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«History’s Strongest Senior Brother (Web Novel) - Chapter 1400: The Immortal Realm Doesn’t Welcome You!

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Chapter 1400: The Immortal Realm Doesn’t Welcome You!

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Several hideous scars appeared on Chen Qianhua’s body. Within the scars, radiances continuously leaked out.

Within a space inside of the Starry River Tributary, Yan Zhaoge sneered, “I heard that you aren’t afraid of death? Then, do you mind this?”

As he talked, his finger landed on the Phantom Mirage Pearl once again.

Outside of the Starry River Tributary, Chen Qianhua’s original body shuddered once again, with more cracks appearing on the surface of his skin.

Within Chen Qianhua’s eyes, jade green radiances surged, and flickered for a few times, “… Floating Dawn Divinity Shattering Art? Such an unpopular secret martial art… No, it’s not purely Floating Dawn Divinity Shattering Art alone. I’m able to handle at least that much. Judging from the current situation, many other transformations were added within…”

“You’re truly knowledgeable.” Yan Zhaoge said coldly, “Only, you’re too foolish.”

After he finished speaking, his finger landed on the Phantom Mirage Pearl for the third time.

At the other side, Chen Qianhua’s entire body shuddered violently once again, inflicting greater injuries unto him.

Even if his original body were to clash against Yan Zhaoge, he wouldn’t end up in such a sorry state no matter if he ended up winning or losing.

This was equivalent to Chen Qianhua placing his neck over Yan Zhaoge’s knife. Without any way of refuting, he could only receive Yan Zhaoge’s attacks!

Most importantly, his current injuries weren’t only limited to his body or soul.

Those were the Wounds of Dao, which prevented Chen Qianhua from resonating or even receiving feedback from the world’s great dao.

As the Wounds of Dao grew, it slowly breached a certain limit and reached the stage where he could never hope to compensate for.

Under such a state, he would have no hopes of reaching the Profound Immortal Realm!

If he dared to challenge the Pure Profound Tribulation, he would only have one outcome - death.

And now, this was merely the beginning!

“The Immortal Realm doesn’t welcome you. Scram.” Yan Zhaoge erected two of his fingers and held his index finger and middle fingers together like a sword. Then, he used it to pierce the Phantom Mirage Pearl.

Chen Qianhua’s injuries had already reached a critical state. After receiving the attack fused with the Fallen Deity Sword, the Floating Dawn Divinity Shattering Art, and various other secret martial arts, his entire body experienced an unprecedented violent shudder.

Initially, his entire body was already filled with wounds. After receiving the attack, his entire body shattered apart like true porcelain, and his entire body was torn apart!

Within the dense cracks, radiances gushed out, thoroughly engulfing Chen Qianhua’s entire figure.

Layers of Immortal qi gushed out from within and started flying everywhere. Within the void’s boundless outskirts, storms were brewing.

After the storm calmed, and the radiances dissipated, Chen Qianhua’s figure reappeared.

His external appearance didn’t seem to have any changes.

However, soon after, a mouthful of blood spewed out from his mouth.

Pure blood.

Blood that belongs to mortals.

A peerless prodigy who ascended to the Immortal Realm within two hundred years old, one of the few teenage True Immortals, was kicked out of the Immortal Door by Yan Zhaoge. His cultivation drastically dropped, and he returned to the Martial Saint Realm!

He became frail, and his skin was even paler. He muttered, “Yan Zhaoge…”

Chen Qianhua didn’t prioritize his cultivation like other martial art cultivators.

To him, it was more of an insurance for his amusement.

Initially, he felt that his True Immortal cultivation was insufficient to locate Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, Gao Han, Nie Jingshen, and the others. As such, he decided to ascend to the Profound Immortal Realm.

And yet, his current cultivation had fallen from the Immortal Realm, and he was kicked back to the Martial Saint Realm!

No matter how indifferent Chen Qianhua acted towards his cultivation realm, he still felt a little agitated.

Resentment and aggrievement caused by the sense of loss for being unable to accomplish his wish.

Chen Qianhua floated around the boundless void like a floating corpse. With his mind muddled, he was blown away by the stellar winds and disappeared into the darkness.

Within the Starry River Tributary, Yan Zhaoge coldly stared at the Phantom Mirage Pearl that ultimately broke apart. He flung his hand, and the pearl’s crushed powders scattered away.

On the other side, Feng Yunsheng fended off Li Xingba and the Crane Race Small Saint independently. The two Virtual Immortals were unable to get past her.

As Gong Sunhui watched Yan Zhaoge shatter the Phantom Mirage Pearl and looked towards him, he felt a chill down his spine.

He wasn’t aware of the condition of Chen Qianhua. However, his previous experience of losing to Yan Zhaoge and being suppressed haunted him even until now.

Li Xingba and the Crane Race Small Saint were forced into retreat. They both looked at Feng Yunsheng with wariness.

Although the current Feng Yunsheng wasn’t as overbearing as when she had the Duo Flowers Converged Crown, they were still rendered unable to do anything.

“No matter what, we’re all of the Three Clear Lineage. And yet, you’re willing to let Chen Qianhua do whatever he wants to?” Yan Zhaoge swept his gaze over Li Xingba and Gong Sunhui.

He pointed below, “Daoist Li, the Bright Connection Emperor buried here is undoubtedly a junior to you. However, thanks to the efforts of the Bright Connection Emperor, she managed to snatch the Heavenly Essence Stone fragment coveted by the Immortal Court, which allowed our orthodox Daoism a chance of flourishment.”

“If the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord acquired the complete Heavenly Essence Stone, us Daoism successors might all be forcefully illuminated by him!”

“Indeed, you’re a forebearer that achieved Dao during the Ancient era. However, without ascending to the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm, you would face such risks as well. Even if you turtle deep within the void’s boundless outskirts and cease from meddling with mortal affairs, you would still be involved within.”

Yan Zhaoge said sternly, “How could you let Chen Qianhua humiliate such a person, that sacrificed herself for the sake of our orthodox Daoism? Even Chen Qianhua himself receives benefits.”

“Who knows if what you said was true or not?” Gong Sunhui was a little embarrassed, “Before we came, we weren’t even aware of such a thing.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Li Xingba snorted, “Let me be straightforward here. The reason why we’re here isn’t for that tree.”

Yan Zhaoge calmly replied, “For that Pill Hall? You should save your energy. The Pill Hall isn’t something you should covet for.”

Li Xingba was furious, “Arrogant!”

He pointed towards Feng Yunsheng and said, “If she said it, I wouldn’t feel anything at all. What qualifications do you have to back up such arrogance? If it weren’t for her protecting you, I would’ve taken your life long ago!”

“Then, I’ll take your life first.” Upon hearing his words, the devilish blue-black flames within Feng Yunsheng’s eyes suddenly skyrocketed.

A ray of brilliance shone atop her head. Then, her horrifying black saber slashed towards Li Xingba!

Li Xingba was shocked. He used his square-edged golden swordbreaker to block the attack, yet it was sliced apart!

“Why do you even need that man for?” He wasn’t a well-mannered person. Under his humiliated rage, his words became vile, “You’re a Grand Virtual, he’s a Leakless. He can’t even pierce through your hymen!”

The Crane Race Small Saint couldn’t help but frown.

Feng Yunsheng raised her brows, yet no hints of rage could be seen.

“Seems like you forgot, Daoist Li. When normal teenage girls ride horses or learn dancing, they might tear it apart by accident. There isn’t even a need to mention us women that have cultivated since young, as we had to refine our bones and blood.” She patiently said, “Of course, it’ll be different if we purposely re-patch it. However, who would do such a thing?”

“As such, I don’t care how my husband would like to pierce me. You don’t have to care about how my husband and I do it as well.”

Li Xingba and the others were dumbfounded, “You… What a…”

“A shameless woman that has no dignity? That’s fine…” The all-encompassing devilish flames within Feng Yunsheng’s eyes made their entire body shudder with chilliness, “A dead person is unable to spread my words outside.“

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