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«Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 4041: Night of the Murder

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Chapter 4041: Night of the Murder

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Liu Dabang said, “If she treats Your Majesty that way, she can do whatever she wants to everyone else in the kingdom. To Princess Yan Ling, maybe Lord Jing is worse than a dog.”

“Damn it! Damn it!” Recalling how disrespectful Princess Yan Ling had been to him, the Dongsang King was furious.

Liu said, “So, it’s true that Lord Jing hates Princess Yan Ling. As for what Princess Yan Ling said about you being disobedient… I’m afraid we’ll have to look into it. ”

Dongsang King nodded. He wasn’t the type to trust Lord Jing unconditionally.

“Summon the crown prince.” The Dongsang King smirked. “According to what Lord Jing said, Princess Yan Ling failed to conspire with him and was angry. However, she has the perfect potential partner. Of course, she would go to him!”

It was Night Owl, the crown prince.

Since she wanted to replace the king, Night Owl would be the first partner Princess Yan Ling would work with,

Liu nodded with a smile. “Your Majesty, you’re so wise!”

The Dongsang King waved his hand, still feeling sad.

Because it was a losing battle.

If he could prove that what Lord Jing said was true, then Princess Yan Ling would make up her mind to replace him. What other choice did he have? Of course, she wouldn’t let him abdicate. Death from some illness would be the best option.

If he could prove that Lord Jing was lying, he would be so disappointed that his best friend had betrayed him.

The Dongsang King believed Lord Jing, but he also hoped that the latter was telling the truth.

Human nature was so complicated.

Night Owl was in his residence, and soon, Liu Dabang came to fetch him.

Seeing Liu, Night Owl sighed inwardly. His father was indeed the best strategist in the world. He had planned everything perfectly.

Night Owl looked like he was going out as well.

“Master Liu!”

Night Owl asked loudly, “What are you doing here?”

Master Liu was confused. “Your Royal Highness, are you going out in the middle of the night?”

Night Owl nodded. “I need to go to court.”

Master Liu asked, “What’s the matter? Can’t it wait until tomorrow?”

Night Owl said anxiously, “This is a serious matter, and the entire Dongsang Kingdom is at stake. I can’t wait any longer. I have to go to court now. By the way, Master Liu, you’re…”

Master Liu immediately changed his wording. “His Majesty cares about Your

Royal Highness, so he sent me here to see if you’re doing well.”

Night Owl pleaded, “Let’s put that aside for now. Master Liu, can you take me to His Majesty?”

Night Owl sounded quite sincere.

Eunuch Liu seemed troubled, but he nodded in the end.

He couldn’t let the crown prince know that he had been sent by His Majesty to fetch him.

In the palace.

“Father!” Night Owl dropped to his knees as soon as he saw the Dongsang King.

“Father, I’m sorry. Please punish me!”

Emperor Wu stared at Night Owl. “What did you do?”

Night Owl said, “I… I… I didn’t know that Princess Yan Ling would come to me and say such things. Father, I have no ill intentions!”

The Dongsang King stared at Master Liu and wondered if he had revealed the secret.

Master Liu shook his head.

Only then did the Dongsang King look at Night Owl again and say coldly, ‘What did Princess Yan Ling say to scare you so much? You’re the crown prince, so you should be more level-headed.”

Night Owl said between broken sobs, “Father, I can’t stay calm this time! Princess Yan Ling is a usurper!” Thump!

The Dongsang King dropped his teacup.

“What did you say?!” The King walked up to Night Owl and stared at him. “Say that again!”

Night Owl cried as if he was scared out of his wits.

“Father, Princess Yan Ling has lost her mind! She’s insane! I’m not on friendly terms with her! I’ll never be in cahoots with her! I…

Seeing that Night Owl was eager to clear his name, the Dongsang King waved his hand. “I believe you’re innocent. Tell me what Princess Yan Ling told you.”

Night Owl said, “Father, Princess Yan Ling said… She accused you of not being qualified to be the king. She said that she was going to write a letter to her father and ask him to let her find a new king. That person she was talking about was me…

“Your Majesty, you’re like a god to me. You were the one who taught me when I was little. The throne can’t change that.

“Princess Yan Ling also threatened me. If I don’t agree, she’ll find someone else to be the king, or even herself. As for me… Since she can kill my brother, it’ll be a piece of cake for her to kill me.”

“How dare she?!” The Dongsang King bellowed.

Before, he only believed 30% of what Lord Jing said, but now, he was 50% convinced.

Night Owl had practiced his act with Lord Jing. He said in a sad voice, “Father, she really said that. She really threatened me… Father, what should I do? I don’t want to die.”

The Dongsang King took a deep breath. “Don’t worry. I won’t let you die.

“But I’ll summon Princess Yan Ling to see what she wants!”

So, he was going to confront Princess Yan Ling?

He would be able to tell who was telling the truth.

Night Owl couldn’t help but compliment Lord Jing in his head. Meanwhile, he said, “Father, if we bring Princess Yan Ling here, you’ll alert her immediately!”

The Dongsang King gave Night Owl a suspicious look. He wouldn’t let Princess Yan Ling come? Was the crown prince lying?

Night Owl saw the suspicion in the Dongsang King’s eyes, but he was prepared for it.

“Father, when Princess Yan Ling came to see me, I was worried that she would try to harm me, so I used the Spiritual Fossil Stone. That was why I recorded everything Princess Yan Ling said when she came to see me. Father, please have a look.”

Was that even possible?

The Dongsang King took the Spiritual Fossil Stone and saw what was inside.

Princess Yan Ling had indeed proposed to work with Night Owl to remove the king from the throne.

There wasn’t much footage, but it was enough to make the Dongsang King furious.

What the Dongsang King didn’t know was…

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