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«Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 4137: Clouds Follow Dragons and Wind Follow Tigers (36)

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Chapter 4137: Clouds Follow Dragons and Wind Follow Tigers (36)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Had it not been for the threat of the Dayan Empire, the Junwu Empire might have been able to withstand it.

Yan Yu smirked. “It doesn’t matter what His Majesty wants because it’s our common understanding to destroy the Junwu Empire!”

“Your common understanding? Who are you referring to?” the Emperor Wu asked.

Yan Yu guffawed. “Are you asking me that? That’s hilarious.”

However, Luo Zilin cut him off. “Who else could it be? Her Royal Highness, of course.”

Yan Yu glared at Luo Zilin. “Since you’re so eager to die, I’ll grant your wish. The princess will come to you when we get back to the empire.”

Luo Zilin chuckled. “See? You’ve admitted it.

Yan Yu said, “You!”

Luo Zilin said, “Hey, are you going to fight or not? If not, take these people and get lost. It’s so annoying.”

Prince Yan Yu was speechless.

He had no choice but to ask for Senior Huyan’s help again. “What does the Junwu Empire pay you? I’ll double it. No, I’ll give you ten times what they offer you!”

Until now, Yan Yu still thought that Patriarch Huyan had been bought over.

However, Patriarch Huyan only gave him a “you idiot” look and shook his head.

Yan Yu asked, ‘After we destroy the Junwu Empire, how about we give this land to Northern Yan?”

Logically speaking, Patriarch Huyan would have said yes, for it would double the size of Northern Yan.

The crowd believed that Patriarch Huyan would say yes. After all, it was a large piece of land.

The empress dowager grew nervous as well, for if she were Patriarch Huyan, she would definitely say yes!

Hence, the empress dowager grabbed Emperor Wu and said, “Your Majesty, do

something. Quickly…” If there was anything else, give it to Patriarch Huyan so that he won’t abandon us!”

Before Emperor Wu could say anything, Patriarch Huyan smirked at Yan Yu. “Cut the crap! Don’t you understand what I’m saying?” Yan Yu said, “You’re not here for the Junwu Empire, are you? You’re here for…”

He pointed at Feng Wu. “You’re here for her, aren’t you?”

Patriarch Huyan found the man talking too much.

If he let Yan Yu know that Feng Wu was the final disciple of his master, with how hostile those people were toward his master, his junior sister would have a very difficult time living there in the future. Hence, he couldn’t expose her identity.

At that thought, Patriarch Huyan made his move. “Let’s do it, then!”

He was a Spiritual Sovereign, and a very advanced one at that. As soon as Patriarch Huyan struck out, Yan Yu almost couldn’t withstand it.

What a powerful being!

Even in the Dayan Empire, such a person was a formidable figure.

Moreover, he found the person rather familiar.

“You are…” Yan Yu stared at Patriarch Huyan. “Have I seen you somewhere before?!”

Without another word, Patriarch Huyan went on fighting.


His fist smashed into Yan Yu, sending the latter flying backward.

This time, Yan Yu was indeed severely injured, but what happened reminded him of a time long ago when he was punched away.

That person had the same temper, the same spiritual essence, and the same stances…

“Who’s Mr. Wuya to you?!” Yan Yu cried out.

Mr. Wuya?

The people of the Junwu Empire didn’t know the name, but those from the Yan Empire opened their eyes wide…

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