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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 2050: The True Essence of Making Medicine (1)

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Chapter 2050: The True Essence of Making Medicine (1)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Aiya, you little girl, you haven’t seen us since you rejected us two old men at the Pharmaceutical Institute, have you?” A voice came with a hint of ridicule. Yun Feng smiled helplessly and looked at the two elders walking over in front of her. “Elder Dan Qing, Elder Dansu, it’s been a long time.”

Dan Qing was still the same as before with a smile on his face. Dansu still had that expressionless and very serious face and didn’t say much. However, there was admiration in his eyes when he saw Yun Feng. Right now, these two people were already core members of the Pharmacists’ Union and the two big shots with the highest level of pharmaceuticals. They had already reached the three-star Grandmaster Level right now.

Bai Qingfeng chuckled. “You guys talk first. I still have something to do.

Another batch of young people came. I’ll go take a look.”

“Go. Thank you.” Dan Qing said with a smile. Bai Qingfeng waved his hand and walked out. Dan Qing patted Yun Feng’s shoulder. “Let’s find a place to talk. I have a lot of things to ask you.”

Dansu nodded. There were people coming and going around the three of them. It wasn’t very inconvenient. Yun Feng could only smile. She followed these two people all the way and couldn’t help but shake her head helplessly. It seemed that Elder Dan Qing still remembered her rejection at the Pharmaceutical Institute in his mind. Ah!

They came to a room. The three of them pushed the door open and approached. Dan Qing closed the door, cutting off the noise outside miraculously. The two elders sat opposite Yun Feng, and Yun Feng also sat down. Dan Qing had been smiling as he looked at Yun Feng. “Kid, you made that bottle of Zen Master Level potion, didn’t you?”

Yun Feng was stunned. Even though she had reached the Zen Master Level right now, she didn’t make that bottle of potion. Yun Feng didn’t bother to explain to the outside world, but facing Dan Qing and Dansu, Yun Feng didn’t want to hide it. These two elders wouldn’t get to the bottom of it.

“I didn’t do it,” said Yun Feng. Dansu was puzzled. “It wasn’t you? Yun Feng nodded. “That’s right. That bottle of potion was made by Master.”

“Your master?” Dan Qing was stunned. “I knew it. How can that old guy be your teacher in the field of potions? He can’t have a disciple like you. There’s indeed another expert.”

Dansu nodded. Dan Qing continued to ask, “How should I address your master?”

Yun Feng was helpless. “I’m sorry, elders. Master is indifferent and doesn’t like to interact with people. He originally asked me not to tell anyone about this, but you’re not outsiders, so I told you the truth.”

Dan Qing and Dansu couldn’t help but show a hint of disappointment. “Since it’s this expert’s idea, we can’t ask anything else. It’s just a pity that we can’t communicate with this Zen Master Level pharmacist.”

Looking at the melancholic and regretful expressions of the two elders, Yun

Feng smiled lightly. “Elders, you’ll enter the Zen Master Level sooner or later.”

Dan Qing and Dansu couldn’t help but smile after hearing that. Dan Qing waved his hand. “We’re both old. We’ve worked hard for so long to reach the three-star Grandmaster Level. The Zen Master Level… We can’t do anything even if we want to. You, on the other hand, might break through to this point. The two of us have high hopes for you.”

Dansu kept nodding on the side. Yun Feng curled her lips and didn’t say anything else. Dan Qing said with a smile, “Right, we’ve been too busy talking. Kid, why are you here this time? If you need potions, just tell us.”

Yun Feng shook her head and raised her hand gently. She took out bottles of potions one after another endlessly. Dan Qing and Dansu looked at Yun Feng, who kept taking out potions, and were a bit surprised. Looking at the potions she took out, they were even more surprised!

These were all three-star perfect-quality potions at the Grandmaster Level!

Yun Feng kept taking out potions. More than thirty bottles of potions of the same quality were also spectacular on the table. Dan Qing and Dansu couldn’t help but widen their eyes. What was this girl trying to do? Was she showing the two of them the results of her potions?

“Kid, you’re…” Dan Qing was puzzled. After Yun Feng arranged all the potions, she chuckled at the two elders. “Here are thirty-seven bottles of grandmaster three-star potions.”

“Every bottle is of perfect quality. It’s truly not easy to do this.” Dansu couldn’t help but say with admiration in his tone. “It seems that your pharmaceutical level has increased tremendously over the years! Even Dan Qing and I can’t do this!”

Dan Qing quickly nodded. Good lord, Dansu, who had always been silent, had said so much! This girl… was truly a miracle. If there was anyone else who had reached the level of a Zen Master, it would definitely be this girl!

Dan Qing didn’t know that Yun Feng had already entered the Zen Master Level and had already comprehended two formulas!

“Kid, are you trying to embarrass us?” Dan Qing said with a smile. Yun Feng quickly shook her head. “I didn’t mean that. It’s all thanks to the two elders that the Pharmacists’ Union can join the East and West Alliance. Yun Feng certainly can’t thank you enough! The huge demand for potions in the East and West Alliance has always put too much burden on the Pharmacists’ Union. As a pharmacist, I’ve never contributed to the Pharmacists’ Union. I am ashamed of this!”

“Why didn’t you do anything? It wasn’t easy for any of us to solve the problem last time. It’s all thanks to you. You’ve helped us a lot,” said Dan Qing, but Yun Feng shook her head. “That’s just an insignificant matter. As a pharmacist, I certainly have to make potions! These potions were made with my experience over the years. I’ll give them all to the Pharmacists’ Union!”

Dan Qing and Dansu were completely stunned this time. These thirty bottles of perfect three-star grandmaster potions were all given to the Pharmacists’ Union! This girl was really willing to give them away!

“Kid, have you lost your mind? If you give away more than thirty bottles of potions, what will you do? Don’t you need them?” Dan Qing shook his head and gathered his fingers. “The Pharmacists’ Union joined the East and West Alliance for its own interests. If we’re talking about rewards, you’re not the one who should pay.”

“Take them back,” said Dansu solemnly. Yun Feng said, “This isn’t a reward. It’s just a token of my appreciation! It can more or less reduce your pressure…

That’s my appreciation!”

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