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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1427 Escorting The Prophet (2)

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Chapter 1427 Escorting The Prophet (2)

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The few members of the Sea Clan quickly retreated. There were still lingering energy waves, but their bodies had already retreated quickly. Yun Feng didn’t have any intention of chasing after them when she saw them retreat. The few ferocious members of the Sea Clan retreated in such a sorry state, which surprised the members of the Chiwen Tribe even more. They had to retreat in the end after chasing them all the way. The Chiyuan Tribe suffered a huge loss this time.

Luo Teng was greatly surprised as he watched on the side. He felt Yun Feng’s strength again. If it were him, he would only be able to run. He didn’t expect her to let those few members of the Sea Clan escape in such a sorry state!

“Miss, thank you.” The girl walked up and smiled at Yun Feng. Yun Feng’s arm returned to its original state as she looked at the girl. “My name is Feng Yun.”

The girl was stunned for a moment and chuckled. Yun Feng looked around. “How far are we from the territory of the Chiwen Tribe?”

The few guards next to the girl immediately said with a much more respectful tone, “That’s still quite far away from here.”

“If that’s the case, we should set off as soon as possible to avoid any trouble,” said Yun Feng. The girl agreed and the group immediately set off. Luo Teng couldn’t help but come close and say in a low voice, “You helped the Chiwen Tribe just then. The Chiyuan Tribe has already regarded you as an enemy.”

Yun Feng chuckled. “The Chiwen and the Chiyuan are like fire and water. Rather than being neutral, it’s better to let one of them become your backer.”

Luo Teng looked at Yun Feng in shock. “Didn’t you say you don’t want to be involved in any conflict?”

Yun Feng looked at the back of the girl of the Chiwen Tribe and her black eyes darkened. “I don’t have a choice right now. I have to be involved even if I don’t want to.”

She didn’t want to get involved in anything in the Endless Ocean at first, but reality wouldn’t be peaceful just like that. The appearance of the prophet of the Chiwen Tribe disrupted everything. Even though Yun Feng was afraid that the girl would spread her human identity, there was another reason why she was determined to escort the girl back to the Chiwen Tribe, which was that the girl had promised her.

Yun Feng didn’t know the ability of a prophet, but if she could be called a prophet, she must have a unique ability. Besides, the Chiyuan Tribe chased after her persistently just to kill her. It could be seen that this girl occupied an extremely important position in the Chiwen Tribe.

The prophet would give her an answer. Yun Feng was tempted by this condition. She came to the Endless Ocean not only to find the map fragment, but also, more importantly, the method of resurrection!

They were still quite a distance away from the territory of the Chiwen Tribe. Yun Feng was very careful along the way, but the few members of the Chiyuan Tribe shouldn’t follow her anymore. After all, they didn’t get any advantage last time and wouldn’t do anything anymore. Even so, Yun Feng was still very cautious. This prophet of the Chiwen Tribe was more valuable than she thought.

The situation in the other seas wasn’t clear. In the South Sea alone, there were prophets among all the large and small tribes here. The prophet was like the spiritual pillar of this tribe. The prophet had a special ability. Naturally, their proficiency in this ability wasn’t the same. The prophets of the two tribes, Chiwen and Chiyuan, were the strongest in the South Sea. In comparison, the prophet of the Chiwen Tribe was even stronger! In other words, the girl in front of them was the most powerful prophet in the entire South Sea! It could be seen how important her status was in the Chiwen Tribe!

Prophets usually didn’t make promises easily, or rather, they didn’t say them easily. The accuracy of their predictions was based on the strength of their abilities. After learning everything, Yun Feng understood that since the girl in front of her said so, it meant that she must know the answer.

“If you know that you’re so important to the Chiwen Tribe, why did you come so far away?” Luo Teng said in disdain on the side. His words were full of mockery. “If you’re so precious, shouldn’t you stay home?”

Yun Feng glanced at Luo Teng. He seemed to dislike the prophet very much. He had been picky about them. Did this kid have some grudge against the prophet?

“Kid, what’s with your tone? Show some respect!” The guard of the Chiwen Tribe said unhappily. His muscles bulged as he looked at Luo Teng fiercely. Luo Teng snorted and glanced over. “Feng Yun, don’t blame me for not reminding you. She might just have an undeserved reputation.”

“Kid, I think you want to die!” The guard of the Chiwen Tribe was about to rush forward without another word, but the girl stopped him with a casual hand gesture. Yun Feng looked at Luo Teng, who was covered in thorns, and said coldly, “If you enter the Chiwen Region with such an attitude, I won’t collect your corpse even if you die.”

Luo Teng was stunned. He knew that Yun Feng wouldn’t care about his life and death. He immediately grunted angrily and didn’t say anything else. Even though the thorns all over his body were still there, it was fine if he didn’t say anything.

The girl was startled. The corners of her mouth curled up slightly and she didn’t say anything else. The few guards on the side were immediately enraged in their minds. The prophet was respected in the Chiwen Tribe and her status was only below that of a king. Yet, she was disrespected again and again. Even though Feng Yun saved them, so what? This attitude was too arrogant! Especially that kid. If the prophet didn’t stop them, they would have killed that little bastard on the spot!

They didn’t say anything along the way. Yun Feng originally wanted to escort the prophet back to the Chiwen Tribe as quickly as possible, but she had to consider the prophet’s own situation. The prophet could be considered an anomaly of the Sea Clan. She was very weak. The strength of this teenage prophet of the Chiwen Tribe had just reached the Lord Level. In this area deep in the Endless Ocean, if she was left alone, she would only be killed.

Yun Feng guessed secretly along the way. The Chiwen Tribe was willing to let her out and she didn’t have many guards with her. What exactly did they want to do by going so deep into an area so far away from the tribe? Did the prophet set out to find out something? In short, it should be a secret of the Chiwen Tribe, or they wouldn’t have been willing to let the prophet out. Yun Feng suddenly thought of the map fragment. Four pieces were left in the Endless Ocean. Perhaps there was even more in the four seas. The map fragment in her hand was obtained by chance somewhere underground of the merfolk, which meant that there were no more map fragments in the South Sea area. If the Chiwen Tribe sent the prophet out for the map fragment this time, it would explain why they were so secretive and so far away.

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