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«Grand Ancestral Bloodlines (Web Novel) - Chapter 1852 Eyes

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Chapter 1852 Eyes

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Ryu didn't react to these words. Though, in action, it looked like he was much too slow to react. The words of the Luminara Clan Dao God were acted upon so swiftly that it seemed almost too obvious that all of this was planned in advance.

However, what they had underestimated was Ryu's thinking speed. He might have been weak, but between his innate strengths thanks to the unique combination of talents he was born with, not to mention his Internal Matrix, the movements of these Dao Lords and Dao Sovereigns were well within his purview. If not, he would have never been able to act with enough precision and ferocity to deal a dead blow to a Dao Sovereign.

So, just when it seemed that the Dao Lords were about to reach him, he spoke calmly.

"Sure, you can have a go. We'll see who's faster, the pitiful Dao Lords and Sovereigns of your Clan, or me. And if you think taking my eyes is so easy… I have quite the rude awakening for you."

Ryu closed his eyes again as though what was happening around him had nothing to do with him. However, even with them closed, he could feel hands grabbing for his body and fingers prying toward his eyes.

Even then, he did absolutely nothing at all.


A trio of two fingers and a thumb pressed into his head, pinching into his skin and shattering the bone that surrounded his eyes.

They reached over and grabbed down, pulling.

It was a pain that could shake the soul. This bone was probably one of the most sensitive, if not the most sensitive, of the entire body, and it fragmenting like this sent pieces flying into equally as fragile and sensitive skin.

However, when the fingers pinched down and tried to pull, Ryu's entire body came with them.

The Dao Sovereign that had acted was startled. Of course, this Dao Sovereign was none other than Aerendil.

Although he had slowed his speed and toggled down his strength when approaching Ryu so that the latter's entire head wouldn't be blown off, he hadn't held back his raw strength with pulling back. Logically, the flesh connecting Ryu's eyes to his brain should have been fragile enough to completely collapse in that moment.

The eyes were well known as some of the most sensitive parts of the body. The only reason they were pulling so savagely now was one, to make Ryu pay a heavy price, and two, because the Sovereign had already felt that he was past the stage of having to worry about them being destroyed.

'Oh no!'

The Dao Sovereign realized something. If he pulled so hard and yet nothing came back, did he destroy the eyes? Even though the Mysteries of Heaven and Earth Pupils were ranked low in this world, they were still Heavenly Pupils. Even the lowest ranked among them was invaluable. You simply couldn't put a price on such talent.

However, to the Dao Sovereign's shock, when he looked down at the Mysteries of Heaven and Earth Pupil in his palm, there was an eerie silver staring right back at him.

From start to finish, Ryu didn't even react. The strength of his eyes wasn't something that others could fathom. In fact, even if a Dao God attacked him with full force right now, while the rest of his body would be obliterated, his eyes would be just fine as though nothing at all had happened.

Even before his Rebirth, his eyes had been incredibly sturdy. But after, they had reached a level that even more treasures could only hope to aspire toward.

Let alone crushing his eyes, even if that was precisely what Aerendil was trying to do, it would be useless.

However, that didn't stop a shuddering pain from surging into Ryu's brain. The fleshly connection was ripped and torn as though Aerendil might succeed in pulling his brains out through his eye sockets alone.

But did he dare to do so?

By now, the entire atmosphere was frozen, and the young man who seemed to be in the worst of situations stood the most calmly.

Just now, Ryu had truly almost died. The only reason his brains weren't pulled completely out of his head was because he was circulating Embryonic Qi at the same time to rapidly repair the harm that was being done, something that only succeeded because Aerendil hadn't used any of his qi.

And yet, despite being so close to death, Ryu was impossibly calm.

For one, even if his brains were pulled out, with his control over his soul, he wouldn't die immediately and he could still use Embryonic Qi to repair himself.

And two, this was all within his calculations.

Ryu took his eye back from Aerendil's stunned open palm. The Dao Sovereign was so shocked about what was happening that he didn't even react to the change. He could only watch as Ryu put his eye back in.

Blood drizzled down half of Ryu's face and cheek, but when he looked forward, he didn't seem to have noticed at all.


It was a single word, and yet it sent a spike of fury spiraling through Aerendil's body. And yet, when he raised a hand to strike, he couldn't follow through.

He knew that he couldn't.

If it was so hard to take Ryu's eyes, that meant that without killing him, it was simply impossible. And if they killed him, it wouldn't matter whether they took his eyes or not. That sort of bad Karma would wash over them all, and then their Real Plane would truly be finished.

"It's no wonder the Real Plane is in such a losing position. You Sovereigns are trash, your Dao Gods are fools, and you think that dealing with a genius like myself is actually so easy.

"Why don't you stop and think for a moment about why I dare to do all of this?"

At that moment, the world shuddered and an aura descended.

But they were shocked to find that it was a Dao Lord.

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