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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1178 We Need You (3)

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Chapter 1178 We Need You (3)

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“S-Sir…” The fatty rolled out. He lay on the ground and raised his chubby face, smiling obsequiously at Er Lei. Er Lei looked at the chubby face in front of him and subconsciously raised his foot to kick it. The fatty was immediately kicked away, but he rolled back quickly.

“If you like kicking me, let me finish talking first. About that little friend Feng Yun…” The fatty smiled until his face was covered in sweat. Er Lei frowned and glanced at him, which made the fatty’s body tremble fiercely again. “Tell me!”

The fatty got up from the ground and wiped his sweat before telling them everything about the Wei family. Er Lei became more and more impatient as he listened. In his mind, he didn’t care about the Wei family or Juxing at all!

Glancing at the cave behind him from the corner of his eye, Er Lei kicked the round fatty away again and thought about the time secretly. With Yun Feng’s speed, he wouldn’t have to wait for long. He certainly had to put the other things behind!

In the cave, Yun Feng was immersed in the complete state of cultivation. After reaching the Emperor Level, her spiritual space changed again. Yun Feng adapted to the changes and adjusted carefully at the same time. She didn’t want to stop just like that. She wanted to take this opportunity to continue climbing and breaking through! However, she didn’t know what kind of torture Juxing was going through as time passed.

In the past year, the Wei family’s hatred for Juxing hadn’t reduced at all. Magic Beasts raided from time to time, and a lot of the outer campus and inner campus disciples of Juxing were seriously injured. Even though all the members of Juxing were on guard, the Wei family didn’t seem to lack Magic Beasts. There were batches after batches, and there was no lack of powerful ones. In this year, Juxing could be said to have suffered heavy losses. A lot of the walls of the academy were damaged, and the casualties of the disciples were even more heartbreaking.

Despite the five elders and the senior disciples of the inner campus taking action, they still couldn’t prevent all the Magic Beasts from launching a sneak attack 100%. Casualties continued every day. Even though there weren’t many of them, they happened every day. All the disciples on Juxing couldn’t help but feel a kind of grief and anger in their minds, for their dead companions.

The door of the inner campus had already been completely opened. Many disciples of the outer campus had been moved to the inner campus. At this moment, the outer campus was a cruel battlefield. There were broken walls and bloodshed left behind every time the Magic Beasts came and left. The inner campus temporarily became a place for healing and hiding. Most of the injured were also put here.

“Tianqing, take these potions out quickly.” The potion elder handed a lot of potions to Gong Tianqing. Gong Tianqing immediately ran out. Seeing that the pharmaceutical department was full of injured people, Gong Tianqing couldn’t help but feel a lump in her throat. “Tianqing, why are you in a daze?” You Yue suddenly patted Gong Tianqing’s shoulder and took some potions from her arms, distributing them immediately. Gong Tianqing immediately shook her head and quickly distributed the potions to the injured personnel.

“Senior Brother, Senior Sister… When will this situation end?” asked an injured outer campus disciple, panting. The others also asked. Gong Tianqing and You Yue were speechless. “Where’s Senior Sister Feng Yun? Where is she? With her here, Juxing will definitely be fine.”

You Yue and Gong Tianqing were both stunned. The two of them immediately started comforting these seriously injured people. After comforting them, the two of them walked to a corner with a gloomy look. Gong Tianqing looked at these seriously injured disciples who were looking forward to Feng Yun’s return and couldn’t help but feel a lump in her throat.

You Yue only sighed softly. He patted Gong Tianqing’s shoulder and turned around to continue working. Gong Tianqing suddenly raised her little face and wiped her eyes fiercely with her hand. Feng Yun, I know you have your own things to do. I know you have your own road to go on, but Juxing needs you right now. Even though the elders and those closed disciples didn’t mention you, everyone knows that Juxing needs you. Feng Yun, where are you…

“Master, the Magic Beasts are here again!” Tian Kui ran in. The five elders, who hadn’t rested for long, immediately changed their expressions after hearing that. “How many of them are there? Which direction are they coming from?”

“I can’t count them. They’re all densely packed!” Rong Xin wiped the blood on his cheek messily and quickly reported. The five elders immediately flashed out after hearing that. Tian Kui and Rong Xin also followed closely behind! “Rong Xin, Tian Kui, the two of you take a few people to the inner campus to guard it. Don’t let a Magic Beast enter the inner campus!” The First Elder ordered. Tian Kui and Rong Xin immediately nodded and turned around to run towards the inner campus.

“Roar, roar, roar…” Tian Kui and Rong Xin rushed to the entrance of the inner campus. A few Magic Beasts were coming. The two of them and the few people they led immediately raised their knives and slashed, fighting with the Magic Beasts. Immediately, screams and roars resounded in the sky!

“Have the Magic Beasts come to the inner campus?” You Yue suddenly stood up. His heart couldn’t help but sink when he heard the roars nearby. Gong Tianqing couldn’t help but turn pale. If that was the case… Wouldn’t these disciples of the inner campus…

“No, they won’t come. The five elders and senior brothers and sisters blocking them.” Gong Tianqing put on a smile and glanced at You Yue. You Yue’s black eyes glittered. “That’s right. Even if they come in, I won’t let those animals hurt anyone here!”

“Poof!” Tian Kui’s longsword stabbed deeply into the abdomen of a Magic Beast. “Argh—” As Tian Kui roared, the longsword completely cut open the belly of the Magic Beast. Blood and organs immediately gushed out, splashing all over Tian Kui!

“Earth Wall! Bastards, don’t even think about getting past my defense!” Rong Xin raised his hand and a huge wall was immediately erected in front of the door of the inner campus. The Magic Beasts that were about to jump in were immediately blocked outside. The giant thorns on the back of the Rock King Turtle also shot out in an instant!

“Tian Kui, are you alright?” Rong Xin turned around and immediately helped Tian Kui up. Tian Kui’s face was completely red with blood. He smiled. “Of course I’m fine!”

“Damn it, there are endless Magic Beasts. In the past year, we’ve killed at least a few hundred! The Wei family has more! When will it end? If this goes on, we’ll be dragged to death sooner or later!”

“Watch out!” Tian Kui suddenly pulled Rong Xin and grabbed the longsword in his hand. A huge claw that slapped out abruptly was slashed by the longsword. Rong Xin quickly shouted, “Earth Arrow!”

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