

He had used the second realm and was still at the bottom!

Did this not mean that all of the new Seven Sword Deity would be at the second realm?

“It’s too complicated…”

From the looks of it, not only was Old Man Li right when he said that the new

Seven Sword Deity were not weak, but they were even far stronger than the old Seven Sword Deity!

Of course, it was compared to the previous generation when they were first conferred the title of Sword Deity…

“This is only the preliminary ranking!” Old Man Li nibbled on the melon seeds and sighed.

“I wonder how many dark horses would make an appearance in the final rankings. Currently, there are quite a few candidates who have been nominated by the Feng family for the Seven Sword Deity.”

“Tsk tsk, this year’s Seven Sword Deity ranking is going to be exciting. I wonder how many people will die and how much blood will be shed. They’re really out to fight for it.”

The discussion started again.

Everyone started to talk about the people who were nominated for the Seven Sword Deity, but Old Man Li didn’t know anything about this.


Just as everyone in the Yougui Pavilion was in a heated discussion, the door located only a short distance away was suddenly kicked open.

A group of people dressed in black walked in aggressively.

The sickly young master Xu Xiaoshou looked back as he casually fanned himself. He happened to see Feng Xiao, who had been kicked away by his second true body. He was followed closely by a black-robed old man with a scarred face and white sideburns. His eyes were filled with hatred.

“That’s the one…”

“That is Xu Gusheng…”

But he didn’t dare to speak loudly. It was obvious he was afraid of being kicked again.

Yingying and Qiao’er scurried over in a panic. It was clear that they were unable to stop the group of men in black.

After they looked around, they finally found the sickly young master among the crowd. They quickly squeezed their way through and said anxiously.

“Young Master Xu, Yingying has something important to discuss with you. Can you move to the backyard?”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed.

This Miss Yingying was too diplomatic!

To be able to use such tactful terms to persuade him to withdraw, could it be that the background of these people was actually above the Burial Sword Tomb and the higher void in the Eastern Region?

“Young Master is still in such high spirits!”

Yingying stomped her feet anxiously. She lowered her voice and said, “They’re really not to be trifled with!”

“Oh? Are they more difficult to deal with than me, Xu Gusheng?”

“Young Master!”

Can they be compared with me, a Seven Sword Deity, Xu Xiaoshou and the Saint Servant Lord Shou?

The sickly young master snapped his fan shut and pushed Yingying’s head back and refused to listen to her advice. He then slapped away Qiao’er’s hand that tried to grab his clothes. This made the two girls stomp their feet in anger.

What a delicate young master!

He really did not want to leave!

“+(Received Concern, Passive Points+)+232.”

With that, he fanned himself and strolled through the empty passage that had automatically opened up. He glanced at the burly old man in the lead and said with a smile.

“My subordinates never kill nameless people.”

The old man in black was as strong as a tiger, and he was one and a half head taller than the sick young master.

The group of black-robed men behind him were all like him. They looked like giant beasts dressed in human skin.

With a ‘weng’ sound, the old man raised his hands and there was a sealing belt wrapped around them. His eyes lit up and his voice rumbled like thunder.

“Ghost God gang, Ghostface!”

There was no spiritual source, but the sound waves alone shook the tables and chairs in the Yougui Pavilion. The onlookers fell to the ground as their faces paled with fear.

Among them were those at the Innate Stage and the Master Stage Spiritual Cultivators.

The sickly young master’s body swayed. He seemed to be unstable, but in reality, he had discharged his strength so that the majestic power in his body would not resonate and cause the entire Jade Capital City to explode.

Higher void?

No, it was comparable to a higher void physique cultivator, but it was not a very pure physique cultivator. It could not even be considered a Master


Was it because of the sealing belt? Even though his power had been sealed, his aura was still so powerful. This fellow was not easy to deal with.

“You’re interesting. Body refinement? You have chosen a much better path than

Feng Xiao, but it must have been difficult… Are you the strongest in the Ghost God gang?”

The people around him were silent, but their faces were pale as they stared at the sickly young master, as if they were shocked by this person’s ignorance.

Even if he was someone powerful, how could he suppress the local forces?

Old Man Li had long left the bench where he sat previously. He cowered and wanted to give him some timely reminders. However, after he raised his head, he chose to shut his mouth.

“No, I’m just the assistant of the Ghost God gang.”

The old man who called himself Ghostface had battle scars all over his face and body.

He was clearly here to seek trouble, but his tone was still respectful and filled with fear.

All experts had whims!

Beside him, Feng Xiao only tugged at his sleeve. Before he could say anything, he was sent flying with a bang. He flew out of the Yougui Pavilion once again and exited through the broken skylight that had yet to be repaired.

Other than the sickly young master Xu Xiaoshou, no one else saw the speed of the old man’s attack.

“After you beat up the small ones, the old ones will come out. It’s so troublesome to beat them up, one layer at a time. Call your boss over too.” The sickly young master leisurely pulled out a chair and sat down.

“He can’t come.” Old Ghostface’s gaze followed him and he shook his head. “I’ll fight with you.”

“I’m tired. I will wait here for your boss.”

“He can’t come.”

“Oh? He is that arrogant? What’s your boss’s name?”

“The Divine…”

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