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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 2241: Old Man Li Pointing at the Country and Inviting Someone to Take Over the Fighting Ghost Clan (2)

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Chapter 2241: Old Man Li Pointing at the Country and Inviting Someone to Take Over the Fighting Ghost Clan (2)

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Under the sickly young master’s gaze, Young Master Zhou did not even seem to be able to lie. He added.

“When it comes to swords, I’m only slightly interested, a little…” The crowd burst into laughter.

The laughter seemed to have diluted the ‘Force’ that Xu Xiaoshou had unintentionally maintained in the air.

Young Master Zhou also chuckled and felt more at ease. It was still the dirty jokes that made people feel more comfortable.

None of them were serious. Xu Xiaoshou shook his head secretly.

He had wanted to ask if anyone else knew the new Seven Sword Deity? With a glance, he probably wouldn’t be able to get a good answer.

People from the Central Region really didn’t care about swords!

Anyone in the Eastern Region, even if it was a random passerby on the street, would be able to tell most of the origins of the new Seven Sword Deity, even if they were at the Acquired Stage of Spiritual Cultivation.

“Young Master, do you want to know more about the new Seven Sword Deity?”

The crowd behind him surged and parted and the slightly hunchbacked Old Li pushed his way through. He pointed at himself and said, “Ask Old Li, I know.”

“Oh? Old Li knows about this?” Xu Xiaoshou shielded his face with a paper fan and looked sideways.

His insight and memory were already extremely enhanced. He could see that the knot in the middle of Old Man Li’s belt had shifted a little, and the length of the knot was different from before he alighted from the carriage.

So fast?

The crowd was pushed away forcefully, and they grumbled about it. When they saw that this old man actually had some connection with the sick young master, everyone’s expressions underwent a drastic change.

“This old man is very well-informed. He actually knows more about the new

Seven Sword Deity than our Master Zhou?”

“What old man… Ouch! It’s Brother Li. I’m sorry for my disrespect!”

“Quick, tell me, tell me, I can’t wait. I’ve only heard of Xiao Kongtong and Xu

Xiaoshou. I’m starting to suspect that the Feng family from the Southern

Region made all this up.”

“Hehe…” Old Man Li subconsciously wanted to straighten up and thrust out his chest, but he found that he couldn’t move, so he gave up.

“Young Master, if you had said earlier that you were interested in the Seven

Sword Deity, I would have told you everything in the carriage. The new Seven

Sword Deity were listed three days ago, but it took a lot of time before the information was sent to the Central Region.”

“Old Man Li, your knowledge is extraordinary.”

“Sigh! Young Master, you praise me too much! I’m merely earning a living. All the big shots liked to listen to this… Let’s not talk about anything else, just take Xu Xiaoshou as an example. I know this young man better than all of you here combined!”

“Xu Xiaoshou, my ears have started to hurt.” Xu Xiaoshou waved his folding fan and burst out laughing.

Everyone looked forward to it. Old Man Li was like a family treasure.

“Then let’s not talk about Xu Xiaoshou. Everyone, listen to this old man and let’s talk about Elder Gu first!”

“This Gu Yu’s background isn’t insignificant. Back then, he was as famous as

You Tu and Mei Siren. However, during the last battle of the Seven Sword Deity, he went into seclusion to cultivate the sword.”

“This mistake spanned an entire era. Elder Gu’s reputation was no longer comparable to the other two, so he decided to live in seclusion in the forest and only entered the human world now.”

Old Man Li became very animated. He pulled over a long wooden stool and sat down on it. He grabbed the melon seeds from the table beside him and began to give his opinion on the situation.

“As for Yang Xizhi, he was the Head of the Southern Region’s Feng family. He’s from the same generation as You Tu and Mei Siren, but he’s even older than Feng Tingchen.”

“Rumor had it that after Feng Tingchen kept the sword, he invited Elder Yang to stay at his home for the rest of his life. The two of them lived together and discussed the Dao day and night. Both of their cultivations improved greatly and were no longer comparable to the past.”

He waved his hand and spat out the melon seed shell. Old Li raised two fingers. “Similar to the previous generation, the Seven Sword Deity of this generation were headed by two old masters.”

“The rest were all young people?” Young Master Zhou asked.

“No, no.” Old Man Li shook his head. “The rest, except for Beibei and Xu Xiaoshou, are all from the middle generation, Xiao Kongtong’s generation.” “I know Xiao Kongtong.” Xu Xiaoshou was deep in thought.

“Then Old Li won’t talk about him either.” Old Man Li scratched his feet with

one hand and nibbled on the melon seed with the other. He did not care about the feelings of others at all. He only told the sick young master who treated him to wine,

“The Two Elders, Yi Xiao and Li Fuyu. I heard that this Miss Li is a wonderful person, hehe.”

“But she’s not to be trifled with! According to the Southern Region’s Feng family, she is the sword tower’s current generation’s Sword Human!” Sword tower?

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows. It seemed that he had heard of this somewhere before.

“What is the sword tower? And what is a Sword Human?” Someone asked in a daze.

“I’ll test you guys.”

Old Man Li slapped his thigh and flicked his fingernails. The dirt inside flew towards the group of immature young men.

“In the era of the ancient swordsman, there were two great figures. Who were they?”

“I know the answer!” Young Master Zhou did not want to be outdone. “Sword God Gu Louying, Divine Sword Feng Wuhen!”

“Impressive.” Old Man Li looked over in surprise. “It’s these two. Do you know what they left behind?”

“Uh, I don’t know…”

Old Man Li snorted and said proudly.

“The Divine Sword Feng Wuhen lost by a notch after all. He did not get the title of Sword God.’

“But at least there was still the Feng family. And the Feng family protected Feng Wuhen’s sword pavilion.”

“Legend has it that the sword pavilion contained all of Feng Wuhen’s inheritance!”

“What about the Sword God, Gu Louying?” Everyone was shocked.

“Sword God Gu Louying, that’s awesome!” Old Man Li shook his head and sighed. “Think about it. What kind of impression did the Sword God leave you?”

Everyone was stunned. A dark night, a full moon, a lonely building, and a back image flashed across their minds.

Wait a minute!

. Lou?

Xu Xiaoshou couldn’t help but look surprised.

“Have you thought of it?” Old Man Li smiled. “Not bad! The sword pavilion of Feng Wuhen’s divine sword was built to resemble the Sword God Gu Louying’s sword tower!”

Sword tower, Liu Fuyu!

Xu Xiaoshou recalled her self-introduction and was shocked.

This Sword Human Li Fuyu guarded the inheritance of Sword God Gu Louying?

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