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«Godly Stay-Home Dad (Web Novel) - Chapter 1463 Enrollment At the University

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Chapter 1463 Enrollment At the University

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“School starts on September 1st, and students can enter the school from the 29th to the 31st.”

Mengmeng took the admission letter to Zhang Han and Zi Yan and said, “I'll be in Class 431 of the Department of Finance of Westpam University.”

“You've got the admission letter?” Zi Yan stood up with a smile and said, “Show it to me.”

“Check it out.” Mengmeng handed the letter to Zi Yan.

“The letter is very unique.” As soon as Zi Yan checked it, Zhang Han came over and said, “Let me have a look. It's our daughter's admission letter. She's about to go to college, hahaha.”

Zhang Han couldn't help laughing as he read the letter.

In Zhang Han's eyes, Mengmeng's admission letter to the university was extraordinary.

“When are you going to go there?” Zhang Han asked with a smile.

“We've already decided to go there on the 29th. We'll stay in the West Capital for two days before going to campus,” Mengmeng replied.

“We will give you a ride,” Zhang Han said. He also recalled the days when he was in college. He shook his head and said, “I didn't understand before why those who went to college had to be sent by their parents. All parents would be worried and reluctant with their kids. This time, we will also send you off.”

“Uh, okay.”

Mengmeng blinked and nodded her head in agreement.

She, Yue Xiaonao, and Li Muen had already decided to leave together, so they didn't need their parents to send them off.

In the end, only her parents would send her off.

Of course, Mengmeng was very happy to do that.

“We can hang out together for two days. Hee-hee, by the way, Li Muen has booked a flight for us.” Mengmeng suddenly remembered that.

“Don't we have our own planes?” Zhang Han asked in confusion.

“It's boring to take a private plane all the time,” Mengmeng said. “Anyway, I'm going to college. I'll just go to school normally.”

“You're right.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “I'll ask someone to help buy two flight tickets later. Oh, by the way, didn't you lose your bank card last time? Have you applied for a new one yet?”

“I have,” Mengmeng replied.

“How much money do you have in your bank card now?” Zhang Han asked casually.

“I don't know.” Mengmeng recalled the prompt of the mobile phone message and said, “I guess I still have much left. I don't spend much money.”

She didn't pay much attention to the specific number. She only knew that it was a lot.

Zhang Han took out his mobile phone and said, “Dongheng? Ask someone to check my daughter's flight to the West Capital and buy two tickets for me and Zi Yan…”

He gave the other party some instructions.

Not long after, Mengmeng's newly bought mobile phone received another message notification.

She clicked to open it and had a look.

A series of money was transferred into her account.

“Father, did you just give me pocket money again?” Mengmeng said with a grin.

“Of course, as a little girl, you should be equipped with a lot of money when you're studying in another city,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“You just know how to spoil her.” Zi Yan smiled and rolled her eyes.

“We only have this precious daughter…”

Mengmeng was still listening with a smile, but Zhang Han suddenly changed the subject.

“Why don't we have a second child? If we do, we won't have to spoil Mengmeng.”

Zi Yan knew that Zhang Han was joking, so she narrowed her eyes slightly and said, “That's a good idea. If we have another child, it'd better be a little boy.”

“That won't do. I'm too old to be an elder sister for a little boy.” After being stunned for a moment, Mengmeng immediately said, “Don't do it. I don't want a younger brother or sister now. Besides, aren't you pleased to have me?”

Zhang Han laughed and said, “We are.”


Mengmeng snorted, took her admission letter, and ran out happily.

The little girl didn't know that Zi Yan could only give birth to one child, which made her the only child of the family.

There was a total of one month's holiday.

On the second day, Mengmeng was lying on the bed playing online games.

“Mengmeng, get up. We're going out for a while.” Zi Yan knocked on the door and entered.

“I haven't rested enough yet. Where are you going?” Mengmeng asked.

“The Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

“Huh?” Mengmeng was stunned. “You're going to the Cultivation World again so soon?”

“We're going to get some business done. Your dad has prepared the Chaotic Stone Tablet. We'll go to the Rain-falling Star and put the stone tablet in. Then, we'll come back,” Zi Yan asked. “Are you going or not?”

“If I'm not going, who's going to take you out?” Mengmeng immediately got out of bed and began to wash and dress.

“Elder Yue will go with us.” Zi Yan smiled and said, “If you don't want to go, you can stay at home and look after the house.”

“No. I am going.”

Mengmeng simply packed up and was ready to go.

After about half an hour, Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei came over from the outside.

Yue Xiaonao and Mengmeng were also waiting here.

They were the only ones who were going out.

Dahei and Little Hei stayed on Mount New Moon.

The spaceship left the secular world. After more than ten days, it arrived at the Rain-falling Star.

Nowadays, seas were surging, and mountains were whistling in the Rain-falling Star. They could feel the strong wind and waves with their soul senses. They could only see dense dark clouds, lightning, and thunder with the naked eye.

“What's the use of the Chaotic Stone Tablet?” Yue Wuwei's face was full of curiosity.

“Haven't you seen this kind of Profound-grade treasure before?” Zhang Han asked.

“Brat, are you still pretending? Don't play dumb with me,” Yue Wuwei said grumpily. “I've heard that you used to be in the Cultivation World, and you were even at the Tribulation Stage Ninth Tier. I've been fooled by you. Tell me quickly.”

At the thought of this, Yue Wuwei felt rather bitter.

He did not expect Zhang Han to be a hidden big shot.

In the past, Zhang Han had actually reached the Tribulation Stage Ninth Tier. But now, he was acting like a green hand to him.

Yue Wuwei recalled the competition he had with Zhang Han over the years.

It was as if he was showing off in front of a master.

It was no wonder that Zhang Han knew so many skills.

After all, he was at the Tribulation Stage Ninth Tier.

Everything seemed to make sense now, but Yue Wuwei felt quite depressed.

“Chaotic Stone Tablet.”

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and said, “It's a kind of special Profound-grade treasure. If you want to feel something in the stone tablet, your cultivation needs to reach at least the Tribulation Stage Seventh Tier. The Chaotic Stone Tablet, which can also be called the Chaotic Time Tablet, can accelerate the development of time. When you comprehend it, it can speed up your understanding of occult arts, supernatural powers, and so on. In short, it has a lot of uses. It is a valuable treasure among Profound-grade treasures, surpassing the ninth-tier spirit treasures.”

Yue Wuwei knew that not every kind of Profound-grade treasure was more powerful than a ninth-tier spirit treasure. Profound-grade treasures belonged to a type of spirit treasures that had functions above the seventh-tier ones. They could also surpass the ninth-tier ones.

“Does this mean that the Chaotic Stone Tablet can accelerate the change of the Rain-falling Star?” Yue Wuwei asked.

“That's right. In the past, it might take a hundred years for the Rain-falling Star to transform. But now, it will only take a few years since we have the Chaotic Stone Tablet.”

After saying that, Zhang Han walked to the cabin door.

Yue Wuwei, Lisa, Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and Yue Xiaonao all followed behind.

When they arrived in the void of the universe, Zhang Han began to cast his supernatural powers. Various kinds of treasures came out in an endless stream, outlining bright threads. The Chaotic Stone Tablet slowly fell from the center of the treasures and sank to the surface of the planet.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

For a moment, the wind and clouds changed. The sky on the Rain-falling Star suddenly became clear. There was no wind or waves. Everything seemed to have stopped.

However, in the next moment, a change suddenly occurred.

Regardless of whether it was lightning or wind, they were actually dozens of times faster.

The extremely intense lightning and thunder made the planet look like a night-luminescent pearl in the universe, shining forever.

“That should do the work.”

The entire process was relatively simple.

“Aren't you afraid of losing the stone tablet?” Yue Wuwei couldn't help but ask.

“I've used it up.”

Zhang Han's words made Yue Wuwei's mouth tremble.

“A Profound-grade Treasure is gone just like that?

“He is quite generous.”

If it were Yue Wuwei, he might not be willing to use it. It would just take a hundred years. He could just wait.

Zhang Han, however, didn't care about treasures.

He had once attached great importance to the treasures like the Chaotic Stone Tablet, but those treasures didn't help him pass the divine thunder over the sky. They were either scattered elsewhere or became other people's treasures.

These things meant nothing to him.

The group set off on their return journey.

They passed by the Dragon Base Star and took a few hours off.

The current situation of the Heavenly Group was completely fine. Moreover, the Blue Sand Wind Domain had also gradually disappeared. The Sea Dragon Star Area had imperceptibly become much closer to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The group got back to the secular world.

It took them 26 days to go back and forth.

They spent only a few hours in total on the Rain-falling Star, and the rest of the time was spent traveling.

This was a miniature image of the Cultivation World. It would take a very long time to travel from one place to another.

But of course, cultivators didn't lack time.

“It's the 27th.”

When they returned to Mount New Moon, Mengmeng lay on her big bed and said, “It's so comfortable. Lying down is better.”

A moment later, Zi Yan came. She sat by the bed and was looking at her mobile phone.

“By the way, Mengmeng, a lot of your classmates are holding a graduation party. Do you want to hold one?”

“Your Majesty, I enjoy being lazy and greedy now. I don't want to move at all and don't like trouble. Hey, I feel like having some fruit while lying down,” Mengmeng said lazily.

Zi Yan said grumpily, “Wicked girl.”

She turned around and walked out. She took out some fruit, two glasses of juice, and a few bags of snacks.

Mengmeng said with a grin, “Thank you, Mummy.”

Lying on the bed, she ate snacks on the small table and looked at the tablet with great interest.

She stayed at home for two days and did not go anywhere.

On the 29th, Zhang Han, Zi Yan, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Li Muen headed for Xiangjiang International Airport.

The plane would take off at 10:10 a.m.

In just three hours, they arrived at the West Capital Airport.

As one of the best tourist attractions and one of the best cities in the world, West Capital was the provincial capital of West Province.

“Mengmeng, you didn't even bring your luggage.”

Li Muen looked at the several people carrying light bags and felt a little envious, but she didn't understand. Even if they were just hanging out for a few days, they should have some daily necessities with them, shouldn't they?

Yue Xiaonao casually replied, “We'll just buy the stuff we need.”

“You're going to study in this city.” Zhang Han chuckled and said, “What should we do now? Shall we go to college first and help you settle down in your dormitory? Or do you feel like touring around the city first?”

“We'll take the airport bus and go to the university first,” Mengmeng said.


This time, it was Zhang Han who ran errands and went to buy tickets. They got on the airport bus. About an hour later, they took a different bus and finally arrived at the gate of Westpam University.

The gate looked quite magnificent. Many freshmen and parents could be seen coming and going, and many private cars were coming over.

There were sophomore volunteers on campus to receive freshmen.

Many people were staring at them, especially the sophomores, who were staring at the beautiful junior girls.

When those guys were freshmen, they had no experience and wanted to pick up girls. As a result, in less than a month, they found that many beautiful girls had been pursued by sophomores.

Now that they had become sophomores, they were naturally happy to let their juniors experience the same feeling.

These people would also observe.

Occasionally, they would see parents who sent their children to school, driving luxury cars like the Audi A8L, Land Rover Evoque, Mercedes Benz, Bentleys, and Rolls-Royces, which would attract a lot of attention.

This meant that these freshmen were all from rich families.

However, only a very small number of the freshmen got to have luxury cars as their rides.

The sophomores were more interested in the beautiful juniors.

“Holy sh*t. Look at those girls.”

After Zhang Han and the others walked into the campus, many sophomore students who received freshmen were suddenly amazed.

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