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«Grand Ancestral Bloodlines (Web Novel) - Chapter 1853 Rinushka

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Chapter 1853 Rinushka

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The Dao Lord was a woman with a delicate touch of beauty on her face. She didn't seem to be the most beautiful woman in the world, and yet her aura alone seemed to make up for that in spades.

She was confident, calm, and when she walked forward, it seemed as though the world heeded her call and listened to the rhythm of her heart.

She couldn't have been more normal.

Delicate tanned skin, flowing blackish-brown hair, a pair of brown eyes that shone like amber beneath the right light but were entirely unassuming otherwise…

She looked more like a beautiful young lady plucked out from the mortal realms than a Dao Lord with the power to blow such a world apart with a kiss at the air.

Her robes were loose and fluttering, and somehow gave her the air of a judge rather than a cultivator. But all of this entirely paled in comparison to her demeanor and aura.

It could only be described as… perfect.

Ryu remembered this feeling. It was the feeling that he had chased after in that vast white room back in the Heavenly Path. It was a oneness with the Heavens that gave one uncaring, unhurried, and effortless power.

She was more in tune with the Heavens than anything that Ryu had ever seen, and yet he had the Childe of Order Constitution. It could be said that this was a large part of his strength. Though, in this world, he was only able to use 10% of it at most. The laws were too different here.

What was just as interesting as all of this was that the moment this Dao Lord appeared, even the Dao Gods who had begun to get infuriated by Ryu's words shut their mouths.


Ryu already had a guess. This woman would have to be a personal disciple of one of those seven highest peak Dao Gods. And in that case, it could only be that his lovely wife had taken a disciple.

It was a bit disappointing because he wanted to see her personally. But if she didn't come, then that could only mean that she truly couldn't.

"That is enough. Let him go."

The Dao Lord landed in a middle position on Ailsa's mountain. It was clear that even though she had come alone, she had great respect for her master and as such, although no one would blame her for standing at the peak, or at least near it, she still chose this position instead.

However, her words made several expressions change.

"Lady Rinushka, this…"

It was Aerendil who spoke. Clearly, the Dao Gods were still trying to maintain some of their superiority. Although they weren't bold enough to say that she wasn't allowed to be here, they also didn't dare to ignore her presence either. In the end, this was the middle ground they had tacitly agreed upon.

But in the end, Aerendil was still a Dao Sovereign. The fact that he lowered himself to talk so respectfully to a Dao Lord spoke volumes all on its own.

However, while he gave this Rinushka face, she didn't seem to have any intention of reciprocating.

"I said… release him."

She repeated her words as though she couldn't sense Aerendil's probing intent at all.

Aerendil took a breath to calm his raging emotions. He pressed them down and his gaze turned dull, clearly a skill to suppress himself.

"Is this your will? Or the will of your master?"


The moment he spoke, a violent pressure came from Rinushka and the world seemed to overturn. Several images from the surrounding Dao Gods almost collapsed. In the end, they were a far-off distance away and only relying on the formations of the Luminara Clan to appear here.

What Ryu didn't know was that most of the mountains here were just for show and nothing else. With the wealth of the Luminara Clan, they couldn't sustain the projection of a Peak Dao God even if they wanted to.

As such, right here and now… Rinushka might very well be the most powerful person present.

"Are the intentions of my master something that you can ask questions about?"

Aerendil trembled, but in the end, his eyes remained dull. He managed to suppress his emotions once again, and this time, he didn't look toward Rinushka at all, but rather the Dao God of the Luminara Clan.

It was clear that this wasn't a matter that Aerendil would be able to handle on his own.

It was clear and obvious to Ryu that the Dao God's expression was incredibly ugly. It couldn't be hidden from him at all.

"Return my Clan's geniuses, then we can talk about releasing you."

This was the only way for the man to save face. He, too, turned his attention away from Rinushka and looked toward Ryu instead.

In fact, when these words were said, Rinushka also turned toward Ryu as though expecting him to do so.

The Luminara Clan had had forever to check every crevice of Ryu's body, but they had ended up finding nothing at all on him. This was an obvious sign to them that Ryu had stored everything in his Inner World, an ability all Heavenly Pupils had at their fingertips. It also made them realize that there was no getting their geniuses back unless they took Ryu's eyes or accepted the change.

"Your master didn't tell you very much about me, did she?"

This time, Ryu ignored the Dao God and looked at Rinushka. His words, though, caused her to frown.

She had asked Ailsa if she planned on taking Ryu as a disciple, but that was when her master did something she almost never did and laughed as though it was the world's funniest joke.

To Rinushka, this meant that Ryu wasn't worthy of being taken as a disciple, and it also made her feel closer to her master.

So when Ryu spoke like this, it made her feel endlessly uncomfortable all over.

What did that mean?

"… Because if she had, you wouldn't be looking at me as though returning those fools was an option. Well, I wouldn't say not an option at all.

"I do have two heads for you."

*Plop* *Plop*

A pair of heads fell to the ground in a bloody mess.

At the same time, two soul tablets shattered.

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