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«History’s Strongest Senior Brother (Web Novel) - Chapter 1401: Your Retribution is Me!

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Chapter 1401: Your Retribution is Me!

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Feng Yunsheng remained expressionless, and no hints of anger could be heard from her words.

However, under her glare, Li Xingba, his disciple, and the Crane Race Small Saint both felt a chill down their spine, as if their demise was approaching.

“… Great, great!” Li Xingba’s red face had already turned sour, “You two brats are truly peas of the same pod.”

He said, “You’ve entered the Doomsday Devil’s path and received the Spirit Divinity Overflowing Lid. I have to admit that I’m inferior compared to you.”

“However, since I dared come here, do you think that I’ve never made any preparations?”

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng both frowned upon hearing his words.

“Oh?” Feng Yunsheng felt something. She raised her head and looked towards the water screen, occupying the sky in the Starry River Tributary’s internal space.

Li Xingba sneered, “The evil will have their retributions. You are of no exception.”

He looked up towards the skies as well, “The Nine Underworlds is your biggest source of troubles!”

Feng Yunsheng possessed the Duo Flowers Converged Crown, and her strength was exceptional. Even among Virtual Immortals, rarely anyone could compete against her.

Without mentioning those of heretic origins, even some Grand Heavenly Immortals of the orthodox Daoism, Buddhism, Demon Race, and the Nine Underworlds weren’t confident winning against her.

Of course, there were still plenty of experts who could win against Feng Yunsheng.

However, a Grand Heavenly Immortal existence was extremely limited in each faction.

In the battle against each faction, a Grand Heavenly Immortal expert would be their main force, as they were filled with deterrence.

The reason why the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus dared to invade the Immortal Court and take advantage of the situation was mainly that four of the Immortal Court’s Grand Heavenly Immortals had perished by Suo Mingzhang’s hands.

Other opposing factions dreaded the Demon Race’s Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles because this Grand Heavenly Immortal Demon Race Great Sage could offer different things under certain circumstances.

As such, for Feng Yunsheng, very few experts could constrain her under most circumstances.

Among them, the Nine Underworlds’ experts were considered the anomaly.

Against other experts, even if Feng Yunsheng couldn’t win against them, she could still retreat safely as long as the gap in strength wasn’t so huge.

However, compared to other forces’ bigwig experts, the Nine Underworlds’ top-notch Great Devils and Ancient Devils would have a much easier time locking onto her, making it harder for her to escape.

Feng Yunsheng was different from the Astro Sovereign, Shi Jun, Ying Yuzhen, and the others. The Grand Heavenly level Great Demons of the Nine Underworlds wouldn’t activate her devilish nature.

However, if she were to contend against more potent Ancient Devils, Feng Yunsheng would have to exert her strength to the fullest, causing her to lose balance slowly.

Yet, even if she wanted to flee from the Nine Underworlds’ top-notch experts, she would face insurmountable difficulties.

The longer she was forced to fight, the more danger she would face over her self-control.

The reason why Feng Yunsheng immediately dissipated her Duo Flowers Converged Crown when fighting for the Three Brilliances Sacred Water wasn’t because she was fatigued and wasn’t able to continue fighting any longer. Instead, she wanted to prevent her location from being sensed by other Nine Underworlds Great Devils, which would come to interrupt her.

“This truly exceeded my expectations.” Yan Zhaoge raised his head as well and looked towards the upper water screen in amusement, “The few of you banded together with the Nine Underworlds. To be frank, this surprised me even more than you lot working together with the heretics.”

“It’s the most appropriate way of dealing with you two brats.” Li Xingba snorted, “Moreover, expedient acts had been done since ancient times. What’s wrong about it?”

His expression filled with humiliation and anger gradually faded and was replaced with an expressionless visage.

Only ice-cold chilliness remained within his eyes as he gazed at the two.

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng both raised their heads and looked upwards together.

Then, the water screen gradually started trembling.

Not only this spatial dimension’s water screens were trembling. Even the entire Starry River Tributary seemed to be affected!

Within the boundless void outside of the Starry River Tributary, the initially empty universe suddenly froze.

Initially, it was already extremely dark, to begin with. Now, an even gloomier darkness appeared, which continued to erode the space.

A horrifying aura leaked out from within.

The undulating stars by the Starry River Tributary started to be in disorder.

Everything implied that a robust existence was about to descend upon this space!

An Ancient Devil comparable to Daoism’s Grand Heavenly Immortal!

Within the boundless darkness, a pair of ethereal eyes slowly opened and gazed towards the brilliant Starry River Tributary.

“It’s the Nine Underworlds.” Feng Yunsheng calmly looked towards the sky and could feel the devil’s existence.

“Most Great Devils wouldn’t dare to leave the Nine Underworlds casually. Otherwise, they might be besieged by others,” said Yan Zhaoge. “After all, the Nine Underworlds is considered the public enemy. Even he wouldn’t dare to delay for too long. The only worrying factor is if he summoned other helpers in hopes of settling matters quickly.”

The Nine Underworlds’ Evil Devils were like pests, which the public would always kill off.

Even when the few huge factions were busy fighting against each other, they were still observing the Nine Underworlds warily.

As such, even that Ancient Devil could only appear in a low-key manner and await here in secret. After knowing that Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng would appear within the Starry River Tributary through Li Xingba and the others, he finally appeared.

Li Xingba and the Crane Race Small Saint started getting closer once again with expressions filled with maliciousness.

They intended to hold back Feng Yunsheng and Yan Zhaoge to prevent them from escaping through the Starry River Tributary’s chaotic situation.

Naturally, they weren’t expecting to defeat Feng Yunsheng. They only hoped to delay her a little and allow the Ancient Devil outside to enter.

With Li Xingba and the others stabilizing the situation, the Starry River Tributary ceased to be a hurdle anymore, as it posed limited usage against a Grand Heavenly Immortal expert.

Gong Sunhui observed Yan Zhaoge’s expression and thought, “If he concealed his figure, and that Feng woman dashed out along with him, things won’t go the way we want to. I should try my best to disrupt them.”

Then, he raised his voice and shouted, “You’re a man, yet you’re only capable of hiding behind a woman’s protection?”

“If that’s the case, you ought to just hide under your wife’s skirt !”

Naturally, it’ll be for the best if he could agitate Yan Zhaoge. As long as Yan Zhaoge hesitated for a moment, his goal would be reached.

As Gong Sunhui was thinking about it, he suddenly saw Yan Zhaoge striding forward, reaching his front!

Meanwhile, Feng Yunsheng continued on the offense instead of retreating. Her saber slashed towards the unsuspecting Li Xingba and the Crane Race Small Saint, who were initially only preventing her from fleeing.

“You all covet for the Pill Hall. Yet, even if I gave it to you, you’re too weak to keep it in your possession.” Yan Zhaoge suddenly laughed, “Just like how you have no say in whether you can keep your life now.”

The two yelled in rage, “Arrogant!”

Gong Sunhui exerted all his strength to block the Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

Although he didn’t underestimate Yan Zhaoge this time, their disparity in strength still exists, and he couldn’t win against Yan Zhaoge.

“You’re only able to suppress me and can’t kill me at all. After a while, when the Ancient Devil descends, and the woman gets occupied, my master can kill you off easily!” Although Gong Sunhui had a pent-up fury within him, he wasn’t feeling afraid at all.

However, he suddenly went absent-minded.

As a Duo Qis Profound Immortal, he felt like he was currently descending.

Instead, the True Immortal Realm Yan Zhaoge seemed too high up and stood by the clouds looking down upon him.

“You’re right. The evil will have their retributions. Your retribution is me!”

Then, like Starry Rivers descending from the skies, ethereal and swift sword-lights started pouring down over him!

Hiding under a woman’s skirt is a derogatory Chinese expression indicating a man is so weak that he needs to be protected by a woman. In this sense, this outdated and old saying is due to the toxic masculinity in history.

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