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«Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game (Web Novel) - Chapter 2221: Borrowing

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Chapter 2221: Borrowing

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Fang Heng looked at the laboratory supervisor and asked, “If possible, to ensure the progress of the experiment, OmniTech would like to borrow the largest Obsidian Stone for research.”


Obviously, the laboratory supervisor couldn’t make such a decision and looked at Klein.

“Of course, you can take it now, and complete the procedures later.

Klein’s gaze towards Fang Heng had already changed.

At other times, it wouldn’t be a problem for OmniTech Company to borrow the

Obsidian Stone for research.

It was just that the step-by-step approval process would take at least half a month.

But now…

It was an exception.

Developing psychic potential as quickly as possible and improving the overall

quality of the legion…

The sooner, the better!

Klein didn’t mind giving OmniTech Company the green light on this matter. He waved his hand to signal his subordinates to go and handle the procedures.

“Thank you,” Fang Heng looked at Cheng Fan again, “Notify me immediately after it’s delivered to my laboratory.”

“Okay, Dr. Fang, I’ll take you back first.”

The crowd watched as Fang Heng and his group left.

Only the Federation people were left in the basement warehouse.

The laboratory supervisor glanced at the two who were still in the ‘mental honing’ state, then at Klein, and cautiously asked, “Sir, should we wake them up first?”

“No need, let them continue.”

Klein said, looking at his subordinates, “Why can their mental honing state last

so long?”

“According to Dr. Fang’s theory, the participants’ physical strength has been greatly enhanced in a short period, enabling them to break through the limits and withstand the short-term negative effects of mental honing.”

“You mean they are completely immune to the negative effects of mental honing?”

“Yes, according to our calculations, it would take at least three times the physique of an average person to be completely immune to the short-term negative effects of mental honing.

Klein looked surprised, “Are you saying their physical fitness has tripled? Just now?”

“Yeah.” The research team leader nodded while looking at the two practitioners in front of the Obsidian Stone, “It’s indeed hard to believe, but data doesn’t he. After it’s over, I’ll immediately start body testing, and we’ll submit the specific data immediately after they complete the test.”

Klein couldn’t help but feel shocked and then asked another crucial question.

“How did he do it?”

To greatly enhance someone’s physical fitness in such a short time.

With the current technology of the Federation, the only thing that could be

done was mechanized transformation.

But after countless tests, mechanized transformation did not affect mental honing!

The crowd glanced at each other.

No one present could answer Klein’s question.

Recalling the individual who had followed Fang Heng earlier.

Just pointing at the two from a distance with his finger?

And then their physical fitness underwent a qualitative enhancement?

Isn’t that absurd!

What means did Dr. Fang actually employ that they couldn’t perceive?

“Find out who this person named Carl is.”


The Federation’s central meeting ended at noon.

During the meeting, Ji Haiting had been almost constantly distracted, keeping in touch with the outside world.

He was the first to learn about the significant breakthrough on Fang Heng’s side through Cheng Fan’s message.

After preliminary testing, the laboratory concluded that, theoretically, after Fang Heng’s Tier 2 experiment, the two subjects could enhance their psychic abilities by at least 10 times after reaching the limit of “mental honing.

The laboratory estimated a potential increase of 1220% in abilities!

Seeing the numbers on the report, Ji Haiting initially wondered if he was seeing things.

With this development, humanity’s progress in psychic abilities was rapidly advancing, and they could even faintly see the figure ahead of their spawns!

Upon carefully reading the report, Ji Haiting was even more astonished. How did Fang Heng manage to enhance the soldiers’ physical strength in such a short time?

Hurriedly concluding the meeting, Ji Haiting prepared to return to the laboratory immediately.

He wanted to clarify everything as soon as possible.

Just as he was about to leave the meeting hall, two senior Federation officials approached.

“Mr. Ji, Minister Ray requests your presence.”

The Federation was also in a hurry.

At what stage were the psychic experiments of the OmniTech Company?

How did such a big breakthrough suddenly emerge?

Could their newly developed potion be used for mass transformation of the entire Federation’s team? Could the production keep up?

Could this breakthrough in psychic abilities become a life-saving straw against the tree spirit tribe?

Shortly after, Ji Haiting met Minister Ray in the adjacent meeting room. “Director Ji, 1 heard there has been a significant breakthrough in psychic studies recently. You’ve given us quite a surprise all of a sudden. Well done.

Ray Changhong was the deputy director of the military department.

The psychic corps established by the Federation fell under his jurisdiction.

After receiving the news, Minister Ray personally stepped in, showing the Federation’s seriousness about this incident.

Ray Changhong said with a smile, “But you’ve kept the confidentiality so well, haven’t you? I only just found out about this. How long have you been developing this? There’s no need to be so guarded against us, is there?” “Minister Ray, you jest. Actually, 1 was just about to report this to you.”

Ji Haiting smiled bitterly.

Things happened too suddenly.

He had only recently learned how significant Fang Heng’s breakthrough in psychic studies was.

Not to mention the Federation, he was also quite shocked.

“Minister Ray, to be honest, this matter is related to Fang Heng.”

Seeing no one else around, Ji Haiting leaned in and whispered a few words in Minister Ray’s ear.

“Fang Heng…”

After listening, Minister Ray’s expression became serious, muttering this name under his breath.

He remembered the incidents involving Fang Heng during the previous attacks by the tree spirit tribe on the Federation’s central research institute.

After that, there were the joint investigations launched by the spawns regarding Ouroboros.

“Be careful, this person is very dangerous to deal with.”

“1 understand.”

Ji Haiting knew the significant breakthrough in psychic studies was crucial for the Federation, so he openly talked about Fang Heng’s involvement, roughly explaining the joint cooperation between them.

Upon hearing this, Ray Changhong lowered his head in contemplation. Currently, the Federation had completely cut off contact with the spawns.

At least, they couldn’t restore it in the short term.

But considering that a few years later, the spawns would inevitably return to the world…

After all, Fang Heng was associated with Ouroboros.

Once the spawns returned, they would have to consider their relationship with Fang Heng again…

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