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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1428 The King of the Chiwen Tribe

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Chapter 1428 The King of the Chiwen Tribe

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If the large tribes in the Endless Ocean were all secretly looking for the map fragment… Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened. The difficulties she would face wouldn’t be just a little. If she wanted to snatch things from these tribes, she had to have some capabilities, and it was extremely important to take the initiative.

After spending a few days, they didn’t encounter any danger along the way. It was very smooth. The guards of the Chiwen Tribe were greatly relieved. “Ma’am, we’ll reach the tribe in a while. Don’t worry, ma’am.”

The girl nodded with a smile. Luo Teng couldn’t help but roll his eyes on the side. His lips moved slightly, but he didn’t say anything. Yun Feng was expressionless on the side and followed them all the way forward. “Ma’am, it’s just ahead!” The few guards all shouted happily. Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened and her body suddenly flashed in front of them. The few guards immediately surrounded the girl behind and looked at Yun Feng vigilantly and anxiously. “What are you doing?”

Luo Teng also approached curiously. Was she going back on her words? However, they were already at the edge of the territory. If anything happened, it might alarm some people in the territory of the Chiwen Tribe. By then, it would be difficult to deal with.

Yun Feng looked at the girl. “I’ve already done what I promised you. When are you going to fulfill your promise?”

The girl chuckled. “I can’t answer your question right now. I need to return to the Chiwen Tribe and rely on some medium to give you an answer.”

Yun Feng raised her brows. What a cunning girl. It seemed that this girl didn’t want her to escape unscathed at all. “You mean, I’m going to follow you into the Chiwen area?”

The girl smiled again. “It seems that this is the only way, unless you give up the question in your mind.”

Yun Feng’s face darkened. The girl looked at her with a smile. The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up. If the girl insisted on asking her to follow, why should she be afraid? She must get the answer to the method of resurrection. Rather than spending a lot of time searching, it was certainly best to get the answer directly.

“Think carefully!” Luo Teng shouted anxiously. Yun Feng turned around and glanced at him. “If you don’t want to follow me, just wait here.”

“What?” Luo Teng widened his eyes. Even though this place was a distance away from the territory of the Chiwen Tribe, it was still a border area. If he lingered here for a long time, the members of the Chiwen Tribe wouldn’t let him go… Luo Teng gritted his teeth. “Of course I’ll follow you!”

Yun Feng made way for them. The guards protected the girl and walked forward, vigilant against Yun Feng. The girl said softly, “Don’t worry. With me here, the Chiwen Tribe is the safest place for you.” The few guards were extremely surprised after hearing that. They couldn’t help but look at Yun Feng with a different thought in their eyes. Yun Feng chuckled and didn’t say anything else as she followed the girl forward. Luo Teng gritted his teeth and followed her closely. After the few of them walked a distance, they officially stepped into the territory of the Chiwen Tribe.

As soon as she stepped in, a few figures arrived like the wind. Yun Feng couldn’t help but sigh that the Chiwen Tribe seemed to be so strict. Such a small noise caught so much attention. When the few figures approached and saw that it was the prophet, they immediately knelt on the ground. “Ma’am!”

Yun Feng glanced over. The appearance of the Chiwen Tribe was quite similar to that of humans, except that there was a layer of extremely sharp scales on the curves of their cheeks that extended to their necks and elbows. Their knees were covered with protruding bone spurs.

The girl nodded and said indifferently, “There’s no need to alarm the king. I’ll go back myself.”

“Yes, ma’am!” The few people who rushed over said in unison as they looked at Yun Feng and Luo Teng. “Ma’am, these two are…”

The girl’s expression was cold and there was an indescribable elegance in her coldness. “Are you qualified to ask about the people around me?”

The few people who rushed over immediately lowered their heads. “Ma’am, we didn’t mean that.”

The girl didn’t say anything else. She turned around and said, “Follow me.”

The few Chiwen clansmen kneeling on the ground didn’t dare to raise their heads again. Yun Feng understood in her mind that the prophet indeed had a high status in the Chiwen clan. She brought her and Luo Teng in with just a few words and didn’t allow anyone to question her. This was good. It saved a lot of trouble and she would be able to move around the Chiwen clan much more smoothly in the future.

“I couldn’t see through them at all. What about you?”

“Someone who can follow her must be extraordinary. However, I’m curious. Why did she go out this time? Isn’t the king worried that she’d be in danger?”

“Why do you care so much? Just do your job!”

The few clansmen said a few words to each other and dispersed again, doing their job wholeheartedly. Yun Feng followed the girl and entered the Chiwen area without any obstruction along the way. It didn’t take long for her to reach the capital in the center of the Chiwen Tribe through a special method. Naturally, they could enter the capital without any obstruction. However, the appearance of Yun Feng and Luo Teng, the two outsiders, who were right next to the prophet, caused an uproar.

The area where the prophet was assigned to was in the royal palace in the center of the capital. In a remote corner of the royal palace, the moment Yun Feng followed the girl into the royal palace, a loud voice had already arrived as expected. “You’re back!”

The girl stopped slightly and waited there with a faint smile on her face. Yun Feng also stopped and looked forward with her black eyes. She saw a tall and sturdy figure walking over from ahead. The figure was muscular and his skin was very dark. His glittering black eyes were extremely sharp. His strength… should be far above hers.

“Your Majesty.” The girl smiled and called out. When that figure approached, Yun Feng finally saw his facial features clearly and was shocked!

The facial features of the male of the Sea Clan in front of her, who looked very similar to humans, were very protruding, giving off the same rough feeling as his entire body. Especially those eyes. The closer she got, the more Yun Feng could feel the sharpness in those eyes. As expected of the king of the Chiwen Tribe. Just his gaze gave people endless pressure. What Yun Feng cared about was the tiny color at the corners of the eyes. When the man walked over, a faint light would flash at the corners of the eyes. Yun Feng didn’t care at first, but when he got closer, she found that the thing that emitted the faint light was exactly the same as the golden mole next to the corners of Er Lei’s eyes! However, the color was different. Er Lei’s mole was golden, but the one at the corners of the eyes of the king of the Chiwen Tribe was light purple.

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