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Chapter 791 Supreme Heavenly Dragon Part 1

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However, Su Jing feels that although the Vigorous Demonic Bull Fist can exercise his body and make his foundation more solid, it cannot make a qualitative breakthrough in his strength. It is suitable for laying the foundation.

But its realm is actually worse than the Basic Body Refining and Fist Technique he obtained from the Tomb Of God Universe.

“My body should have stepped into the realm of training the viscera long ago.” Su Jing pondered and judged his own level according to the realm of the Yang God Universe.

The Yang God Universe physical cultivation state is divided into: Training the flesh, Training the muscle, Training the membrane, training the bones, training the viscera, training the blood, and training the marrow and other realms.

“Basic Body Refining and Fist Technique” from Tomb Of God Universe, although the name has the word “Basic”, but because the power value in Tomb Of God is too high after Basic Fist Arts are practiced, it can be incorporated with breathing, strengthening the internal organs.

This is the realm of training the viscera in the Yang God Universe. And “Vigorous Demonic Bull Fist” is only suitable for training the flesh, training the muscle, and training the membrane.

But many cultivators will still learn it because it’s easier to learn and the foundation will be firmer if you do it step by step.

It is impossible for Su Jing to make further breakthroughs by learning “Vigorous Demonic Bull Fist” but it is not bad to consolidate the body’s foundation.

Su Jing continues to perform Vigorous Demonic Bull Fist in the realm of body awakening and mind sleeping. In this realm of cultivation, he will get twice the result with half the effort.

At the same time, he also did not forget to drink the gourd wine from the Renegade Immortal Universe and eat Jade Fang Fishes.

Doing this made his muscles stronger and fuller, his tendons become stronger and more explosive, and the skin on his body become as tough as cowhide… After two hours, Su Jing stopped.

In just two hours, this Vigorous Demonic Bull Fist was digested and absorbed by Su Jing. Now it won’t help much even if Su Jing keeps practicing it.

Su Jing is like a high school student turning back to consolidate and deepen the knowledge of the junior high school, his learning and understanding speed is naturally fast.

“This is not enough, it’s far from enough, I need a more sophisticated boxing technique.” Su Jing is naturally not satisfied with what has been repaired so far, there are still bits and pieces of a few more sophisticated boxing methods that have been repaired.

They may be a little useful to Su Jing but if he wants to make a real breakthrough, he will definitely need a truly complete high-level boxing technique.

Su Jing let the Little White Mouse, who had enough rest, continue to repair the paper ash, and of course, he was also watching over it, so that it would not be involved in an accident.

In Su Jing’s view, the way to control Stand is not to avoid it, but to use it more and more as a form of training. One day in the future, the Little White Mouse will become proficient with his Stand, and his spiritual force will be stronger.

At that time, maybe Su Jing won’t even need to take care of the Little White Mouse as it would be able to practice on its own and become stronger and stronger.

One incomplete book after another was restored by the Little White Mouse until it was almost dark and finally, a nearly complete book came out, it was partially missing many things but was undamaged in writing.

This book was titled Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva Scripture.

Su Jing was so happy that he almost jumped to his feet because this scripture was very, very awesome. It is the famous secret scripture of the Dachan Temple. It is not comparable to Low-level boxing techniques like Vigorous Demonic Bull Fist.

More importantly, it is a rare study of both dharma and martial arts, not only for the cultivation of mind but also for the cultivation of the body, either of which is incomparable.

Su Jing opened the “Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva Scripture”, which was densely packed with mysterious scriptures.

Su Jing could understand the previous “Prajñā Meditation Sutra” directly, but the Bodhisattva scripture in front of him was difficult to understand.

It’s no wonder that Prajñā Meditation Sutra is nothing more than an unpopular scripture in the Yang God Universe, while this Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva Scripture is a secret book treasured by the Dachan Temple.

It is really profound so how can it be so easy to comprehend.

Su Jing was not in a hurry and he quickly turned over the pages of the scriptures until the end of the scriptures.

On the next page was a picture of a bodhisattva with a golden dragon on one foot and a white elephant on the other with muscles and tendons stretched. His angry eyes bulged as if all the forces between heaven and earth were gathered in one body.

.This bodhisattva is so lifelike that it felt as if it was standing in front of Su Jing, it was like a mountain suspended in the sky, exuding a kind of unspeakable majesty, which makes Su Jing feel powerless and unable to help but want to surrender.

“This should be the Great Power Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva View, it’s really amazing!” Su Jing’s eyes lit up.

This Bodhisattva view is definitely thousands of times more brilliant than the Buddha Statue of Prajñā Meditation Sutra that he posted on the Internet, and it is clear from just a glance that both of them are not even on the same level.

Turning to the next page, Su Jing saw an expected martial art - Dragon-Elephant Law Seal, which is detailed, with all the postures, mantra, and pronunciation.

This martial art has only three stances, but it is ten times more complex and profound than martial arts such as Vigorous Demonic Bull Fist.

While ordinary scriptures either cultivate the divine soul or the physical body, this Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva Scripture is a dual cultivation of the divine soul and the physical body.

The Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva Scripture cultivates the soul and the Dragon-Elephant Law Seal cultivates the physical body, but of course, both must be accompanied by the scripture.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to understand the true meaning of this amazing and divine Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva Scripture.

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