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«Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game (Web Novel) - Chapter 1694 Self-Healing

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Chapter 1694 Self-Healing

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Fang Heng had been observing the yellow barrier outside the isolated island and the surrounding transition prisms when he suddenly frowned.

This didn’t look good.

It seemed like the barrier might not hold much longer?

Fang Heng quickly manipulated the fusion Tyrant form to temporarily halt their attacks.

After several rounds of close-range beam weapon firings, there were noticeable cracks on the yellow defensive barrier.

The barrier seemed on the verge of shattering!

How could this happen so easily?

Fang Heng had originally planned to continue his attack to raise the mausoleum guard level to Level 10, hoping to spawn elite-level mutated form creatures. But now, it seemed like the defensive shield couldn’t withstand the bombardment.


While Fang Heng was observing, he let out another light exclamation.

The cracks on the yellow light screen were gradually disappearing!

Of course!

It was self-repairing!

The light screen had self-repair capabilities!

That made things easier.

Fang Heng breathed a sigh of relief, instructing the fusion Tyrant forms to stop attacking the light screen temporarily and focus on eliminating the newly appeared group of mutated form creatures, giving the defensive light screen enough time to recover.

After five minutes and the complete healing of the light screen, Fang Heng controlled the fusion Tyrant forms to attack again!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!!!”

He continuously escalated the attack, controlling the fusion Tyrant forms to relentlessly bombard the barrier until its level was raised to Level 12!

Here it came!

Fang Heng noticed the sudden appearance of a dark red spatial prism in mid-air and felt a spark of excitement.

This was different from before.

The transition prism was red!

And its size had significantly increased!

From within the prism, a gigantic figure gradually emerged.

It was an elite, half-mechanical mutated giant crocodile!

Finally, it came out!

“I’ve been waiting for you!” Fang Heng exclaimed.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

More than twenty blue light beams simultaneously blasted toward the partially formed red spatial prism in the air.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The beams exploded!

The red prism endured the explosion, with numerous cracks covering its surface, but it didn’t completely shatter.

“Crack! Crack! Crack…”

The red transition prism was slowly regenerating!

Fang Heng looked at the prism and thought.

It seemed like the high-tier creature’s spatial prism teleportation had some protection. It wasn’t so easily shattered.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten similar red spatial prisms appeared around.

Fang Heng quickly scanned the area.

With Level 12 defense, within half a minute, sixteen elite-level mutated giant crocodiles had appeared!



Fang Heng’s spirits were lifted. Seeing these monsters, he felt like he was on the path to leveling up.

He was not afraid of them coming, but He was afraid that they wouldn’t come!

He would take them down!

Fang Heng decided to stop attacking the red spatial prisms that were currently in the process of transitioning. Instead, he controlled the fusion Tyrant forms to aim and wait for the elite half-mechanical mutated giant crocodile to complete its transition.


The targeted elite half-mechanical mutated giant crocodile completed its transition from the air and was hit by a volley of more than thirty light beams.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The enormous damage sent the elite giant crocodile flying backward, crashing heavily into the yellow light screen, producing a muffled thud.

The elite giant crocodile, just after completing its teleportation, was severely injured by the fusion Tyrant forms’ concentrated fire. After landing, it rolled over and struggled, probably trying to escape or burrow underground.

But as it writhed, it noticed something was off.

Where was the water?

Why was the water so shallow?

The second round of beam weapon fire began!

The elite mechanical mutated giant crocodile had no chance of evasion!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

In no time, after three rounds of concentrated fire, the elite mutated giant crocodile was shattered before it could launch any counterattacks!

[Hint: The player’s zombie clone (fusion Tyrant form) has killed an elite half-mechanical mutated giant crocodile, obtaining a Tier 2 mutant crystal.]


It came!

The appearance of the in-game hint reinvigorated Fang Heng’s spirits.

A Tier 2 mutant crystal was in his possession now!

This way, he would have a method to obtain the Type 2 mutant crystals.

Level 36 was just around the corner!

Fang Heng stared at the elite monsters that had just landed from the red spatial prism in the distance, his eyes slightly reddening.


“Oh right, you too.”

Fang Heng turned his gaze toward the group of normal zombie clones that had nothing to do. He controlled them to gather materials nearby, construct more vampires’ altars, and transport monster corpses and blood.

He wanted to kill more monsters, get more crystals, and store more blood!

Meanwhile, as Fang Heng was deeply engrossed in grinding monsters, Fana’s team from the Black Castle reorganized their team and set out on their journey to find Fang Heng.

After reviewing the events of the previous night’s battle, the Black Castle still wasn’t certain who had destroyed the teleportation passage inside the federation’s camp.

They had a strange feeling of winning without knowing how.

Regardless, based on the current information, the federation’s teleportation passage had been severely damaged. Even after several hours of emergency repairs, it had only been restored to Level 1 just before dawn.

It could now only support the most basic teleportation, and it was expected to be repaired to Level 4 by the following morning.

But who could have damaged the teleportation passage within the federation?

This was a question that had always been in the Black Castle.

Fana believed that Fang Heng was the likely accomplice.

However, other teams within the Black Castle were somewhat unsure about this answer.

Could one person, even someone as powerful as Fang Heng, infiltrate the federation and destroy a teleportation passage so easily?

The Black Castle acknowledged Fang Heng’s strength.

But according to their intelligence, they believed Fang Heng was more skilled in controlling and summoning creatures for combat.

Infiltrating and sabotaging missions like this didn’t align with his expertise.

Too much speculation wasn’t necessary. They just needed to find Fang Heng and ask him.

After resting for a night, Fana’s team arrived at the obelisk teleportation point the next morning to look for Fang Heng.

Upon discovering that he wasn’t there, they followed Lu Yanlong, who was heading to the lakeside area to investigate.

By the time they reached the lake’s edge, it was nearing noon.

Suddenly, in the distance, on the main road leading to the lakeside, they witnessed an astonishing sight.

Spatial transmission!

Countless spatial transmission prisms were suspended in mid-air.

A vast number of half-mechanical mutated giant crocodiles were continuously being sent through the teleportation passages into the frontline battlefield!

Among them, there were even red spatial transmission prisms!

Lu Yanlong, peering through the car window, was shocked, and beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

What was going on?

Why was this happening all of a sudden?

The red transition prism was under special protection.

It wasn’t like the cannon fodder. At the very least, they had to be elite-level creatures to be worthy of the energy expense of protection during the transition.

What exactly happened on the lakeshore?

Could it be that yesterday’s excessive pumping of water caused some kind of anomaly?

As the off-road vehicle approached, and they saw the blood-red protective barrier enveloping the island from the outside, the people inside the vehicle fell into silence once again.

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