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«Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game (Web Novel) - Chapter 2080 Gathering

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Chapter 2080 Gathering

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“Yes, it’s a gathering mission. The requirements aren’t too high, and there’s plenty of time. I estimate that after completing the basic gathering mission, there will be follow-up missions triggered.”

Lin Deluo didn’t know that Fang Heng was already thinking about how to deal with the three Ecclesiastical Templars. He turned around and roughly explained the mission process to Fang Heng, then turned around to look at the surroundings and said, “Everyone’s attributes are suppressed to a very low level in this environment, so we can’t display our strengths. Be careful. There’s no time to lose. Let’s move out.”

In the Lava Cave, players walked out of the teleportation circle one by one. Everyone received the same emergency trial mission. From a certain perspective, they were all competitors.

“Let’s go!”

The Lava Cave area was relatively large and seemed to be connected in all directions.

The quest route had been marked with a red clue on his retina.

Lin Deluo found a direction and started to fumble forward.

Fang Heng thought for a moment and decided to give up on the plan to attack. He followed them for the time being and hoped that there was more than one exit to the Lava Cave.

At least 48 hours of trial time.

There were still 24 hours before the Holy Court caught up.

It was enough for him to explore!

It wasn’t the final step yet!

The team’s main team continued to explore and soon encountered a blocking molten element leaping out from the adjacent flame area.

A creature whose body was completely made of fire.

Seeing the molten element, Lin Deluo and the other players frowned.

The players called the molten element a melee nightmare.

Melee players would suffer the effects of close-range burning once they got close. Their attacks would also suffer physical damage reduction and fire damage reflection.

How troublesome!

The best way to deal with it was to use long-range methods.

However, many negative statuses of elemental-type creatures lasted very short, or they were directly immune to them.

Once they could not control the elemental creatures, the ranged attackers would not be as easy to defeat as they had imagined.

What was even more troublesome was that there was more than one Molten Demon.

The Molten Demons were entrenched in the path ahead.

This was a little difficult!

Lin Deluo and a Holy Paladin player from another team looked at each other. Just as they were thinking about how to deal with the situation, they suddenly saw a figure charging forward.

He focused his eyes.

It was Fang Heng!

Fang Heng had already taken the lead and rushed towards the Molten Demon.

He was still holding a holy scepter in one hand.

The holy scepter was enveloped in a layer of Holy Light as it swung at the molten element!


The scepter sliced through the air and swept across the flaming body.

With the support of the holy attribute, a damage number appeared above the molten element’s head.

At the same time, the flames engulfed Fang Heng.


The flames burned a black mark on his body, but the burn mark left by the flames recovered in a short moment!

The attack was ineffective!

Lin Deluo’s team players were delighted when they saw this.

He could handle it!

Fang Heng was still as reliable as ever!

The Molten Demon was still unable to cause any substantial damage to him!

Fang Heng had a rough estimate of the Molten Demon’s damage output.

In terms of attack output, the Molten Demon was still considered a relatively weak creature.

It was completely under his control!

Fang Heng quickly scanned the tunnel ahead.

Then he would finish them off quickly.

They were pulled away in one wave!

Fang Heng simply raised his hand and cast a Thunder of Judgment buff on himself. Then, he charged forward!

Along the way, the Molten Demon’s aggro was immediately attracted by Fang Heng, and it chased after Fang Heng and began to attack.

Lightning of Judgement descended!

In fact, there was still a small amount of AOE damage when the Thunder of Judgement struck down.

It wasn’t big. It could only be affected when it was close to the surroundings.

After Fang Heng’s attack, the Thunder of Judgement’s effect was triggered repeatedly.

Lightning kept falling, causing small area damage.

Lin Deluo and the others watched as Fang Heng single-handedly wiped out all the Molten Demons blocking the entrance of the tunnel.

Then, the Thunder of Judgement fell one after another.

“Let’s go! Hurry up and follow!”

Lin Deluo knew that Fang Heng was trying to buy time for them, so he immediately called his teammates to follow him and escape from the Molten Demon’s spawning area.

The mission didn’t require him to deal with the Molten Demon. He only needed to pass through the region.

There was no need to waste energy here.

Soon, everyone successfully escaped the pursuit of the Molten Demons behind them. They passed through the area occupied by the Molten Demons in the first round and met up with Fang Heng, who had arrived later.

“Brother Fang Heng, you’ve worked hard. Without your help, we don’t know how long it would have taken us to deal with the Molten Demons outside.”

“You’re welcome. It’s not a big problem. It just happens that I can counter them.”

Sark sneered at the words, thinking, ‘Why does everyone seem to be conveniently countered by you? Do you have too many monsters that you can counter?’”

Fang Heng did not hesitate and looked ahead again.

In front of them was a long cave passage.

“The mission target is still in front of us. Let’s continue.”


They maintained their formation and took some time to cross the passage.

After that, the area in front of them suddenly opened up, and a large area of flat land appeared.

In front of the flat area, there was a cliff about a hundred meters away!

As far as the eye could see, the cliff walls were densely packed with strange eyeball creatures.

Most of the living being’s body was occupied by huge eyeballs, which were more than half a meter in diameter. They were like dense black balls embedded in the cliff.

In comparison, the eyeball creature’s torso appeared extremely thin and weak, making people worry if it could support the huge eyeball.

The eyeballs were like living organisms living on the cliff, making people feel uncomfortable.

Lin Deluo carefully approached, trying to get a clearer look.


Suddenly, one of the eyeballs opened, and a purple beam of light shot towards Lin Deluo.

Lin Deluo’s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately leaped backward.

The beam of light did not have any effect on the ground. It was as if it was directly absorbed by the ground.

Lin Deluo said in a low voice, “It looks like their attack range is only 100 meters. Have you detected any attribute?”

Sark shook his head and said, “Special creatures. They have anti-detection passive skills. There’s no way to obtain detailed information. Be careful. Other than beam attacks, they should have other special abilities.”

“Strange creature…”

Fang Heng muttered to himself as he looked up at the black eyeball creatures on the cliff. This thing was most likely the Evil Eye of Hell described in the mission description.

They were the first batch of Ecclesiastical Templars’ trial participants to arrive at this cliff area. There were even more player teams that were still fighting the Molten Demons outside.


Let’s test their strength first!

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