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«Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 4138: Clouds Follow Dragons and Wind Follow Tigers (37)

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Chapter 4138: Clouds Follow Dragons and Wind Follow Tigers (37)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The people of the Junwu Empire didn’t know the name, but those from the Yan Empire opened their eyes wide.

Mr. Wuya?

Was there a connection between this Senior Huyan and Mr. Wuya? If so, it would be so terrifying!

Senior Huyan only smiled. ‘Why did you bring up my eldest senior brother?” The eldest senior brother?

That surprised not only the people of the Dayan Empire but Feng Wu as well.

Patriarch Huyan’s senior brother was hers as well!

What kind of a person was this Senior Brother Wuya?

Feng Wu could see how astonished and revered the people of the Dayan Empire were.


Was her senior brother that capable?

Yan Yu was shocked by the news as well. “Senior, are you a disciple of the Sacred Mu Cliff?”

What was the Sacred Mu Cliff? Feng Wu looked curiously at Patriarch Huyan.

However, Patriarch Huyan nodded without hesitation. “That’s right.” Yan Yu drew in his breath.

He couldn’t for the life of him figure out why someone from a low-ranking kingdom would be associated with the Sacred Mu Cliff, which was the sacred ground of the empire!

Although there were only a few members, it was still a sacred ground for super forces!

He took a deep breath and thought to himself, “The Junwu Empire is easy to bully, but no one will dare to pick on the people of Sacred Mu Cliff.”

Who could do that?

No one would be capable enough!

At that thought, he could only ask again, “Senior, are you determined to protect the Junwu Empire? Do you have to?!”

Even the eldest princess would have a headache when dealing with people from Sacred Mu Cliff. Therefore, if that was what Senior Huyan meant, Yan Yu would have to come up with a new plan.

The others all looked eagerly at Patriarch Huyan.

Especially the empress dowager, who was waiting for Patriarch Huyan to say


Of course it was.

If it wasn’t for the Junwu Empire, who else would he do it for?

However, Patriarch Huyan only patted Feng Wu’s head and snorted at Yan Yu. “Don’t you know? I’m protecting this girl. The Junwu Empire has nothing to do with me!”


Those words shocked everyone again.

They had lost count of how many times they had been shocked today. All they knew was that things had turned out to be more unexpected than they had anticipated, and they had been shocked over and over again!

Protect Feng Wu, not the Junwu Empire?

The empress dowager panicked and involuntarily tugged at Emperor Wu’s sleeve. “Your Majesty?!” Say something!

However, Emperor Wu nodded earnestly. “That’s right. Patriarch Huyan is indeed here for Xiao Wu.”

The empress dowager said, “That’s impossible!”

Emperor Wu said, “That’s the truth!”

The empress dowager asked, “Why? Because of that girl? Is she capable enough to do that?”

Emperor Wu nodded. “Xiao Wu is much more capable than you think. Mother, she’s more capable than you can imagine.”

The empress dowager was speechless.

The empress dowager was dumbfounded and couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

When did she know who Feng Wu was? It seemed to be two years ago, when Feng Wu was so weak and had so few connections. Since when did she become so capable? Even the empress dowager felt that she had to look up to the girl…

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