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«Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game (Web Novel) - Chapter 2222 The Test

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Chapter 2222 The Test

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“Minister Ray, we’ve known each other for a long time, you should understand me,” Ji Haiting said seriously. “My standpoint has never changed. Humanity will never submit to the dependents or the tree spirit tribe. We must wield enough power to protect ourselves.”

“I understand your point. I will report this matter to the higher-ups.”

Minister Ray glanced at Ji Haiting, then checked the time before saying, “Alright, let’s not dwell on this. It’s getting late, and the validation experiments on psychic abilities should be underway. Let’s go together and see the specifics.”

“Okay, please.”

Soon, Ray Changhong and Ji Haiting returned to the Federation’s Psychic Research Institute through the teleportation passage.

Inside the main research room of the institute, Hu Haiyu and another soldier who participated in the test had just finished a three-and-a-half-hour cultivation session. They were being brought into the research room for subsequent human data monitoring.

An assistant from the laboratory knocked on the door and respectfully entered, handing over two reports. “Gentlemen, we’ve conducted preliminary tests on the participants’ physical data. The results greatly exceeded our expectations. The subjects’ physical indicators are approximately 4-7 times higher than those of ordinary individuals, reaching an outstanding level that cannot be achieved through training alone.”

“In addition, the preliminary data analysis and testing on various side effects have only revealed one issue so far: the participants are somewhat resistant to intense light stimuli.”

“This is very strange. We’ve conducted tests, and they are not affected by light sources, but they experience psychological discomfort. We will conduct further research on this matter. No other side effects have been discovered, and we will continue to observe them in subsequent tests.”

Ji Haiting looked at the detailed report for the first time, carefully reading through it. He couldn’t help but lift his head and look through the one-way glass at the two soldiers who had undergone the Tier 2 human trial.

A 4-7 times increase in physical attributes!

This was the surprise Fang Heng had brought him!

He even felt tempted to try it himself.

Ray Changhong closed the documents in his hand and asked, “How do the testers feel now?”

“They feel great. After a continuous three-and-a-half-hour cultivation session, according to the two individuals, they have made significant breakthroughs in psychic abilities. They feel there are no issues with their bodies and are excited mentally. They believe they are far from reaching their limits and are eager to continue their mental honing practice to see where their limits lie.”

Ray Changhong and Ji Haiting looked at each other.

Shi Yanwu, who was accompanying them, nodded in agreement.

He actually understood the soldiers’ feelings very well.

Not to mention these ordinary soldiers, even he felt eager.

He couldn’t wait to participate in the Tier 2 testing under Dr. Fang’s technological assistance and see how far psychic abilities could be enhanced!

Minister Ray asked, “Have there been any field tests?”

The data on paper was only a preliminary assessment.

Seeing is believing.

You need to see practical application in order to have confidence.

“Reporting, Sir, we’ve just arranged a round of spiritual barrier tests. The simulated barriers constructed by the participants are 4.2 times stronger than the barriers before the trial,” the officer reported.

Ray Changhong’s pupils contracted sharply at this news.

So high!?

The research room supervisor nodded and said, “Sir, the next round of field tests is ready. We’ll arrange it at Training Ground Number Three. It’s estimated that it will officially commence in five minutes. Would you like to come and see?”

Minister Ray had this intention and nodded, saying, “Yes, let’s go and take a look.”

Soon, a group of research personnel followed Minister Ray to Training Ground Number Three for observation.

“Minister Ray, this is the opponent we’ve selected for the participants in the experimental trials. Their personal strength level is very close to that of the test subjects before undergoing the human trials. We will conduct a live combat exercise to test the specific effects of psychic abilities in combat,” explained Shi Yanwu.

Through the glass windows of the third-floor viewing platform, everyone could see Hu Haiyu and the other participants already positioned on one side of the training ground.

Minister Ray nodded in approval, saying, “Very good.”

Shi Yanwu was also excited. The data on paper alone was enough to be thrilling.

How would the actual combat results turn out?

Based on his intuition, they would definitely not be disappointing!

In fact, they might even be overwhelming!

The thought of the entire corps’ capabilities undergoing such a transformation filled Shi Yanwu with uncontrollable excitement.

Inside the training ground, under the guidance of research personnel, both sides prepared to enter.

Just as they were about to begin the tests, an assistant hurriedly entered and whispered to Minister Ray, “Minister Ray, Minister Roble has arrived with his team.”

Roble was also one of the deputy directors of the military department, responsible for overseeing the semi-mechanized Federation army.

It seemed Roble had also received the news.

Minister Ray had some calculations in mind and nodded, saying, “Bring them over.”

After a moment, a slightly corpulent middle-aged officer entered the viewing area of the training ground amidst the crowd.

“Minister Ray, congratulations! I heard about the breakthrough in psychic research. The upper echelons of the Federation have decided to invest heavily in it.’

“Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just a small breakthrough. The news has been exaggerated. The project is still in the research phase,” Minister Ray replied, knowing Roble’s intentions.

Both sides came from the military department, where there was competition as well as cooperation. Roble’s subordinates were primarily responsible for the semi-mechanized army, which numbered several hundred times more than the psychic corps.

Due to the scarcity of soldiers who could truly master psychic abilities in the Federation due to talent, in terms of combat power, they couldn’t even beat a semi-mechanized soldier in a one-on-one fight.

Therefore, in the past, the Federation had invested heavily in mechanical modifications.

Now, with the significant breakthrough in psychic research, the upper echelons of the Federation had received the report and were ready to increase investment in psychic research.

Upon hearing the news, Roble couldn’t sit still and had come to see the situation for himself.

“A small breakthrough? From what I’ve heard, it’s more than just a small breakthrough. The upper echelons have already decided to increase investment in psychic research. You know, relying solely on semi-mechanized soldiers, we still can’t beat the tree spirits,” he remarked.

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