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«Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game (Web Novel) - Chapter 2079 Urgent

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Chapter 2079 Urgent

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He had just tested it out. When he returned to the same region repeatedly, the tracking time would be shortened by 1.5 hours based on the 24 hours.

In the worst-case scenario, he would be forcefully teleported back to Duncha after 72 hours and hide offline. He would then ask Chu Yan to purchase an Ecclesiastical Templars’ trial rune and return to the Eternal Holy City after he thought of a solution.

The only problem was the demonic seed in his body.

As time passed, the strength of the demonic seed was gradually recovering. It would probably start to cause trouble in his body again soon.

He still had to think of a way to return to the Zombie Apocalypse as soon as possible.

After grinding for a whole day, even though they didn’t really have much time to fight, Lin Deluo and the others felt a little tired. They discussed with Fang Heng to rest for a while.

Fang Heng also felt that his luck might not be too good today. He wanted to sleep first. Perhaps his luck would change tomorrow.

Hence, everyone agreed to meet up eight hours later to receive the trial mission before returning to Eternal Holy City’s resting area.

Just as Fang Heng was about to go back and find a place to rest and sleep, a line of game notifications suddenly appeared.

[Hint: The Ecclesiastical Templars’ instructor is issuing an urgent mission. Players can form a team of five and head to the mission hall to find the instructor to receive the relevant mission.]

[Hint: The difficulty of the urgent mission is a floating level. It is extremely dangerous. Please accept it carefully.]

Everyone had just greeted each other and walked towards the rest area together.

When he saw the mission notification appear, Sark was the first to exclaim softly, “It’s a special urgent mission!”

Fang Heng was puzzled and looked at Sark, asking, “What?”

Sark spoke quickly, eager to explain, “Special urgent missions, in simple terms, the Eternal Holy City will issue some urgent missions from time to time. All player teams, regardless of restrictions, can take on these urgent missions. Rewards are given based on contribution points and completion rate in the end.”

“The difficulty of each urgent mission is different. The penalty for failure is also very small. If the completion rate is on the leaderboard, you can even obtain additional rewards…”

Fang Heng couldn’t help but twitch his lips, indicating that he wasn’t interested.

The identity created by the holy artifact would not be able to obtain much benefit from completing the mission.

However, Lin Deluo and the others didn’t think so.

The chances of getting a special urgent mission were relatively low, and the rewards were quite good.

Although it was a little tiring to continue doing missions for so long, they did not want to give up on such an opportunity.

Lin Deluo looked at Fang Heng and asked, “Brother Fang Heng, an urgent mission is a rare opportunity. Are you interested in participating?”

Fang Heng shrugged and asked, “Is the duration of the urgent mission very long?” “Yes, most of the time, it’s very long. In the past, there were even missions that took more than 48 hours.”

Fang Heng’s eyes lit up when he heard this answer.

More than 48 hours!

That could be considered!

The previous few missions were only nine hours long, which was too tight.

48 hours was different.

The chances of finding other exits in the trial have greatly increased!

“Alright, I’ll participate.”

Everyone reached an agreement and immediately returned to the mission hall.

When he returned to the mission hall, a large number of participants had already gathered there. Obviously, everyone had also received the urgent mission notice. It seemed that there were quite a lot of competitors for the mission.

“Not bad.”

Seeing this, Fang Heng could not help but mutter to himself.

The more people there were, the more opportunities he could find to slack off.

[Hint: The player has entered an unknown game world. The player needs to obtain more information to find the coordinates of this world.]

[Hint: The player is currently under investigation by the Ecclesiastical Templars’ imprint. All actions will be recorded.]

[Hint: The player has crossed worlds. The tracking team sent by the holy realm will try to lock onto your location again after 9+15 hours (additional increase due to the holy weapon skills).]

[Hint: The player has entered an unknown area. The player’s various attributes have been greatly reduced… The player has a related skill detected. The player is no longer affected by negative effects.]

Fang Heng opened his eyes again.


The first thing he felt was a wave of heat.

The surrounding air seemed to have been baked by the sun.

A scorching aura caused people’s vision to distort slightly, and a blurry heat wave appeared.

They were in a hot cave environment.

[Hint: The player has triggered the Ecclesiastical Templars’ assessment mission-gather the Evil Eyes of Hell.]

Mission title: The Holy Court has found a special passage that is occupied by a large number of Evil Eyes of Hell. The Evil Eyes of Hell have some hallucinatory abilities and long-range attack abilities. At the same time, the Evil Eyes of Hell are also a very precious material.

Mission requirements: Kill 3,000 Evil Eyes of Hell, kill 100 elite Evil Eyes of Hell, and collect 500 Evil Eyes of Hell (standard grade and above).

Mission time limit: 48 hours.

Description: After 48 hours, the player will be automatically summoned back to Eternal Holy City. (If the player has reached the 72-hour time limit of the trial talisman, the player will exit Eternal Holy City after completing this mission.)

Fang Heng quickly looked at the game notification and then began to size up his surroundings.

Lava cave?

His luck today was really not that good.

In such a terrible environment, if he wanted to find the teleportation channel, he would have to leave the lava cave first.

Fang Heng looked behind him.

In the direction of the lava cave’s exit, a large number of Holy Paladins occupied the entire entrance.

There were also a few teleportation arrays at the exit.

It was obvious that the magic array was built by the Holy Court, and there were even three Ecclesiastical Templars personally guarding the magic array.

Fang Heng narrowed his eyes and calculated.

If he used a big move…

What was the success rate of eliminating the three Ecclesiastical Templars and the surrounding guards?

He might even have to deal with the surrounding players.

At the same time, he had to ensure the stable operation of the teleportation channel.

Forget it.

Fang Heng felt that the success rate was less than 10%.

After Lin Deluo and the others appeared, they paused for a moment, their expressions somewhat solemn.

Sark muttered softly, “It’s not like we haven’t encountered special scenarios before. Why are we being suppressed so miserably this time…”


Fang Heng’s heart skipped a beat as he raised his head to look at his team.

“Hmm, it’s very likely that the Hell faction’s special environment has greatly suppressed our attributes.”

Only then did Fang Heng realize that his qualities had not changed at all.

In some worlds, participants would be rejected by their world and qualities after entering, and their attributes would be weakened.

Due to the effect of the devil’s mark on his body, he was completely immune to negative effects.

In that case…

Fang Heng shifted his gaze to the three Ecclesiastical Templars again.

Both participants and NPCs would be suppressed by the environment.

His chances of success against the three Ecclesiastical Templars might be slightly higher…

“Phew, luckily it’s a gathering mission.”

Karina, the only female member of the party, heaved a sigh of relief.

This wasn’t the first time a similar gathering task had appeared.

It was one of the simpler trial missions.

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