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«Half-elves Fall in Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 296: Cat Girl Treatment Strategy 1

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Chapter 296: Cat Girl Treatment Strategy 1

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Breakcore can regenerate her own body with considerable freedom. She can even grow horns out of places that don’t have horns, something that would be impossible otherwise. I’m sure she’s got a lot of tricks up her sleeve from her days as a weird lump of meat. ……She used to put out horns and legs freely from the meat. So, with her help, I think she could shed light on a girl like Miss Marone who lost her legs.

……Hearing my idea, Hilda-san made a troubled face.

“With the power of the holy beast……heal the deficiency? It’s true that Lord Bonaparte has done it, but……it would be difficult for a normal person, don’t you think?”

“Well, it would be hard to do with a living donor”

“Its tough, maybe when I was Sir Bonaparte, I think it was really a big operation class mobilization and I finally got together with the magicians. Theoretically, it’s not that difficult to transplant tissue from another species, but the difference in performance would be considerable for a Holy Beast. When it comes to the beast class, there is a considerable difference in performance. If you think about it normally, will the circulatory system and nerves lose the required amount and collapse together or will the mind be invaded?”


“Erosion of existence, I guess you’d call it. Andy-kun had a deer meat transplant, but it wasn’t like that……I know a guy who got a whole arm from a buddy of his who lost his arm in the war and he became dangerously unstable without regular magic treatment”


“There are many other similar cases. It’s dangerous to bring an organ that you’ve lost from someone else. In the case of Sir Bonaparte, I’m sure he took very strict and meticulous measures and I’m sure he was so fundamentally strong that he could not be defeated by the Eye of the Sky Tiger”

“……Were you crossing such a dangerous bridge, old man?”

Well, aside from the old man.

“But Breakcore should have the magic of 『Contract of Life』that flowed from the sacred place of Leica’s Dabwise via Laila. If that……”

“……What kind of magic?”

I’m not sure what kind of magic you’re talking about……but it seems to be a magic that allows you to borrow the healing abilities of holy beasts……”

Hilda-san doesnt lose her suspicious expression. However, Marone leaned forward with her hands and begged Hilda-san.

“I, If it’s cured……if it’s cured, I’d like to try it! I’d rather do it than live like this, causing trouble for everyone……”


Hilda hit Marone´s forehead.

“Don’t say that living is annoying. It’s not a sin to be injured or sick. There are some things you just can’t do, that’s all. It’s important to be grateful to the people who provide for you, but it’s an insult to the people who care about you”

“……Y, Yes”

Hilda sighs, then turns to me.

“Well, there’s no point in having a vague conversation with you here, Andy-kun. Anyway, let’s go and see the Holy Beast, shall we?”


Hilda-san looked more serious than ever. ……I wonder if she is so worried, is it natural for a doctor? Maybe I´m thinking too lightly. It may be cured, but I don’t understand the risk of failure.

For now, I’m heading to the Baron’s mansion. I’ll have to talk to Irina or Christie to get to the red clan mansion.

“Welcome back, Andy-san”

“I’m relieved to see that nothing dangerous has happened”

I was greeted first by Jeanne, who was holding Peter and then by Selenium, holding her prominent belly in her hands.

“All three of you seem to be doing fine”

“Peter has finally conquered the mansion’s tits. All of them, young and old, even the Baron’s daughter”


What a feat you’ve accomplished without even knowing it, my son.

“Fennel, did you let him suck too!”

“I, I’m sorry, I’ve heard from other people that that’s the fastest way to comfort him……”

“If he grows up like this, he’ll become a mustache-faced milk-sucking monster, so don’t let him suck anything other than Jeanne and Selenium in the future”

Even though he’s half, he’s a dwarf. It’s okay now, but even if he gets a terrible beard like Rackman, it’s still bad if he has boobs indiscriminately. Or rather, I wouldn’t like it.

“Is that okay with you?”

“I’m sure Selenium will have breast milk in the near future, so you have my permission, food-wise”

“Yes♪ ……I hope you’re looking forward to it, Andy-san♪”

“Of course”

Breast milk is the highest. And I’m excited to expect it, leaving my son behind. Hilda-san who is next to me is poking me with her elbow.

“Andy-kun. That’s not the point”

“Ah, right. ……Is Irina there?”

“Irina-sama just took Dianne-san and Laila-san with her”

……New house? I’m curious about that, but it can be seen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

“Then is Christie……”


Christie was just coming down the stairs.

“What can I do for you?”

“Yeah. I want to go to the Holy Beast Labyrinth. Can you take me there?”

“I don’t mind, but……you too, Hilda-san?”

“Hmm? What?”

“No, I just thought it was unusual”

……Hmm? Well, come to think of it……oh? Hilda-san is……perhaps she hasn’t seen Breakcore since she transformed into a girl?

“I don’t really want to walk the northern forest so much, but this time it’s about medical treatment”

“I understand. I’ll hand over the work now”

Christie walks up the stairs and gives quick instructions to her female subordinates. In this way, she is a really big woman.


With Maia holding a carriage, several patients who are particularly inconvenient even for cat beasts and several elves of the Sakura clan board as assistance. Plus, me, Hilda, Christie and Luna. Christie had joined the discussion with Laila and the others during our last visit, so she knew the full extent of the procedure. While explaining it to Hilda-san on the way, she also agreed with her technical concerns.

“I’m sure you can do that with that technique, but……the problem is, as Hilda-san said, whether the cat beast’s body can withstand the forceful regeneration……and whether it can handle the magic connection”


“Conceptually, it is necessary to 『Pass』the wound to Breakcore, so the cat beasts also need control. You don’t need a magic background……but it may require some practice”

“And can you really 『Pass』 a wound that has already healed to a holy beast……another problem is that you can’t relieve pain by nature”

Christie and Hilda nodded at each other seriously and finished sorting out the problems. There Chibi Maia whispers on my shoulder.

“Andy-sama. It’s about time”

“Are we there?”


“Is Breakcore aware of our arrival?

“Yeah. She keeps looking at me”

“Good. Then land”

I tell Maia and we land in the meadow as usual.


Today’s Breakcore was small. She looked younger than Maia. She had fluffy white hair tied up in a ponytail with a cord of white clover, which was very cute.

“I’m glad you’ve come to see me again. ……What about those cat beasts?”

“Ah. We need to talk to you about something”


“That 『Contract of Life』……emm, is it applicable?”

Hilda, Christie and Breakcore began to seriously discuss my proposal from the doctor’s point of view, the magic theory point of view and the operator’s point of view.

“As for regeneration control, there’s no problem at all on my end. Whether it’s a hand, a foot or an internal organ, I’ll be able to heal it……however, I also think that a cat beast unfamiliar with magic might not be able to handle the connection”

“Also, it would be a pity to have to re-experience the pain of losing it, wouldn’t it? We can’t just knock them out……”

“I think we can modify the spell to deal with this to some extent. If we double-connect the control to the holy beast, they won’t feel any pain, but they’ll still be able to feel it……”

“That would run the risk of over-healing. If you’re not careful, your mind will be affected by 『Qi』 and worst of all, your personality and memories will be erased”

“That’s right……I wonder if there’s any way to do that”

I can only vaguely understand the discussion, so I can only sit in a triangle with Luna and Maia and watch.

“Maia, do you understand what that means?”

“Sort of.”

“Do you have any ideas?”

“No……I’m sorry”

“No, you don’t have to apologize to me”

While I vaguely watched the girls debate, the cat beasts that had been brought in were delighted to see the evergreen meadow.


“I’d like to run around if I could”

“I never knew there was such a beautiful forest in the world……”

“Is it really that beautiful? I want to see it too……it’s so frustrating that I can’t see it……”

When I hear their voices, I feel like I need to heal them. But there’s nothing I can do. All I can do is wait. ……It reminds me of old man Bonaparte’s line, what can you do? I can’t do anything. Really.

“Emm……master, sir”

Marone called out to me slowly. Looking back, she was approaching me on the back of an elf of the cherry blossom clan.

“As far as I can tell……I wish I could endure even the pain and use magic, right?”

“Ah, yeah, I guess so, but……”

“I can use a little magic. Here”

Marone casts a small spell, waving her hand lightly. A small amount of water gathered at the tip of her finger and fell on the grass.

“I can’t do anything too difficult, but if it hurts this much……I can endure it. I’ll endure it……”


“I want to stand”

“……Understood. I’ll just ask”

The look in Marone’s eyes was a little comforting. It might be a deathly ordeal for her. Maybe I shouldn’t be so irresponsible as to push her back. But I think she’s ready to take it on.

“Breakcore. Hilda”



“Let Marone do it. She’s got a little bit of magic in her, and……she can stop halfway if she doesn’t want to play it safe”

“That’s true, but……”

“But it really hurts and it’s painful, right?”

“Marone says she wants to do it. She wants to stand”

I tell them this and they are silent for about ten seconds.

“……Dark Elf. Will you be able to cast a sensory illusion at a moment’s notice?”

“Yes. ……You’ll do that, won’t you?”

“I have nothing to lose by doing it. ……It’s not my taste to torment Andy’s women, but if she’s ready to do it, I have no obligation to stop her”

Breakcore pulls out her floral diadem and stands up.

“Come here, Marone and the others. This technique requires preparation of the location”

“Y, Yes!”

Let us clean up the furniture in the dwelling above the labyrinth and Breakcore and Marone sit facing the center of the room.

“……Let’s get started”

Breakcore joins hands after making some preparations around her.

“Stay where you are. ……Well, can’t you move?”


Breakcore’s right hand touches Marone’s forehead with a serious look. And the two bodies begin to shine.

“……I´m connected now……it’s not a permanent connection, but I can take care of your regeneration for now”

Breakcore speaks to Marone with a serious, yet somehow compassionate look in her eyes.

“Imagine. That you are mortal. Your body will be revived freely. What you have lost will grow back”


Marone’s body tensed up.

“Yes, that’s good……you’re connected to me. Picture it more clearly. The scars are false. It’s just a lid in the way. Break through it. Your feet are there. Use your strength. Bring back your legs. Break through the skin, expose the bones connect it with tendons cover it with flesh”

“Ku, aa……a, auaa……!”

“Yeah, yeah, more”

“I, It hurts……”

“It hurts and you’re ready for it. That’s all the pain you’ll ever need to get up again, so it’s a small price to pay”

“A, aaaa……ga, aaa……”

Marone’s light gets stronger. And then that right leg, the one without anything below the knee, suddenly spurted blood.



I’m surprised and Luna shouts. Breakcore says sharply.

“Yes, that’s it. It’s okay……you’re not going to die from that kind of pain. No, you’re not going to die now. Suffer and struggle. Wish. You’re……”

“Ga, aaaaaaaa!!”

Screams and tears of grief. And Breakcore is covered in blood. But right in front of her eyes, she can see bones in Marone’s blood. Flesh grows. Gradually, the shins start to form.


A beastly scream and blood being spattered. However, even in the midst of all this, I couldn’t take my eyes off the body that was being revived……the wound on her left leg also ripped open and blood spurted out. Marone is in a terrible state of tears, snot and anguish. Breakcore continues to admonish her while bathed in her blood. Eventually, in the pool of blood in the room, a bright red right foot is completed. A few minutes later, the left leg regenerates.

“……A, ga……ua……”

“Good work. ……It’s growing back”


“You can run around as much as you like. ……Get some rest”

When Breakcore smiled, Marone fell on the bloody floor with a peace of mind.


“Don’t worry, she should be in a non-lethal state now. ……I don’t know how she managed to keep her mind on. You’re a strong girl, Marone”

“It’s kind of torture to regenerate so slowly, but I’m frustrated because I can get it back in a few seconds even if I have two bodies”

Luna picked Marone up and Hilda, who was waiting in the corner of the room, wiped her body with a wet cloth and cast some kind of magic on her. It’s probably some kind of magic that takes away the pain. Because she was suffering so much, the afterglow of pain will not come out immediately.

“……It hurts because it’s really slow to pull out power, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t run away because it’s slow. I also think about Leica´s holy beast”

“But it’s a technique as a safeguard to prevent certain knights from dying, right? If it’s for this kind of regeneration, I think it can be a little more manageable……it’s a pity to torture a girl like this, even if it’s not Marone.


Breakcore uses magic to levitate the blood off the floor and dispose of it in the trays……showing a rough job, but thinking about it a bit.

“……If you let the excess energy escape somewhere, it seems that there is no problem in relieving the pain during regeneration with an illusion or something……”


Hilda takes action there.

“Lets get rid of it……in other words, should I hand it over to someone else?”

“Yes. But to extract only the excess qi is not possible……besides, it is the qi of a holy beast. It’s also a vessel that can accept it”

“Huhuhu. There’s a dragon here”

“……No way”

There is also a dragon rider”


You’re talking to me!?

“I’m also here”


“The three of us might be able to work something out☆”

“……Three of us?”


What are you thinking about, doctor?

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